Rick and Morty – Season 4 Episode 4 Recap & Review



After a week’s break for Thanksgiving, Rick and Morty returns with a familiar slice of sci-fi flavoured action as we return to our cartoon duo for another adventure. With a more grounded approach this time and some fantasy elements seeping into the plot, Rick & Morty continues to deliver laughs, only this time the show doubles down on its crudeness and scales back on its elaborate plots for a more straight forward episode.

Desperate for a dragon, Morty opens the episode by eventually managing to convince Rick to bring him one of these mythical beasts. Unfortunately the dragon is unenthusiastic but compromising with him, Morty allows him to go for a nap underground, where his snoring consequently causes flames to seep through the ceiling. After a fourth wall break, Rick heads down to defeat the dragon but as he soon learns, he’s a hoarder and it prompts him and Rick to actually start bonding… until Morty realizes the dragon has breached his contract. From here, the episode doubles down on its fantasy as Rick goes up against a wizard who steals their dragon

Meanwhile Jerry goes on adventure of his own with a talking cat and Summer tags along with Rick & Morty for their adventure. All of this builds up to a conclusion that sees the dragons join forces with Rock, Morty and Summer to defeat the wizard. In the aftermath of this, Morty realizes his dragon is way too sexual for his liking and he turns his pet away. Soon after, Jerry and Rick find out the truth about the talking cat but it’s all too much for Jerry to handle, who convulses and vomits until Rick wipes his memory.

Compared to what we’ve received before, this latest episode of Rick & Morty feels a little disappointing. The simplistic plot and uninteresting subplot with Jerry all feels below par and compared to some of the better episodes we’ve received from this show. Don’t get me wrong, the series is still enjoyable and the first episode in particular is one of the stand-outs here but this week the writing doesn’t quite feel up to that same level. With one final episode to go before the show takes a break, I hope that one knocks it out the park.


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