Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 11 “Close Contact” Recap & Review

Close Contact

The Rookie: Feds episode 11 starts with a congressman, Damien Roberts, being a car bombing target after a press brief. Cutty watches the news on his TV as it unfolds and is saddened that someone is trying to take Damien out.

At the office, Simone and Brendon meet in the elevator and she teases him about Antoinette. Brendon tells her that he never asked Antoinette out since he thinks she is dating Carter. Simone advises him to stop being more like Laura and start being more like her.

She offers to help and asks Carter in front of the whole office if he is dating Antoinette. It turns out that Brendon is wrong, Antoinette has just been helping Carter’s son with his French homework. Oops! Carter thinks that dating a college is unprofessional. However, Simone encourages Brendon to go for it and he asks Antoinette for a date, and she gladly accepts.

Garcia reports back from work following his heart surgery and informs the team they will be working as protective details for Damien until he returns to DC. He puts Carter and Simone in charge of protecting the Congressman while Laura and Brendon take point on the bombing.

Carter notices that Simone is focusing so much on looking good before meeting Damien. He asks if she knows Damien personally and Simone admits she used to date him in D.C. She wants to meet him looking fine. I dont blame her, no one wants to meet with their ex looking like a horror movie prop!

Carte warns her to be professional and she insists she is always professional.  They arrive at Damien’s office where he is addressing his staff. Simone and Damien are radiating some sexual tension between them.  They get Damien’s schedule and plan on how best to protect him. Damien has an event at a hospital to give a speech on health care.

Meanwhile, Garcia leads the team at the office in a brief about possible suspects after sifting through threats sent to Damien. Laura profiles a man named Booker to be the top suspect. Garcia asks him and Brendon to pay Booker a visit.

At Booker’s home, he pretends to get dressed and flees from Laura and Brendon.  With Booker in the wind, the police go through his house and learn that he had planned to visit the hospital. They believe that he is still planning to carry out his threat and call Simone and Carter to give them a heads-up. Laura and Brendon head to the hospital too to offer backup to Simone and Carter.

Damien insists on going through with his speech and Simone tells him the reason they broke up was that he is stubborn. During the speech, Brendon gets a message from his former agent showing concern for him but he fails to understand why. Simone sees Booker as he draws his gun and raises an alarm.

Carter takes Booker down as Simone takes Damien to a secure location. Two armed men approach them and force them to the boiler room. Simone and Damien fight the two men and she secures the Congressman.

The team brings in Booker for interrogation but he denies planting the bomb in the car. He points out that the attempt was too amateur for his group and Damien is worth much more to their revolution alive.

Brendon learns that he is trending on Twitter after his ex-girlfriend wrote a memoir and spoke about their relationship. Everyone in the office finds out but Brendon is concerned about how Antoinette will react. She reacts by telling him that he is too loud and she left her family to stay away from the media. She is not willing to be caught up in his famous drama.

Later, Garcia asks to speak to Brendon and warns him about the troubles that can come with dating a colleague. Garcia has been there before so he knows what he is talking about. Brendon tells him that there should be nothing to worry about Antoinette turned him down.

In honesty, Brendon has not given up on Antoinette. He poses two questions to her and asks her to give him an answer later.

With the threat against Damien still ongoing, Carter suggests he cancels his meeting for the rest of the day and remains in his secured house. Carter takes the first shift and orders Simone to take the late-night shift starting at 9 pm.

Night rolls by and Simone gets dressed to kill before going to relieve Carter from Damien’s protective duty. Cutty thinks she is still into Damien and is rooting for her. On the other hand, Carter thinks Simone is playing with fire and he is right. Simone promises to keep it professional but ends up spending the night with Damien. They have dinner and things get hot and steamy between them.

The next morning, as Damien gets ready to leave for his schedule his Chief of Staff, Emma arrives. Soon after, a car drives by and starts shooting at the house.  Carter confronts Simone about being in Damien’s house when she was supposed to be outside protecting him. Simone apologizes and admits she was in the wrong.

At the office, Laura finds a video taken a few minutes before the bombing and Garcia finds a clear image of the suspect.

As Simone and Carter talk she realizes they are missing something. The unsub only attacked the house after Emma arrived. It dawns on them that Damien might not be the target. Damien remembers that Emma accidentally hit and killed a young man in a road accident. It was not her fault, the victim ran out on the road. The father blames Emma for the death of his son.

They rush to get to Emma and find the suspect holding a gun to her head. He lets Emma go and contemplates killing himself but Simone talks him off the ledge. He is arrested and the case is closed.

Simone turns down Damien’s offer to get back into a relationship. She wants to be a priority and focus on her dreams.

Brendon gets his answer from Antoinette, she is willing to give them a try because she thinks she will regret not trying. Garcia silently gives Brendon his blessings and Antoinette agrees to go on a date with Brendon.

The Episode Review

Simone was super unprofessional in this episode. There was a time and place for her extracurricular activities with Damien. She was on the job and she should have remained professional.

Brendon and Antoinette getting together though is a good thing. Hopefully, the relationship will be smooth sailing and we can get to see their cute couple moments.

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