Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3 The Case of the Benizome Hot Spring Murder (Part 1)

Episode 3 of Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions begins with the same epilogue we saw in episode 2. We also see Ron’s file at BLUE. His body has red markings all over, some of which is visible around his neck as well. We can see that marking on him even today.

The principal of BLUE orders an official investigation on Ron Kamonohashi. The vice principal asks the principal what she would do if Ron is really acting as a detective. She replies there is only one punishment for him.

Ron calls Isshiki (Toto) claiming there is an emergency at a supermarket. Isshiki rushes and finds that it isn’t. Ron asks Isshiki to pay for him, and the two share banter together. However, Isshiki is stunned to see the bill amount. The employee offers them a raffle ticket with the ultimate prize of a hot spring voucher.

The two decide to enter the raffle and win the grand prize. Since it is a voucher for two, Ron and Isshiki take it. BLUE is already on Ron’s tail. The teacher notes Ron’s next destination.

The hot spring is a delightful place. The driver makes small talk about weather, offers tourist pamphlets and proceeds to tell the story behind the name “Benizone”. When Ron remarks that the raffle prize was for the annexe building, the driver promptly offers a black and white copy of the paper.

The annex building is anything but wonderful. The water is muddy, and the building is in shambles. The hosts and the BLUE’s tracking instructor welcome the duo. The instructor (whose name is not yet revealed) goes on to make deductions about Isshiki. Isshiki is of course surprised, but Ron says the deductions could also be wrong. The instructor mellows for the time being.

The duo is given Room No 519. The tracking instructor narrates the timetable of the place. Ron asks if there are more people, and the instructors mentions there are three more parties. Ron and Isshiki makes their plans for the day. The instructor confirms his suspicion that Ron is indeed one of the two.

Isshiki and Ron soak up in the spring, and Ron expresses his desire that he would like it if the water was stained crimson. When Isshiki engages in a conversation, Ron narrates another secret legend about the place. The legend goes that the villagers had sacrificed a young woman to stop the flooding. The waters had run crimson days after the sacrifice.

Isshiki wishes there was no crimson water running while they were there and Ron agrees. But Ron’s face says otherwise. Isshiki remarks about Ron’s neck tattoo. Ron says that it is a scar rather than a tattoo. He says that he was scarred all over his body but only the neck scarring remained.

Isshiki says that the tattoo looks like a symbol or a number. Ron says it indeed has a number. Number six, which he associates with his birth.

It is soon dinner time and everyone has assembled. Ron’s order is omelette rice covered in black sugar syrup. Isshiki remembers the syrup from the other day. Ron says it is a power supplement for his brain and that he eats black sesame paste to keep anemia away. Isshiki wonders if Ron has a secret deal with a sweet shop.

Ron looks around the room and notes every one. He finds one party is yet to arrive. He announces “The Game of Life”. The game is a part of Ron’s five-year seclusion list. Ron invites everyone to play the game but Isshiki intercepts. He apologises to the room and suggests Ron a game of ping pong instead. Ron mellows down and everyone goes back to their dinner.

After, Ron and Isshiki see the dilapidated state of the room. Ron informs Isshiki that he has found a scroll with the crimson water legend on it. Isshiki is scared seeing the creepy scroll.

Ron announces a special rule for the game of ping pong. The rule is that the loser has to be the winner’s slave for life. Ron wins, of course. The tiny ball goes out the broken window. Isshiki is determined to get it back for a rematch.

The tiny ping pong ball had to land near the stream. Both are cold, but they carry on. Ron tells Isshiki his first job as Ron’s slave it to get all unsolved files from Isshiki’s precinct. The two eventually soak up in the hot tub.

They are joined by Amamiya, Isshiki’s boss. Both parties are unaware of the other’s presence and Amamiya is completely naked. The scene then cuts to the dining room where Amamiya, Ron and Isshiki are currently along with the other guests.

Amamiya mistakes the men’s bath as women’s and that is how they ended up in the awkward situation. One couple gets into a fight and Amamiya in her inebriated state starts crying that they couple should not divorce. She retires to her room.

The fighting couple calm down and the man suggests the woman to take a hot bath. Ron approaches the man with The Game of Life and also invites the other guest (a woman with short blonde bob hair). Isshiki keeps on winning much to Ron’s annoyance.

The woman laments if only they could live their lives like the game and the husband (from the fighting couple) agrees with her. Soon everyone decides to retire for the night. It is around 2:15am and the instructor smirks menacingly.

The next day, a staff member of the hot spring runs out screaming. The lady (from the fighting couple) is dead. Her name is Sachiko and her body is floating in the stream. Her husband cries out.

Amamiya goes to check and announces that Sachiko died sometime between midnight and 2am. Ron’s wish of the crimson stream came true. Yes, the water was clear, but there was also a death and a mystery; exactly what Ron wanted. He promises Sachiko’s dead body that he will avenge her death.

Isshiki is shocked at Ron’s actions. Amamiya reprimands Ron since he is a civilian, but he goes ahead and announces his deductions anyway. One of the staff members remarks that there are a lot of fallen leaves than the previous night. That layer of crimson leaves is similar to the legend of crimson water. She wonders if it is a curse.

Ron verbally nudges Isshiki and Isshiki begins the regular questioning with the staff. One member says that they have one-one person taking shifts. The instructor says it was his turn during the time of the murder. He blantantly points the suspicion towards Amamiya since only she left the room before Sachiko did.

The husband thinks it was Amamiya as well. Ron denies the suspicion and says he can prove his claim as well.

The Episode Review

Well we are just into episode three and we already have a story in two parts! The mystery is clearly a stage set for Ron and the instructor to cross paths. Ron was unrivalled so far and with no personal challenge, but with BLUE hot on his heels, it will be an intellectual delight to see how Ron justifies his sleuthing, sorts the issue and helps out Isshiki in the cases! 

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