Rocky IV (1985) Ending Explained – Does Rocky defeat Drago?

Rocky IV

Rocky IV Plot Synopsis

Ivan Drago, a ruthless boxer with backing from the Soviet Union, wants to prove no American boxer can stand him in the ring. As a true patriot, Apollo Creed steps up, and a match is set. The contest dominated by Drago ends with Creed dead in the ring. To avenge the death of his best friend, Rocky decides to fight Drago despite his team’s fears.

How is Apollo vs. Drago set?

Since their arrival in the United States, Drago’s camp promotes Drago in a way to emphasize Soviet Union’s superiority over the US. Charged with his love for America and confidence in his fighting skills, Apollo challenges Drago for a bout.

Rocky, the world champion, has the task of training Creed for the match. Drago’s camp is confident. On the other hand, Creed’s team is sceptical as they fear Drago is too strong for Creed to handle so late in his career. Drago towers at 6 feet 6 inches and weighs 261 pounds, which makes it very easy for him to attack with force without getting too close to the opponent. In other words, a major advantage.

Does Creed beat Drago?

A confident Creed enters the arena in high spirits – giving a proper display of patriotism in his heart. However, just as they touch gloves, the strength in Drago’s arms makes Creed realize he has a mountain to climb.

The first round begins with Creed launching multiple ineffective jabs at Drago. It’s not long before Drago takes charge and gives Creed a beating he has never experienced in his career. By the end of the first round, Creed is all bloody and badly hurt.

Rocky pleads with Creed to allow him to stop the match, but Creed asks him to let it continue no matter what the result is. Rocky accepts Creed’s request. In the second round, Drago aims at Creed’s head and unleashes a slew of brutal punches. Rocky doesn’t throw the towel to show his respect for Creed’s request. The match ends in a brutal knockout with Creed unconscious and bleeding heavily. He takes his last breaths in Rocky’s arms – in the ring that meant everything to him.

Rocky IV

What happens next?

The fact that Drago and his camp showed no mercy lights a fire of revenge within Rocky. He decides to challenge Drago for a bout despite his wife, Adrian’s, disapproval.

Rocky also needs to relinquish his world heavyweight title in order to fight. Drago accepts Rocky’s challenge. The match is scheduled to take place in the Soviet Union too, due to life threats Drago is receiving in the United States. Rocky travels to the Soviet Union with only Paulie and Creed’s trainer and friend, Duke.

The training begins. Rocky kicks off his old-school training that majorly involves long and tough interactions with nature. In contrast, Drago is being trained like a machine – constantly under the guidance of doctors and trainers. In addition, he is injected with regular doses of anabolic steroids.

Adrian also arrives to support Rocky for the match, and as a result, Rocky’s training gets a new boost.

Rocky IV

Does Rocky defeat Drago?

The hostile crowd in the Soviet Union who have come out to support Drago, making Rocky and his team a bit nervous. Before touching gloves, Drago tells Rocky, “I must break you.”

The first round begins with Drago toying with Rocky. He corners Rocky and attacks with knocks from both hands. Rocky just tries to shield himself with his arms. And in doing so, he loses both his control and balance. Rocky narrowly escapes knockout in the first round. However, he turns the tides in the second.

Rocky fights back and manages to put Drago at the receiving end. As the second round concludes, Duke praises Rocky and states that he just proved Drago is not a machine, he is a man who can be beaten. At the same time, Drago tells his team that Rocky “is not human.”

The fight reaches its final round. The crowd that was previously bitter, are now chanting for Rocky. Drago desperately tries to get Rocky down with his strong hooks and jabs, but Rocky’s endurance proves too much to crack for exhausted Drago. Like an ultimate opportunist, Rocky finds the right moment and unloads a flurry of ferocious punches – knocking out Drago right before the end of the last round.

Post victory, Rocky delivers a meaningful message to the audience – suggesting we should put an end to wars between countries. He wishes his son Merry Christmas before raising his arms up in the air in his signature style.

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