Rick and Morty – Season 4 Episode 3 Recap & Review



After a couple of weeks with Rick & Morty off on their own individual adventures, this wildly popular animation returns this week for a more concise episode, one that takes a satirical stab at the heist movie genre whilst offering up all the usual comedic quips and plot twists we’ve come to expect from this show.

We begin with our dysfunctional duo looting an alien aztec tomb. However, when they get there the only thing they find is a calling card from Miles. Determined to right this wrong, Rick is forced to assemble a crew of heist experts to break into a convention. However, Miles Nightley sees this coming and assembles a crew of his own with one goal in mind – a heist-off with Rick. As the plot thickens, Rick’s Heist-A-Tron, an algorithm-driven machine that predicts heist moves, goes rogue and sends Rick and Morty on a mission to stop it…by assembling a crew – one of which being Elon Tusk.

What follows is a convoluted, cleverly written series of double crosses, twists and turns through to the final scenes of the episode where one last twist reveals that the entire episode was one big convoluted mission by Rick.

With only a few more episodes left until we reach the mid-season break, Rick & Morty pulls out all the stops and delivers another very strong episode. While the opener of season 4 is still the strongest of the bunch so far, there’s enough here to make this latest adventure a highly enjoyable one nonetheless. The visuals are great this week too – with a series of iconic split-screen shots and a musical score aligning itself neatly to the crime genre. All of this combines to make for a highly enjoyable episode, one that’ll keep you waiting anxiously for next week’s episode.

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