Rocky V (1990) Ending Explained – Do Rocky and Tommy fight?

Rocky V

Rocky V Plot Synopsis

Rocky goes through the worst phase of his life after all his wealth is deceitfully taken away from him. Forced to retire due to poor health, Rocky finds purpose in his life as a trainer to a rising young boxer, Tommy Gunn. However, situations take a wild turn, and Rocky needs to fight his own disciple in order to save his honour.

How does Rocky go bankrupt?

Rocky’s brother-in-law and friend, Paulie, was deceived into transferring a power of attorney to Rocky’s accountant who lost all his money on bad deals. Additionally, he also didn’t pay Rocky’s taxes. Consequently, Rocky’s house is mortgaged. Soon after, due to deteriorating mental health, Rocky is forced to retire from boxing.

With all his riches sold out, Rocky returns with his family to the pre-fame days. However, it’s not long before Rocky’s passion for boxing takes him back into the ring.

How does Rocky get back into boxing?

Rocky visits his old gym, Mighty Mick’s, which his trainer Mickey had willed to his son before dying. His memories of the gym are so strong that he is inspired to reopen it himself and become a trainer. Soon after, Rocky and Paulie meet an aspiring young boxer from Oklahoma called Tommy Gunn.

Rocky trains Tommyy with all his determination, but fails to spend time with his son, Robert, as a consequence. Rocky’s failure to be with him leads to a divide growing between them.

Why does Tommy desert Rocky?

After failing to goad Rocky out of retirement, the pesky boxing promoter, Washington, shifts his attention to Tommy. Washington shows Tommy big dreams about what his path would be like once he wins the heavyweight championship.

Despite Rocky’s warnings about association with Washington, Tommy parts ways with Rocky and joins Washington. Rocky is devastated, but Adrian makes him realize that Tony didn’t deserve to be his student. Rocky apologizes to both Adrian and Robert for not being able to spend time with them. The Balboas fill their relationship with love again.

What happens next?

Tommy beats Cane to grab the world heavyweight championship in the first round with a knockout. Ungrateful, Tommy doesn’t even mention Rocky. Instead, Tommy credits Washington for his success. Despite the great victory, Tommy fails to get appreciation from the crowd who boo him for abandoning Rocky.

Boxing fans insist that Cane was an easy opponent, and moreover, he didn’t win the title from Rocky. Washington and Tommy set their objective to beat Rocky so that none can question Tommy’s ability – and also so that Rocky’s legacy can be ended.

Rocky V

Do Rocky and Tommy fight?

During a confrontation, Tommy gets aggressive and says everything he shouldn’t have. He then hits Paulie. Fuming, Rocky challenges Tommy to a street fight match on the spot. Aware of Rocky’s ability, Washington doesn’t agree, but a cocky Tommy doesn’t heed the advice.

The match begins, and Rocky knocks down Tommy with his strong jabs. However, Tommy soon gains the upper hand and takes down Rocky. The match is televised, and Rocky’s family reach the spot to cheer for him.

While down, Rocky has visions of Mickey and of Ivan Drago, but he manages to get up. And, it’s not long before Rocky slays his student. Police take Tommy away and after a little exchange of words, Rocky knocks over Washington. After a couple of months, Rocky and Robert are seen spending time outdoors.

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