Romantic Killer – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Childhood Friend is Easy Mode

Episode 4 of Romantic Killer begins with Anzu’s childhood friend introducing himself as Junta Hayami. Anzu tries explaining why Tsukasa’s at her house, but Tsukasa departs. Anzu takes Riri inside while Junta and Tsukasa stare at each other in malice.

In her room, Anzu beats up and scolds Riri for his actions. She asks him who Junta is, and Riri explains it to her with game logic. Anzu denies knowing Junta, while Riri says he became her friend in grade school. He gives Anzu a breakdown of Junta’s past life, saying he attended a different middle school, hasn’t seen her in three years, and developed a crush on her since elementary school.

Riri says Junta’s “easy” mode, angers Anzu. Anzu feels terrible for leaving Junta at her front door. Riri tells her not to worry because he cast a spell on him, so Junta believes he’s chit-chatting with her. As Junta and Anzu catch up, he brings up Tsukasa and wonders why he couldn’t stay at a different location. Junta worries if it’s safe for Tsukasa to be around Anzu.

She tells him he’s kind and doesn’t like hanging around girls because of his popularity. A gust of wind blows passed them, placing Anzu in a romantic position with Junta. However, he wanted to remove a Hercules beetle that landed on her head. Junta lets the beetle go after saying it’s worth 10,000 yen. Anzu changes her view of the creature and wants it back.

They chase it down, but Riri knocks Anzu over to recreate another romantic moment between her and Junta. Anzu removes herself from Junta’s arms and can’t stand that he’s a nice guy. While Junta fixes her hair, they recall fond memories of playing games and making fun of each other during their youth with their pal Ryuya. Saki arrives and notices Junta. Anzu’s surprised that she knows who he is but ponders that Riri tampered with her memory too.

Saki offers to fix Anzu’s hair, and Anzu accepts. Saki asks Junta if he likes Anzu’s new look, and he responds she looks splendid in an embarrassing fashion. Anzu’s happy that Junta turned out to be a pleasant fellow. Rena approaches Tsukasaat at the subway station and asks him why he abandoned her and Yukika. She brings up him leaving the cafĂ© with another girl, sparking his friend’s confusion.

Tsukasa tells his friend that he and the girl are only friends. Rena notices Tsukasa whip out his new phone and asks him to exchange numbers. He tells Rena to stop following him and that he won’t exchange numbers. As he leaves, he asks his friend for his number to spite Rena. At school, Tsukasa and his friend bump into Junta and his friends. They exchange brief greetings and go about their days.

Tsukasa’s friend informs Tsukasa about Junta’s life, from his splendid baseball skills to his kind-hearted persona. Tsukasa glances at Junta and worries that Anzu may have feelings for Junta despite what she told him. At the same time, Junta asks his friends about Tsukasa, and they inform him about his different traits and specialties.

They run into two school girls and ask them for their opinion about Tsukasa. They tell Junta and his friends that it’d be a dream for them to be around Tsukasa for a full day. Junta feels ashamed, but his friends build him up. One of them remarks about Junta meeting Anzu, his cute childhood friend. Junta confirms that he wasn’t flirting with Anzu despite thinking she’s a beautiful girl.

In class, Saki tells Anzu she can’t join her for lunch. Tsukasa enters the class and asks Anzu to come with him. Saki notices from afar and wonders what’s happening between Anzu and Tsukasa. Anzu and Tsukasa meet somewhere behind the school. He tells her that she packed the wrong lunch. Tsukasa’s friend stumbles upon them and wonders why they’re giving each other lunch boxes.

Tsukasa tells him not to tell anyone what he saw. Tsukasa’s friend introduces himself as Makoto Oda. Makoto tells Anzu that Rena’s been talking about her because of her ties with Tsukasa. Anzu, Makoto, and Tsukasa decide to eat their lunch boxes together. Tsukasa tells Anzu that he let everyone know he’s staying with a relative.

During their session, Makoto reveals he lives in a female-dominated household. He admits his sisters have ruined his dreams about females because of their lackadaisical attitudes. Anzu notices Makoto has chocolate lying around, but Riri appears and blocks her attempt at getting some. Everyone finds the situation strange, but Anzu informs them that she’s on a diet.

In school, Rena and Yukika spot Anzu conversing with Tsukasa, and Rena’s not happy. Some time passes, and Anzu’s shown leaving one of her classes. She admits it’d be best to start job-hunting, but Rena and Yukiko call for her to follow them. Sometime later, Junta encounters Saki and asks her where Anzu went. She tells him that she left class earlier and suggests he call her.

Junta bumps into Tsukasa and asks if he has seen Anzu because she’s not picking up her phone. Tsukasa spots Anzu following Rena and Yukika. He tells Junta to follow him. Junta and Tsukasa hide behind a wall and eavesdrop on their conversation. Rena asks Anzu if she likes Tsukasa, but she confirms they’re friends. Rena’s not buying it, but Anzu asks if she believes she has a shot. They don’t hesitate to say no.

Rena asks Anzu to set up a date with her and Tsukasa. Rena gives Anzu her messenger ID, so they can stay in touch and bombards her with questions about Tsukasa. Remembering Tsukasa’s qualms with girls flocking over him, Anzu denies Rena’s offer, shocking Tsukasa. Anzu tells Rena Tsukasa isn’t interested in dating anyone and that she won’t force a friend into something he doesn’t want.

Before things get intense, a random schoolgirl approaches Anzu, asking her if she wants to walk home with her. The schoolgirl tells Anzu Junta’s been looking for her and notices she’s been talking with Rena and Yukika, her school’s most popular girls. She compliments them on their looks and status. Rena gets embarrassed because the random girl keeps talking about her appearance.

The schoolgirl tells Rena to back off from Tsukasa. Anzu recognizes the schoolgirl’s voice and items and pieces together Riri in disguise. The episode concludes with Anzu being shocked that Riri’s a female.

The Episode Review

Romantic Killer continues to surprise and delight. This episode featured a great mix of tension, twists, and moments between the whole cast. While some jokes didn’t land well as others, and some bits overstayed their welcome, this episode features a variety of stellar content, including establishing Junta’s character.

This episode gives us some juicy bits about his love for baseball and gaming-themed hobbies. His kind-heartedness will also appeal to fans, making it difficult for them to choose which boy is best suited for Anzu. At the same time, there could’ve been more intimate scenes between Anzu and Junta. The series seems to be leaning toward Anzu ending up with Tsukasa, which is fine.

However, it would’ve been great to receive more information about Junta, considering he’s Anzu’s childhood friend. At the same time, it was great seeing Anzu stick up for Tsukasa. Because he has already mentioned how much he dislikes his popularity, it makes their bond feel authentic. Riri’s involvement toward the end was a little much as his personality may not hold a satisfying impression on some folks.

However, he’s setting up Anzu for quite the wallop now that Rena has a distaste for her character. It’ll be fun to see what Rena does to sabotage Anzu moving forward. Overall, this episode had a nice mix of comedy and drama among our cast. Now that Riri has taken human form, he can manipulate the situation from a more personal standpoint.

Let’s hope this anime can keep the momentum flowing.

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