Romantic Killer – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Ginger Ale is a Force Majeure

Episode 9 of Romantic Killer begins with Anzu spotting Junta practicing baseball with his teammates. Anzu would accompany him but decides not to because she worries that Riri will try something.

Anzu thinks about the cute baseball assistant that was with Junta at practice. She thinks; if Junta wasn’t under Riri’s spell, he’d fall in love with her. Anzu bumps into Riporin and Amin, who she hasn’t seen since elementary school. They decide to meet up at the Zarigari café. Once they arrive, they exchange some greetings and discuss their childhood experiences.

Riporin and Amin recount how Anzu liked playing video games with the boys. Anzu recalls playing Cat Ranger with a boy named Tonta, who was a chubby kid. Riporin confirms that Tonta is actually Junta. As Riporin and Amin talk about Junta, Anzu recalls her time with him. In their flashback, Anzu invites Junta over to her house to play some Cat Ranger. Anzu’s frustrated that she didn’t remember Junta’s real name.

Anzu admits that Junta attends her school and invites him to join her, Riporin, and Amin. Junta arrives, and Riporin and Amin are stunned by his good looks. They invite Junta to attend their reunion, but it takes learning that Anzu will be attending the event for him to consider going. Amin makes an offhand comment about them dating and the two freeze up.

While heading home, Anzu can’t believe Junta is the same curly-haired boy she used to hang out with in elementary school. When Anzu arrives home she meets Riri in their girl form. Anzu asks Riri why they had her assume Junta was a fake childhood friend they created. Riri explains that his feelings are his own and that it’s Anzu’s fault for not recognizing him. Riri says Junta’s feelings for Anzu are real and of his own volition.

Wizards can’t manipulate emotions, otherwise, Riri would’ve used his magic on Anzu. Riri tells Anzu that they set her up to meet Junta during her freshmen welcome ceremony. When Junta attempted to meet with Anzu, she completely ignored him. To make matters worse, Riri reveals Anzu’s been doing this to Junta numerous times.

For a long time, Junta has been trying to interact with Anzu, but his baseball practice kept getting in the way. Anzu orders Riri to give her her stuff back but Riri refuses. Riri states someone like Anzu must be forced into a relationship, otherwise, they’ll never realize what they’re passing up. Anzu brings up Saki as a counterargument, but Riri explains Saki doesn’t need their help because she’s involved with guys.

Overall, Riri’s goal is to make Anzu’s love life matter more than her three favorite things. Anzu throws Riri out of her room, so she can change. In the past, Anzu asks a boy where Tonta is. The boy tells her that he left early. The boy tells her Tonta’s not interested in playing Cat Ranger with her, but she thinks he’s bluffing. In the present, Riporin and Amin discuss things with their old pal, Ryuya.

Anzu arrives, and everyone is surprised that she’s not sporting any cat-themed clothing. Anzu makes fun of Ryuya’s height, angering him. The group head to a bowling alley as Ryuya says they’ll be forming two teams consisting of boys and girls. The losing team will tell everyone the name of their first crush. Anzu accepts the challenge and plans to be her team’s captain.

Anzu uses her hatred for Riri as motivation to win the game for her team. As the boys line up and share their first crushes one of them admits to having a crush on Amin. She rejects him on the spot. Ryuya hesitates to give his answer, as we can assume by his demeanor that he had a crush on Anzu. He blurts out that he had a crush on his kindergarten teacher.

Ryuya asks for another game, but his team refuses because Yamaguchi, the boy who admitted having a crush on Amin, is devastated. They participate in air hockey, and the loser has to buy the winner’s ice cream. The boys lose again and buy the girls ice cream. Enraged, Ryuya challenges Anzu to a singing competition. Anzu defeats Ryuya by ten points.

Ryuya and Anzu discuss Ryuya’s anger for losing as the others in some singing. Amin and Riporin expose Ryuya for cheating on a girl, and he feels ashamed. Anzu gets a text message from Junta, letting her know he arrived. The boys wonder who she’s referring to as Amin tells them it’s Tonta. Junta arrives, and everyone’s surprised by his glow-up.

Everyone is happy to learn that Tonta became a well-adored baseball player and praises him for his rewards. Amin tells everyone that Junta and Anzu are a couple, but Junta says they’re not a thing. Ryuya mocks everyone for groveling at Junta’s feat. Ryuya tells Junta he doesn’t like how he’s flexing his appearance in front of everyone. Anzu tells Ryuya to cut it out because Junta worked hard to get to where he is now.

Infuriated, Ryuya leaves the room, and Anzu chases after him. Ryuya apologizes for ruining the mood and plans to head home. It’s pointless to get jealous of him since Anzu never finds him boring. Anzu tells Ryuya that she likes his cynical personality because it makes him a fun person to be around. She promises their friends will understand his feelings and doesn’t want to turn against him.

Ryuya tells Anzu he’s still the same girl he remembers when they were kids. As Riporin, Amin, and Junta eavesdrop on this conversation, Ryuya tells Anzu that he has a crush on her. Anzu tells him she wouldn’t date a cheater. Although Ryuya agrees, he admits that he couldn’t stop thinking about Anzu while he was with them. Ryuya asks Anzu if he would have a chance to date her, and Anzu blushes.

Anzu tells him she’d rather be with someone she can trust even when they’re apart. Ryuya asks if she’s talking about Junta while Anzu tries to paint the picture of her not knowing Junta likes her. In the corner, Junta loses all momentum while Ryuya tells her it’s obvious that Junta’s liked her since they were kids. Anzu tells Ryuya that she can only consider Ryuya as a friend.

Riporin and Amin laugh and poke fun at Ryuya for getting rejected. Junta approaches Ryuya and tells him he wanted to check up on him. Ryuya apologizes to Junta and understands that he worked hard to get where he is now. After Anzu, Riporin, and Amin depart, Ryuya tells Junta that he lied to him about Anzu not wanting to play Cat Ranger with him when they were kids.

Ryuya says after that development, Junta never spoke with Anzu again and moved away. Junta says it’s okay since he’s been spending more time with Anzu now. Ryuya says he’s not giving up on claiming Anzu’s heart despite knowing Junta likes her. The episode concludes with Ryuya and Junta heading back to the song booth, where a rejection party awaits them.

The Episode Review

This episode of Romantic Killer had more drama and tension than the previous one. This solely focuses on Anzu and her reunion with former friends. It was great having Anzu spend time with her friends, participating in many teenage-like activities. While many may not like that Anzu’s still delving into her hobbies to some degree, she’s shown some growth since her introduction.

She dresses up instead of wearing baggy or child-like clothes to the reunion. While she received help from Riri and Tsukasa, Anzu now has the initiative to dress formally. Her character beforehand wouldn’t fathom going to an event and spending time singing, playing games, and getting competitive with others in person. Seeing Anzu stand up for Junta gave me the similar joyous energy that I felt when she stood up for Tsukasa.

Overall, this anime handles her character wonderfully. Fans will be delighted to know that Junta’s character finally received some needed depth. While Junta could’ve played a better role in this episode, getting more backstory regarding his connection with Anzu isn’t so bad. I would’ve preferred the anime to give Junta some elements of Ryuya’s backstory, though.

The nice guy’s act is okay, but his lack of depth and motivation prevents Junta from being a formidable rival for Anzu’s love. It was bothersome seeing Ryuya admit his emotions to Anzu’s character this early on while Junta’s had many chances to do so. With only three episodes left, I don’t know if the series will be able to convince people that Junta’s a perfect match for Anzu.

Despite his sappy background, he’s not as impressive as Tsukasa. While this episode had enough laughs and drama to keep you hooked, these issues keep it from swinging a solid home run. Let’s hope the next episode can push the drama and tension further and actually involve our protagonists instead of one-note characters.

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