Rick and Morty – Season 4 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Face Huggers

Back this week, Rick & Morty return to a much more familiar stand-alone set-up rather than a continuing narrative. The result is something that hones in on what makes the show so endearing and with a slew of great jokes and pop culture references throughout, Rick & Morty continues to deliver the goods with another decent episode.

Episode 7 of Rick & Morty begins with our duo awakening in a cave with face-huggers attached to their face and no knowledge of how they got there. Seeing a whole city of aliens with the same parasitic face-huggers attached, Rick & Morty head there for help while sellotaping the corpses of these face-huggers to their face to blend in. Unfortunately their cover is blown and they’re forced to flee in their ship.

When Rick & Morty find themselves forced to return to this alien world to try and find a missing Summer, it turns out she’s become their leader. As we cut back in time, we see her repelling the face-hugger that tried to attach to her thanks to a toothpick in her mouth. She decides to make big changes and commands it so people don’t die after 30 minutes.

With this new way of life, Rick & Morty’s face-huggers fall in love but on the way out the city, Rick & Morty seize their opportunity and manage to kill the aliens attached to them. After wiping out their entire species thanks to Morty’s terrible harmonica skills, they head back home with Summer, having saved themselves and wiped out the species in the process.

Unlike last week’s meta dig at fans, this time around we receive a far more simplistic journey that uses all the tricks in the book that make this show so enjoyable. The 9/11 and Pearl Harbour jokes are easily the stand-outs here, alongside the clever time jumps to splice the episode together in a compelling manner.

While there have been better episodes this season, this episode offers up a solid slice of animation nonetheless.

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