Romantic Killer – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

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Episode 11 of Romantic Killer begins with Hijiri and Anzu on a date at an arcade. Hijiri insists they play a crane game nearby. Anzu discovers that the toy Rio (Riri’s boy form) is still in the machine. Hijiri remembers Rio’s rude remarks.

Anzu drags Hijiri to a picture booth and tells Tsuchiya to follow them. A mysterious individual in a blue dress follows them with them knowing. At the photo booth, they take a group photo. Alone, Anzu remarks about how great they looked in the photo. Before she heads home, a strange woman calls out to her.

She introduces herself as Yukana Kishi. Yukana informs Anzu that she’s been dating Tsukasa for a while now and asks if he’s staying at her place. Meanwhile, Tsuchiyo informs Hijiri that someone’s been tailing them the entire day. While walking home, Yukana tells Anzu that many people try to keep Tsukasa away from her. Anzu feels nervous.

Yukana prattles on about Arisa being a terrible person. She reveals she’s been looking for Tsukasa for ages and discovered his whereabouts by finding a picture of him and Anzu at the festival on social media. Tsukasa notices Yukana with Anzu and drops his groceries. Anzu notices Tsukasa’s trauma and blocks Yukana from interacting with Tsukasa.

She tells her that they have plans as they head inside. Tsukasa’s sweating nervously as Anzu informs him about what happened. When she brings up Yukana, saying they’re in a relationship, Tsukasa rushes to the kitchen’s trash can to throw up. Tsukasa reveals that Yukana is a stalker. Tsukasa asks Anzu to stay at his side. Tsukasa thanks Anzu for having his back and explains why he’s been living alone.

Tsukasa says it all started when he helped Yukana out when she fell. After that, he started noticing Yukana everywhere. One day, Tsukasa receives a button-down shirt in the mail and asks his mother if she got him the shirt. His mother and sister say they didn’t get it for him. When he strolls through the street with his friends, he passes Yukana by as she tells him he is great in that shirt.

Tsukasa continues receiving more gifts from Yukana in the mail. At dinner, Tsukasa’s mother notes how someone made multiple accounts under her name for many websites. Tsukasa’s dad thinks it’s his fault, but Arisa says he wouldn’t do that. While Tsukasa’s waiting at a traffic signal, Yukana asks him why he didn’t like her gift.

Tsukasa tells her to stop making accounts under his mother’s name. Yukana ignores it all and approaches him lustfully. She grabs his hand, and this creeps Tsukasa. Tsukasa steps back. He tells Yukana to stop sending him gifts and greeting him. Unfortunately, Tsukasa continues to spot Yukana staring at him. At home, while Tsukasa takes a sip of his beverage while doing homework, he feels delirious and sleeps.

Yukana enters his room and cuddles next to him. She mentions how Tsukasa cares too much about what others think, but she loves how he comes to see her every day. She tells Tsukasa she’s her one and only. We receive a few snapshots of Tsukasa’s Twitter feed, where many of his friends and peers scold him. Tsukasa’s father slaps him because he’s mad that he let someone like Yukana enter his life.

Arisa sticks up for her brother, but Tsukasa’s dad hates his son becoming a people-pleaser. Tsukasa walks home and encounters Yukana. She tries getting close to him, but Arisa stops her. Arisa warns her to leave her brother. At home, Tsukasa’s scared to leave his home because he doesn’t want to encounter Yukana and doesn’t want to hear people talk ill of him.

Tsukasa falls to the ground in tears as his mother comforts him. He tells her that he wishes he never helped that woman out. He informs Anzu that his mother, homeroom teacher, and Aria helped him move to this city, so he can start a new life. He says Yukana’s the reason he never wanted to get close to people. Tsukasa tells Anzu he feels like a pathetic loser who didn’t have the courage to stand up to his father.

His father told him that none of his classmates would believe him because of his indecisiveness. Anzu hugs Tsukasa and tells him she wishes they became friends sooner. At night, Anzu notes that she informed the police about Yukana. Everyone comforts Tsukasa during this time as Arisa plans to stay with them to guard Tsukasa.

In Tsukasa’s room, Arisa tells him that social media can ruin your life. Although Tsukasa says she doesn’t have to watch over him, Arisa tells Tsukasa it’s okay for him to rely on others. Meanwhile, Yukina’s friend tells her to stop gathering public attention. It’s bad enough that her brother has to help her with her outrages. When her friend talks ill of Tsukasa, Yukana tells her to stop.

She reveals that she used to get bullied at her workplace, but Tsukasa was the only boy who was kind to her, talked to her about things, and saw her every day. Yukina says despite her age difference, she was in a great relationship with Tsukasa. She’s furious that Anzu’s entered Tsukasa’s life. Yukana plans to murder Anzu.

At work, Hijiri notices Anzu’s change in behavior and asks her what’s wrong. Anzu tells him not to worry about her. Anzu’s happy that Hijiri’s showing her support. Anzu and Hijiri’s boss tells Hijiri that she left her phone. Hijiri plans to have Tsuchiya locate Anzu. Suddenly, Saki and her brother arrive at the shop. They tell Hijiri that Anzu told them to visit her here. In a dark alley, Anzu discovers she left her phone at the store.

Two thugs approach her and inform her that they were hired by someone to kill her. Before one of the thugs would hurt her, Junta arrives and grabs a hold of one of the members. Before the other one attacks, Ryuya knocks him to the ground. Tsuchiya, Saki, and Saki’s brother arrive to force the men to submit. Saki’s brother realizes one of the goons is one of his friends.

He asks him why he’s doing this. He tells Saki’s brother that Yukana threatened to blackmail them if they didn’t do what she says. In the park, Anzu thanks Saki and the others for their help. Saki informs her that Anzu sent them text messages earlier, but Anzu doesn’t remember sending them messages. Anzu explains the situation to Arisa and Tsukasa at home.

Tsukasa feels like he must leave, but Anzu says he needs to stay and fight. He shouldn’t let a crazed stalker jeopardize his life. Anzu opens her bedroom door to find Rio (Riri’s boy form). Rio tells her that he was the one who sent messages to Anzu’s friends. Anzu asks Rio if they can use their magic to poof Yukana away. Rio says his magic can only help Anzu fall in love.

Rio promises if anything befalls her again, they won’t keep Tsukasa around her love interest. He says it’ll be best to remove any potential risks. Enraged, Anzu grabs Rio’s wand and throws it outside. It lands into another pile of poop, rendering Rio’s powers useless. Junta and Tsukasa discuss the matter in the dining area. Junta tells Tsukasa that it’s not his fault. Junta vows to fight back if anyone tries to lay a finger on Anzu.

Junta admits that he started baseball because he wanted to become someone Anzu would adore. We flashback to Junta and Anzu’s adolescent years. Anzu says she wants to be with a sporty guy and this drives Junta to become a baseball player. Tsukasa laughs. The next night, Junta, Anzu, and Tsukasa head home together. However, Yukina follows close behind.

The next day, Hijiri and Anzu discuss Yukina’s whereabouts. Anzu reports she hasn’t made any moves and that Arisa and Tsukasa will be walking home with her. Hijiri tells Anzu to let him know if she ever needs Tsuchiya’s help. When Anzu leaves the store, she encounters Yukina. Anzu’s worried but knows Tsukasa will arrive at any minute. The episode concludes with Yukina attempting to kill Anzu with a knife.

The Episode Review

This episode of Romantic Killer was full of intensity and drama. While some prior set pieces included mature-themed content, this had some heartbreaking revelations and scenarios. This episode finally sheds light on Tsukasa’s past life. While the last chapter’s cliffhanger kind of spoils the surprise of Yukana’s stalker behavior, this episode adds layers to it that’ll make viewers uncomfortable.

This set piece provided great life lessons for viewers to latch onto about the dangers of social media and strangers. While Yukana’s character provides our protagonists with a foe to defeat, she’s also someone that brings them all together as a family. While I have my gripes on Junta’s character, it was nice seeing him protect Anzu and comfort Tsukasa.

We also receive some intel about why he became a baseball player, which was neat. Some may find Riri’s character a tad annoying and strange. His character had the potential to grow on fans, but this episode makes him out to be a heartless being despite his heroic act. It makes the whole dating episode with Anzu feel more obsolete.

Overall, this episode was shocking, horrific, and heartbreaking. This was an excellent way to build up anticipation for the season finale. Let’s hope Anzu makes it out of this situation alive and Yukana gets punished for her unforgivable crimes.

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