Role Play (2024) Ending Explained – Are Emma and her family safe from harm?

Plot Summary

Meet Emma. She’s a devoted wife and mother with a boring job that takes her out of town. 

Well, that’s not entirely true. Yes, she has a husband and two kids, but her job isn’t as boring as her family believes. Emma is actually a contract killer which is something her husband Dave discovers during the film’s story. 

Emma doesn’t want to be an assassin forever, however. After her family is threatened by the people she once worked for, she decides to call it quits on her murderous profession. But can she really keep herself and her loved ones safe? The ending of this movie suggests they’re going to be okay. But is it truly possible for an assassin to escape her past?

Let’s take a look at the movie.

How does Dave discover his wife’s identity?

After Emma forgets her wedding anniversary, she decides to make things up to him by arranging an evening of role-play at a nearby hotel. The two of them meet at the bar as ‘strangers’ but they are interrupted by an elderly man named Bob who seems to have taken a liking to Emma. 

It turns out Bob is another assassin and he has recognized Emma because of the bounty on her head. The bounty has been set by Sovereign, the organization Emma used to work for.

Instead of wanting to kill Emma, Bob wants to cut a deal with her. But as she isn’t prepared to meet his offer – commission on her future assignments – she secretly poisons him.

Later, Bob’s death hits the media, much to the dismay of Dave and Emma, who were captured on CCTV with Bob at the bar.

After Emma travels to Berlin to meet with her handler, Dave is taken in for questioning by the police. Joining them at the station is Special Agent Gwen Carver (not her real identity) who tells Dave his wife isn’t who he thinks she is. He discovers her real name is Anna Peller and that she is a cold-hearted killer. 

Who is Gwen Carver?

Emma and Dave weren’t the only people role-playing as Gwen Carver was masquerading as a special agent. In reality, she is the head of Sovereign, the private security agency that was started by Emma/Anna’s father. Gwen took Emma under her wing after her father died and trained her to kill.

Emma later left Sovereign as she wanted to live a life of domestic bliss with Dave. She still carried out work as a killer for hire, but not for Sovereign and not on a regular basis. Gwen wasn’t ready for Emma’s departure and wanted her back, hence the bounty she put out for her capture. 

What happens to Emma and her family?

After Dave tracks down Emma in Berlin, he and his wife are surrounded by members of Sovereign. They are both drugged and taken to Sovereign’s compound, where their kids are also taken.

Gwen tries to convince Emma to come back to her life at Sovereign and uses her kids as a bargaining chip. She also tells Emma to kill Dave, to ensure her children’s safety. 

Emma seemingly agrees and takes a walk with Dave in the nearby woods. It is here where Emma is supposed to shoot her husband, but after wounding him and telling him to pretend to be dead, she takes out the watching members of Sovereign instead. Emma also shoots Gwen and leaves her for dead.

At the end of the movie, we see the family in the car driving to the hospital where Dave’s wounds can be looked at. It would appear that they are now safe as Gwen and her killing team have been dealt with. 

But one question remains as the end credits roll: Is Gwen really dead? We didn’t see her die so there is a chance that she might still be alive. If this is the case, it might be that Emma and her family aren’t as safe as they think they are. And even if Gwen is dead, there might be other members of Sovereign ready to take her place and carry out revenge on Emma.

Therefore, the movie’s ending isn’t as clear-cut as it seems. It might be that Emma and her family are safe. But should a sequel ever be given the green light, we suspect Sovereign will make a return.


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