Roar – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Woman Who Returned Her Husband” Recap & Review

The Woman Who Returned Her Husband

Episode 7 of Roar starts with Anu despairing over her current circumstances. Her husband Vik is archaic, stuck in his ways and she’s had enough. Sitting with the other women in her friendship circle, she admits she’s at the end of her tether. She feels trapped and wants to be free. “If you’re not happy Anu, make yourself happy.” Her friends advise her.

In this alternate reality, Anu finds her “husband warranty” and decides to return him to the shop. She takes Vik back to the store, where he’s reacquainted with the other rejected husbands. However, there is a stipulation to bringing him back. Anu isn’t allowed to go it alone and needs another husband to go home with.

So Anu takes her new husband home, where she learns he used to be a fashion model. Anu takes advantage of that and has him pose so she can pursue her art. And when that doesn’t work out, she exchanges him for a much more physical model who likes doing exercise. The thing is, none of them seem to compare to Vik, whom she rekindles with at the husband section when returning both these men.

Vik has been doing some thinking in the time away from Anu, while Anu has been doing the same thing. Anu promises to head back in a week or so to check up on him. However, Vik is actually bought in a bargain sae by their neighbour, Barbara. She speaks to Anu back home and gushes over what a great deal she’s bagged for herself. Naturally, Anu finds any excuse to head over, where she’s surprised to find Vik’s name has been changed to Vikas.

Anu finds herself struggling to concentrate in the wake of what’s happened, especially after Barbara tells her not to come over unannounced anymore. However, Vik is eventually returned to the supermarket when things don’t work out, where he chats openly to Anu. It turns out he stopped trying with her because she wasn’t happy with the way he’d fix stuff or try to help her. In the end, he just stopped trying.

As the pair finally talk openly, Vik decide to try and do better, determined to be there for her. Anu decides to take a chance with Vik again, as the pair realize what they’ve been missing. They head home gain together, hopefully for good this time!

The Episode Review

Communication is key to any relationship. Without that, you’re bound to run into problems. That much is especially true when it comes to Vik and Anu, who start things off at the end of the road but soon realize that their journey has only just begun.

They’d been together for a good 37 years and that’s a long time to be entwined in the life of another. It’s clear they have a lot in common and they both realize that actually they’re meant to be together. It’s a lovely way to end this episode, which actually rounds out the story in a satisfying manner without leaving things hanging in the middle like so many other episodes in this anthology.

This is definitely one of the better episodes in Apple’s new show which sets things up nicely for the final episode to come.

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  1. This episode has been the best so far in as far as stating a clear message with a minimum of loop holes. The message to me was: “You don´t know what you have until it´s gone”. Humans, us…we tend to lose perspective when involved with one person or even a job over a long term. In the case of a relationship: What starts as “charming behaviour” in a person becomes annoying, likewise tending to their needs, dealing with their quirks, etc all become tiresome. Yet, if or when that person become lost to us, it´s the quirks that we miss!

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