Rick and Morty – Season 4 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Returning for another week, Rick and Morty delivers another decent episode here and although it doesn’t quite ascend to the same level as the season 4 opener, it’s another strong one nonetheless. This week Rick and Morty explores the concept of love and much like the previous episode, the exploits of our protagonists are split between two plots as Morty heads off with Jerry for a solo adventure while Rick finds himself wrapped up in a planet-hopping crusade to find a toilet-stealing, sandwich-eating alien.

The two storylines interweave around one another, with Rick’s app-loving creature Glutey acting as the catalyst for the chaos that encompasses this episode. When Jerry and Glutey launch a love app together, what follows is an incredulous and satirical look at the fickle nature of dating apps while Morty tries desperately to get it shut down, taking him into the heart of an alien Mothership.

Rick meanwhile finds himself tracking down someone whose been using his personal toilet, trudging through the dingy underbelly of a fly and frog hierarchy and even into the midst of an epic robot war. Although this storyline doubles down on the profanities and crudeness, when you dive a little deeper into this one, there’s a poignant and well written message here that’s delivered well throughout the episode. The ending scene actually makes this episode far better than it otherwise would be too but I won’t spoil what happens here.

In true Rick and Morty fashion, the animation and visual design is as good as its ever been and the use of colour works so well throughout the episode. This extends over to the dialogue too which includes some great jokes dotted throughout the 20 minutes. Rick and Morty’s fourth season has started strongly so far and considering we’re only getting 5 episodes this year, lets hope they’re all as strong as the first two have been.


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