Rhys Lewis – Corner Of The Sky | Album Review

Track Listing

Love In The Modern Age
The Middle
To Be Alive
Yesterday’s Rain
Happy Fucking Birthday
Centre of The Universe
21st Century Life
Corner Of The Sky


Corner Of The Sky isn’t a bog standard pop record, as there’s substance and solid foundations keeping it afloat. Singer/songwriter Rhys Lewis has developed a clear lyrical stance, with his words carrying immense weight and clarity. Corner Of The Sky boasts so many well cut songs, tracks which don’t hang onto cliches but actually serve up memorable moments.

Lewis is such an astute weaver of words, a man not completely on the warpath, but there are times when he seems ruffled. Anger doesn’t set in, and there is more happiness here than sadness, though numbness and the past do creep in. When listening to the words, it’s easy to fall into them and imagine yourself in these situations.

Musically, the guitars are subtle, the percussion work is there as a catalyst, and the whole experience sets the tone. Lewis has certainly upped his game here, with everything clicking into place more seamlessly, connecting so easily, and resulting in a well-oiled machine.

There are 13 songs on this LP. ‘Alone’ is a standout, with Lewis expertly setting the standard. He drives home brilliant lyricism as the backbeats arrest. The words describe the imposing darkness and regret.

‘Midnight’ shows Lewis’s well toned vocals and his memorable lyrics. He’s tired of screaming at the four walls and at the void, with evident optimism riffling through the song. That slow guitar riff increases the quality too.

To Be Alive sounds like it’s landed from the 80s, piercing through the future. Lewis sings calmly and the track again is lyrically driven, and the chorus bursts into a steady, wholesome segment. Lewis becomes a sheer lyrical genius here.

’21st Century Life’ has piano vibes, and the musicality breathes new life into the ballad. Lewis is sick of the modern age, and the life it promotes. Such an intelligent track, it doesn’t become swallowed up by hyperbole.

Rhys Lewis hasn’t sunk into the norm here but actually has become a better, more confident songwriter, and Corner Of The Sky encapsulates that brilliantly.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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