Rick & Morty Season 7 Episode 4 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Rick & Morty Season 7

 At a total series run of 61 episodes to date, we’re less than halfway through this animated sci-fi series, that’s going through a period of restructuring. With Justin Roiland out, new voices for Rick and Morty, but plenty of the same wacky, crazy shenanigans as before, season 7 could be the most intriguing of all the seasons released thus far.

Expect plenty of multiversal issues, lots of quick-fire jokes and zany action that’s become a staple of this series.

If you’ve been following this one over the weeks, you may be curious to find out when the next episode is releasing. Well, wonder no more!

Here is everything you need to know about Rick & Morty Season 7 Episode 4, including its release date, time and where you can watch this.

Where Can I Watch Rick & Morty?

Rick & Morty is available to stream on a variety of different platforms. In the US, you can find this one on AdultSwim.

The new season will also be coming to E4 and All4 for those in the UK, albeit a few days later than the US date. Rick & Morty is also on Netflix too but be sure to check your region as some don’t carry this title.

Rick & Morty Season 7 Episode 4 Release Date

Rick & Morty Season 7 Episode 4 will release on Sunday 5th November at approximately 11pm (ET/PT). Of course, it’s really dependent on how quickly the various platforms upload new episodes. Expect this to be pretty close to the release time though.

For those in the UK, you’ll have to wait until Tuesday 7th November at 10pm (GMT) to catch this one. However, subtitles should drop while watching this one on catch-up on either service.

How Many Episodes Will Rick & Morty Season 7 Have?

Rick & Morty Season 7 has been greenlit for a total of 10 episodes, with one chapter dropping each week. So with that in mind, we’ve got 6 episodes left after this week’s instalment..

Is There A Trailer For Rick & Morty Season 7?

There is indeed! You can find a trailer for Rick & Morty Season 7 below.

What do you hope to see as the series marches on? What’s been your favorite moment of Rick & Morty so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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