Romantic Killer – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

You’re More Troublesome in Flesh and Blood

Episode 5 of Romantic Killer begins with Junta and Tsukasa informing Anzu that they were eavesdropping on her conversation. Tsukasa planned to get involved if things went south. Anzu recalls Riri making an inappropriate comment about her appearance, and she knocks her out.

Afterward, Tsukasa thanked Anzu for having his back. Junta asks about Anzu’s friend, and Riri introduces herself as Riri Fushigi, Anzu’s cousin. Riri manages to get Junta and Tsukasa to agree to have a party at Anzu’s house. Anzu fears Riri’s a lot worse in her human form than in her wizard form. At her house, Anzu plans to dress up as a slacker. She wants to save Junta from the fake romance Riri’s starting up.

Riri startles Anzu, who asks Riri why she’s adopting a human form. Riri replies that she wants to provide support for Anzu’s romantic affairs. Riri plans to force Anzu to wear something appealing, and they start fighting in a sumo-wrestler fashion. Riri tricks Anzu into falling into another trap as she lands atop Tsukasa. Tsukasa wonders why he always gets hurt around her while Anzu apologizes.

Junta arrives with some fried chicken his mother made. Everyone digs into the fried rice, and Anzu’s in love with it. Junta doesn’t know how he can compare himself to someone like Tsukasa, and Riri catches wind of this. Although Anzu wants seconds, Tsukasa says he doesn’t want to give her more because she’s on a diet. Tsukasa informs everyone that she’s only taking a break from chocolate and leaves to grab seconds.

Riri suggests Tsukasa stay longer than a month because it’s tough for girls to fend for themselves alone. Tsukasa says he doesn’t want to be an inconvenience. Anzu taunts Riri, causing Riri to ask Junta if he worries about her safety. Before Riri can initiate a game of rock-paper-scissors, Anzu notices her wand. She flicks Riri into her living room door in an attempt to snatch her wand.

Riri notices Anzu has her wand. Anzu knows that she would use her magic powers to get Anzu to pick up ice cream alone with Junta or Tsukasa. She figures out that Riri can’t cast spells without her wand. Anzu accompanies Riri to a grocery store to pick up ice cream while Riri begs for her wand back. As they depart, Anzu tells Riri to get on her knees for it. When Anzu’s guard is down, Riri attempts to snatch her wand back.

However, it lands into a pile of poop. When the wand becomes dirtier, Riri confirms it can’t be used until the energy is cleansed. Meanwhile, Junta and Tsukasa wash dishes. Tsukasa tells Junta he doesn’t need to worry about him getting affectionate with Anzu. Junta accidentally breaks one of the dishes because he can’t believe Tsukasa knew he had feelings for Anzu. Although Junta’s hesitant, Tsukasa reassures him he’s only Anzu’s friend.

Junta tells Tsukasa that he doesn’t need his reassurance. He promises to work harder to be her equal. After some ice cream and fun, Junta departs, and thanks Anzu for inviting him. He asks her if he could ever stop by for dinner again, and Anzu says yes. Anzu heads back inside and chats with Tsukasa. They discuss Tsukasa’s living situation since Tsukasa mentions he’s never eaten in a group before.

Anzu ponders Tsukasa’s situation but feels it isn’t right to pry into his family issues if he has any. She wonders when he’ll open up to her more. The next day, Anzu catches Riri (in wizard form) attempting to steal her treasured photos. Anzu bumps into Tsukasa awkwardly. The two head for school, and Junta and his friends spot them. Junta’s friends try to start beef between Junta and Tsukasa. Junta tells them to cut it out.

In class, Saki and some girls bombard Anzu with questions. The girls are jealous, but Anzu reassures them they’re only friends. Saki changes the subject and asks if it’d be cool for her and the others to have a sleepover at her place. Anzu arrives home while Tsukasa’s at work and doesn’t know how to spend her time without video games. Meanwhile, Junta arrives at his household and greets his brothers.

Junta’s mother tasks Junta with giving Anzu some food. Anzu wakes up and hears a noise. She believes it’s Riri trying to steal her things and rushes into the living room with a golf club. When she finds someone stealing possessions, it isn’t Riri, but an actual thief. The thief tries to flee but bumps into Junta. Junta wonders what’s happening, but Anzu informs him the thief was trying to steal her belongings.

Junta catches the thief while Anzu arrives with a police officer. Sometime later, Anzu and Junta walk home. She thanks Junta for helping out and acknowledges him for his skills. After minor flirting, Junta tells Anzu he’s glad she was unharmed. Tsukasa stumbles upon the two as they stare into each other’s eyes. Anzu informs Tsukasa about what happened with the underwear thief. Tsukasa laughs because he can imagine how Anzu looked when trying to intimidate the thief.

Junta gets a call from his mother, leaving Tsukasa and Anzu alone. Anzu asks him how Tsukasa got off early, and he tells her it was slow, so he got off. Junta tells Anzu that his mother wants to talk with her. Anzu takes his phone and speaks with his mother. She confirms that she’ll be having Junta stay with her while she’s alone, startling Anzu. Anzu catches wind that this is all Riri’s doing.

The episode concludes with Anzu startled about the whole situation because now she needs to live alone with two Ikemen.

The Episode Review

This episode ended with an intriguing cliffhanger. The pressure is on like never before for Anzu as she’ll need to contend with Junta and Tsukasa in her household. While Tsukasa holds no romantic feelings for Anzu, there are moments here that indicate he may be holding back the truth.

At the same time, this episode’s outcome feels slightly jarring and plot-convenient. While it’s noble for Junta’s mother to want her son to stay at Anzu’s place, she already has Tsukasa living there. Furthermore, it makes you wonder why Anzu’s parents would leave her home alone in the first place. This entire debacle feels a tad messy and slightly predictable.

On that note, it’s disappointing that Junta doesn’t offer much to the plot besides being a rival for Tsukasa. While some may find his confession struggles relatable, the dinner scene between him, Anzu, Tsukasa, and Riri could’ve been more interesting if Junta had more to say about himself. Otherwise, it plays out how you’d expect, with Junta getting nervous over Tsukasa’s charm and Tsukasa comforting him about the matter.

This episode’s humor was a bit mixed. Some may not enjoy most of the gags inserted in this episode. The potty humor-themed nerf to Riri’s powers didn’t leave a great impression. The whole shtick with Tsukasa not wanting to date anyone feels too repetitive too. Besides that, there were some fun interactions between our characters this week. Hopefully, the upcoming episodes give us more time with Junta, as I feel he lacks depth.

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