Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions – Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Case of the Poisoned Latte

Episode 10 of Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions begins with Ron airing out the Floor of Indolence. Isshiki thinks Ron is changed after the observatory incident. The boat carrying Jumonji and other dead bodies sank and everyone aboard is missing since.

Ron believes it is not an accident but a well-thought plan by the same people who put the red mark on his neck five years ago. He presents a package to Isshiki to give to Amamiya. The package is from the Nandan island.

Isshiki gives the souvenir to Amamiya but she ignores it and assigns Isshiki to a case instead. He meets Monki Chikori, a reporter from Lime Weekly, who is going to shadow him for one day. He will be featured in the ‘People to Watch’ column.

She admires him for solving the cases that he did so far. She was kidnapped as a child and a police detective had saved her and since then she has been a fan of police detectives and compares Isshiki to a god.

In his mind, Isshiki is in a dilemma because Ron solved those cases and not him. But he does not reveal that. He says that he is not assigned any case at the moment and Monki assumes that some big case must be coming up for him.

The two head to a cafe. Monki has her recorder on and asks if he finds the time to do the paperwork on time. In his mind, Isshiki thinks that that is what he does most of the time. But to her, he simply agrees to her statement and says that he would be working on some paperwork next. He invites her for some tea to conduct the interview.

When they go order, the barista is none other than Ron. He cites unavailability of their orders and introduces himself as Chasaku Kamokyuu. Isshiki asks to talk to Ron in private. Monki admires Isshiki’s calm and composed approach.

When Isshiki asks Ron what he is doing there, Ron says he is there to teach the owner how to make black sugar syrup latte. Isshiki says that Ron has plenty of free time and Ron sternly says it is only because Isshiki is not taking him to work.

He asks if Isshiki is on a date with reporter Monki. Ron explains how he found out that she is a reporter. Just then three more customers enter and order lattes.

Ron serves all five orders. He draws platypuses on the lattes and the girls (the three customers) think that it is a duck. He is stunned and just then Monki clicks a picture of Isshiki and a stunned Ron citing Isshiki is giving her a valuable experience for the piece.

Ron serves Monki and Isshiki a large cup of black sugar syrup latte on the house. He does so because Monki is a crime reporter and he believes could provide them with reliable clues and resources. He approaches Monki with some more bribe but she refutes his offer and asks him to stop troubling Isshiki.

One of the three customers suddenly drops dead. Ron deduces that poison is involved. The police arrive on the scene and inform that a cyanide capsule was found in the cup.

Ron goes back to his way of talking to the dead body. But Monki reprimands him to stop interfering in Isshiki’s investigation. Ron also mentions that he and the other two girls are the suspects. Monki confidently declares that Isshiki will solve the case and promptly gets ready to document his process.

Ron interrupts Monki and tells her to contact Isshiki the next time she has a big case to cover. Isshiki begins his work by questioning each of the three suspects. Ron just reiterates his grudge against the platypus being called a duck.

Hayami says that Julie was clicking a selfie when Hayami took the lattes over to their table. She received a phone call from her manager at her part time job. Julie took the cup first and died.

Isshiki dismisses the fact that it could be Kamokyuu because she couldn’t have known which cup would be chosen by whom. But Kamokyuu says that Julie took the cup on the other side of the tray. Isshiki lets the suspects go and proceeds to delve into the case.

Ron beckons Isshiki by offering his phone. He writes a note there that Julie’s social media and Monki’s photos could hold some evidence. Isshiki takes a look at those but is utterly clueless. Monki is surprised to find Isshiki so clueless and lost.

Ron offers him a huge bath towel with café’s logo on it and says it would help them stand out on the social media. Isshiki says that won’t help and Ron agrees. He says that when chooses a wrong way to stand out, they choose a wrong way in life. His look tells Isshiki that he has solved the mystery.

He asks Isshiki to keep an eye on the café and heads out. Isshiki follows Ron and asks Monki to hide a blade in the kitchen for him. Isshiki suspects there could be a second murder, alluding indirectly to Ron’s murderous hypnosis.

Shortly after, he gathers everyone around and proceeds to explain the case. Julie was murdered on purpose. The culprit knew which cup she would pick. Her social media shows her in the middle of every photo proving that she liked to draw attention to herself. Hence, she would choose the latte which stood out.

Despite initially the latte art being the same on all three cups, the culprit modified one of the designs slightly. He announces that Hayami is the culprit.

Hayami cries out in frustration. She did not like Julie’s habit of staying in focus all the time. She mentions that Julie could not bear to see anyone else getting attention. Julie stole Hayami’s boyfriend as well.

Ron’s gaze suddenly goes murderous. He commands Hayami to bash her head. Isshiki stops Hayami just in time and Ron comes to his senses. Monki smirks a little.

Isshiki apologises to Monki for breaking her recorder. She says she doesn’t mind as she did not lose any material. Her admiration for Isshiki grew after she saw him wrack his brain to solve the case.

Ron offers them lattes and when the three align, it reads a message from Ron to Isshiki congratulating him on making Monki’s acquaintance. He proceeds to offer more food and bribe to Monki. The episode concludes with Ron and Isshiki bickering again.

The Episode Review

Ron and Isshiki have quite the luck to always find themselves near trouble. After a buzzing revelation last week, this episode was rather tamer and milder in comparison. Ron’s childish behaviour and Isshiki’s panic stricken behavior at Ron’s antics is always a delight to see!

Like Spitz helped the duo once, perhaps Monki will help them in the forthcoming episodes?

What are your thoughts on Episode 10 of Ron Kamonohashi’s Forbidden Deductions? Let us know in the comments below!

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