Ricardo Quevedo: Los Amargados Somos Mas – Netflix Stand-Up Review


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With a neon-lit backdrop and a sharp wit to hand, Colombian comic Ricardo Quevedo returned to Netflix yesterday for his latest hour of stand-up, Los Amargados Somos Mas. With accessible, well written material and some great stories to share, Ricardo Quevedo delivers a solid hour of stand-up material.

The set begins with a Thanos reference from The Avengers; an off-hand, topical solution on how to solve over-population in the world. Why? Well, as Ricardo points out through his observational jokes, humans are flawed, strange creatures driven by habit and a slave to technology. This really sets the foundation for what follows as Ricardo discusses meeting famous people like James Rodriguez and the agony of trying to teach your parents how to use all the latest technology.

It’s a simple, innocent start which then transitions very smoothly into the bulk of content here, revolving around social media and our ever digitalised world. This is especially evident during parts of the routine where Ricardo points out our clumsiness and the stupid things we do in life. It does pain me to say that almost everything he mentions I have done, making the routine even more funny and relatable for myself and, I’m sure, many others too.

Much like other comics, Ricardo Quevedo throws in a lot of jokes about his friends and family relationships, and in particular the ever-increasing reliance on apps like Whatsapp to communicate with loved ones. After acting out several hilarious scenarios, he moves over to discussing the “bad influence” friend before ending the show with a clever quip about retelling jokes and messing up the punchlines.

On the whole, Ricardo Quevedo delivers a confident, well-rehearsed hour of comedy. Devoid of crude jokes or anything shockingly offensive, Ricardo is a very accessible comic and despite being spoken completely in Spanish, the subtitles aren’t too quick that you aren’t able to follow along.

Whether you’re a fan of foreign comics or not, Ricardo Quevedo delivers a really well written routine that flows perfectly from start to finish. The smooth transitions between topics and the decent amounts of observational comedy make this a really enjoyable watch. I was certainly entertained throughout and his timing and punchlines were delivered perfectly for maximum comedy effect. If you’re after something a little different from the normal English comics, you can’t go wrong with Ricardo Quevedo’s latest stand-up.


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  • Verdict - 8/10

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