Rookie: Feds – Season 1 Episode 10 “The Silent Prisoner” Recap & Review

The Silent Prisoner

Episode 10 of The Rookie: Feds season 1 starts with Garza being taken to the hospital after fainting. His heart condition has got worse and he can’t keep his health issue a secret anymore. He is rushed into surgery and Elena is updating the team on his condition.

With Garza in the hospital, Carter is in charge of the team. They are now working on the case of the list. The three bank robbers stole a list of Federal Undercover Assets. One of the robbers is recovering from an arm injury in the hospital. They are looking for the third robber, Amy who killed the second robber and fled. She is on the way to sell the list to an unknown buyer and the FBI is hoping to get to her first.

They get a tip that someone who is smuggling Amy across the border is picking her up at some closed-down dry cleaner. They hit the dry cleaner guns blazing and get fire from Amy. Amy tries to flee but is hit by a car and dies on the spot. Given that Amy was carrying a duffel bag full of cash, the FBI concluded that she already sold the list.

Elsewhere, an undercover agent Jason (portrayed by Zach McGowan. If you have not watched Black Sails, you missed out on a good show!)  carries on with his day building a case against some drug dealers.

In the meantime, Simone asks Nolan for help to convert her dad’s unused garage into a live-in area. Nolan agrees to stop by her place later that night and give her a rough estimate. However, Simone fails to let her dad know about this plan. Cutty gets angry that she didn’t ask for his blessing and Nolan is put in an awkward position watching them argue. By the end of the show, Cutty agrees to the renovation and calls back Nolan to walk them through the process.

Brendon is also feeling awkward, he likes Antoinette but he doesn’t know how to approach her. He confides in Laura that he was used to dating people who were interested in him as a celebrity but Antoinette doesn’t care about that. Laura advises him to ask her out like a normal person. Sadly, it seems Brendon took too long to muster his courage and Carter asked her out.

Brendon and Laura visit the first robber in the hospital and interrogate him about the identity of the buyer. He doesn’t know much, Amy kept them in the dark. He only knew where the buy was taking place. The FBI check CCTV footage around the meeting area and check the warehouse where the sale took place.

They find a phone left behind and surveillance cameras. The buyer calls them and asks them to release a prisoner from a federal prison.  He tells them that he will release a name on the list every day at 10 am until they comply with his request. He has already released a name and he refuses to tell them which agent he exposed.

Unfortunately, he released the name of Jason and the FBI is unable to get to him in time. They find him bleeding from a stab wound on the streets. Brendon tries to slow down the bleeding and keep Jason conscious until paramedics arrive but he doesn’t make it. His death hits Brendon hard.

Meanwhile, Simone and Carter bring in the prisoner to interrogate him and find out what he knows about the buyer. Initially, the prisoner is not willing to talk but Simone works her magic.  Turns out the prisoner wants to remain in prison where he is safe but they can’t figure out what he is running from.

In the midst of all these, the team gets some good news that Garza is stable and might get discharged the next day. Carter asks the team to go home and wait for the Cyber Crime Unit to get the name of the buyer. Brendon and Laura opt to stay behind and wait for a new clue about the buyer.

Simone decides to pay Garza a visit and sees an assassin trying to kill the first robber. She does her best to fight him off and Garza saves her life. They bring in the assassin and interrogate him and he sheds light on the identity of the silent prisoner.

The prisoner’s brother is a terrorist and sent him to buy high-end bombs but the prisoner decided to hide the money in an encrypted cryptocurrency account. The buyer wants his brother back to get his money back so he can buy the weapons.

Simone suggests that they give the buyer the code to the encrypted cryptocurrency account in return he stops releasing the names.  The buyer agrees to the terms and gets the money to buy weapons. The FBI trace him through the account and charge in during the weapon sale. They arrest the buyer and recover the list.

The Episode Review

This is not a crossover event and I hate that they keep doing this. It only ends up disappointing the fans.

It is sad that Carter keeps being overlooked when it comes to promotion, he is a good leader and would certainly make a good option.

Lastly, Carter and Antoinette was a twist we didn’t see coming. I hope they are not dating, I was rooting for Brendon.

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