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A Rickle In Time
Mortynight Run
Auto Erotic Assimilation
Total Rickall
Get Schwifty
The Ricks Must Be Crazy
Big Trouble In Little Sanchez
Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting
Look Who’s Purging Now
The Wedding Squanchers


The second season of Rick And Morty draws on what made it so endearing the first time around and essentially delivers more of the same. With a blend of clever writing, crude humour and hand drawn animation, Rick And Morty proves its not just a one season wonder. Its not perfect though, with recycled jokes and more crudeness than before, but it still makes for some very entertaining television. The relationships between the characters are explored in a little more detail this time too, with more of the spotlight given to Morty’s parents and sister Summer helping to bring a new dynamic to the show as recurring themes and ideas spill over to the numerous episodes.

The story picks up where last season left off, with Morty’s parents frozen by Rick following the intergalactic party at their house. Arguably one of the best episodes of the season, the first episode “A Rickle In Time” explores the multiverse with cleverly written sequences that see the screen split into multiple parts and numerous scenarios playing out at the same time. The other episodes are well written too, although for the first time in the show’s history a trickle of recycled jokes and an increased emphasis on crudeness does hurt this season’s integrity. Whilst I understand that this is just part of the show, the rate to which the butt and genitelia jokes increase to this season is a little jarring and negates some of the cleverness shown in the writing and jokes.

The intelligence and imagination Rick And Morty manages to effortlessly portray is shown to its full extent this year with some really good ideas shown within the episodes. The usual parodying of current affairs, pop culture and science fiction media are used to good effect, with more originality in some of the writing helping to set the show apart from its first season. Its just unfortunate then that the episode “Interdimensional Cable 2” is one of the worst episodes across the two seasons with a poor, unfunny plot and emphasis on the universal television shows seen in the first season again. Having said all of that, the animation is generally very good across the board and some of the attention to detail is wonderfully illustrated. There’s some nods to the first season too with posters, background characters and props used that helps bring more detail to the show.

Despite a few set backs this year with a few weak episodes and an increase in adult humour, Rick And Morty is still one of the most intelligently written animations on TV right now. The jokes are used to good effect, with the overarching story woven throughout interesting, including the cliffhanger enticing a third season to come, and the increased emphasis on the supporting cast helps to give the show more substance. If you enjoyed last season and are looking for more of the same, you can’t really go wrong with the second season that proves Rick And Morty isn’t just a one hit wonder, even if it doesn’t quite reachy the lofty heights its first season achieved.

  • Verdict - 7.5/10