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The Hungry Ghost

Episode 6 of Revenant starts with a woman hearing a phone ringing in the restroom and deciding to investigate. She is shocked to find the body of a young woman and starts screaming. 

Meanwhile, Hong-sae follows San-yeong to the bridge and returns the jacket she left at the restaurant. He asks her if she was confessing to her crimes back at the hotel but San-yeong doesn’t remember what she said.

Of course, Hong-sae doesn’t believe her and San-yeong starts walking away. She goes through her jacket pockets and is shocked to see receipts of how much she spent along with a black credit card that doesn’t belong to her.

Elsewhere, Hae-sang calls Professor Jang Won-seok informing him that he found a Line of Prohibition with a small blade inside from the South Gyeongsang region. The professor is surprised as it is a rare thing to find. He tells Hae-sang that it must be the work of a shaman and promises to look into it. 

Hae-sang drives to his grandparent’s house to question his grandmother about the Line of Prohibition and the other stuff his mom had. He wants to know how and why his mom had this stuff. His grandmother refuses to help and kicks him out. Hae-sang is not surprised by her reaction; ever since he was young, his grandmother has hated talking about his mom. 

While there, Hae-sang also talks to Kim Chi-won who asks him to consider coming back to the family business. Hae-sang makes it clear that he has no intention of doing so. Later on, we learn that Chi-won is Woo-jin’s father. We don’t know what happened other than Woo-jin even as a ghost refuses to visit him. Later on, Byung-hee instructs Chi-won to find out what Hae-sang is up to.

In the meantime, San-yeong gets home and is angry that her mom accepted the inheritance. Her mom thinks it is only right after everything they have been through. However, San-yeong feels guilty about what happened to her grandmother. She lashes out at her mom in a fit of anger and the ghost in her asks if she just kill the mom.

San-yeong freaks out and locks herself in the room in an effort to save her mom. She is worried that the ghost will kill her mom next. 

The next morning, she wakes up and notices the door barricade she put up is gone. She panics and thinks her mom is dead. Thankfully, Gyeong-Mun is alive and taking a much-needed rest after spending the night working on the ideas for the clothing store she intends to open. San-ye

On the other hand, Hae-sang believes he finally has a clue about what happened to his mom. He believes that his mom was trying to exorcise an evil spirit. Woo-jin asks him to be careful not to end up possessed like Gang-mo. Woo-jin wonders why Gang-mo went to great lengths to involve Hae-sang in San-yeong’s case. However, Hae-sang is intent on going through with the investigation. 

He gets a surprise visit from Sae-yeong who as it turns out stole his credit card and went on a splash. Hae-sang had not even noticed his credit card was gone. San-yeong apologizes and returns the money she used plus the loan he gave her. Hae-sang questions where she got the money but San-yeong is not forthcoming. She apologises again and leaves. 

Hae-sang decides to investigate what happened to San-yeong by tracing her footsteps using the card’s transactions from the previous night. 

At the police station, Mun-chun and Hong-sae get into a fight because Hong-sae left when he was ordered to stay behind and look for clues. Hong-sae believes that the case is a waste of time and won’t help in his promotion. He thinks it is not his duty to look into cases that have already been closed. Mun-chun angrily leaves to find more clues and wishes Hong-sae well in his ambitious plans. 

Another young detective tries to calm Hong-sae down. The conversation steers to the case the young detective is working on. He is assigned to the case of the young woman who was killed at the wine bar. This is the same bar Yoon-jung held her ceremony at, and Hong-sae acknowledges being there but claims he saw nothing odd. In reality, he is keeping some facts to himself because he wants to save the case himself and get a promotion.

On the other side of town, San-yeong moves out of her mom’s house and asks her not to contact. San-yeong wants to be alone for a while so she moves into her grandmother’s house. She feels overwhelming guilt and is confused about what to do. She decides to clear her mind by cleaning the house while also trying to reach out to Se-mi to apologize. 

In the middle of the night, she wakes up from her sleep and hears the ghost speaking to her. It instructs her to look in the third vanity drawer. San-yeong is scared and asks why the ghost is haunting her but gets no answers.  She checks the drawer as instructed and finds old photo films. She takes them to a printer nearby to get them scanned.

She looks through the photos and sees one of the strange drawings. After googling the photos, she learns that they are related to the realm of hungry ghosts. Hungry ghosts are created from human desire and they covet what others have. 

The scene then cuts to Se-mi feeling frustrated about her good blouse being ruined. She has an interview soon and was hoping to wear it. As she sits on her bed, we see that she has the bag from the young lady who was killed in the wine bar. Is Se-mi possessed by a hungry ghost?

Back to Hae-sang, he stops by the wine room while tracing what happened to San-yeong the previous night. He is surprised after seeing the police outside the hotel and he sneaks into the crime scene. This is when he realizes that the victim was killed by a hungry ghost. He also runs into Hong-sae, who fails to heed his warning about a hungry ghost and kicks him out of the crime scene. 

Hong-sae is working on the case since he wants glory and promotion from himself. He is sure that someone from the Yoon-jung party killed the woman. He starts looking into other similar cases but most of them are already closed. They were ruled as sudden death due to cardiac arrest and even after talking with numerous detectives in the case, he finds no leads. He decides to visit Hae-sang to hear out his ghost theory. 

He is surprised when San-yeong also shows up at Hae-sang’s house but figures he can kill two birds with one stone. Hae-sang explains how hungry ghosts act and asks to see photos from the party. He is sure he can identify the possessed person through photos. San-yeong is shocked that someone died that night. She also doesn’t believe that someone from the party was involved.

She suggests they check Yoon-jung’s Instagram to see the photos taken. Hae-sang is unable to see the ghost but San-yeong reminds him that Se-mi and Yoon-jung are not in the pictures. 

The scene cuts to Se-mi walking in the street in an angry trance carrying the bag of the victim. She makes her way to a restaurant to meet Yoon-jung and starts admiring her blouse. Back to San-yeong and Hae-sang, decide to check on Se-mi while Hong-sae gets back to his investigation. He discovers that one of the last victims was engaged and set to have her party in the wine room.

He visits Yoon-jung’s husband and discovers that they are going broke. He also notices a watch from one of the victims. As a result, he starts putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

San-yeong and Hae-sang try to call Se-mi but she fails to pick up her phone. Hae-sang is worried that Se-mi may be possessed and will end up committing suicide like an old friend of his. San-yeong uses a location-sharing app to trace Se-mi to the restaurant. 

In the meantime, Se-mi apologizes to Yoon-jung for ruining her blouse. It turns out she had borrowed the aforementioned ruined blouse from Yoon-jung. Yoon-jung is not only pissed about the blouse but the bag. Se-mi tries to explain that she only took the bag to find the owner.

In a twist of events, Yoon-jung is the one possessed by the hungry ghost.  Yoon-jung gets distracted by a woman wearing beautiful shoes and follows her into the restroom.

San-yeong soon arrives at the restaurant and is glad that Se-mi is safe. She follows Yoon-jung and saves the woman with the beautiful shoes. Yoon-jung snaps out of her entranced state and is shocked to see her reflection in the mirror. She rushes outside into oncoming traffic and gets hit by a car. Luckily, she survives. 

Meanwhile, the police also go through footage from the CCTV cameras and are disappointed that Hong-sae hid the truth from them.

After solving the case, San-yeong wonders if Yoon-jung was just another victim. She confides in Hae-sang that it is normal for humans to have desires. She worries that she might have wanted her grandmother dead to inherit the money. She questions if she has always been evil or if it is the effect of the ghost. 

Hae-sang reminds her that ghosts use human desire to weaken them while they themselves grow stronger. He insists that he will figure out how to fight the ghost and asks her to stay out of it. 

On his way home, Hae-sang gets a call from Professor Won-seok. He’s found the shaman who made the Line of Probation. He changes his plans and visits the lady shaman and learns that Gang-mo had ordered 5 Lines of Probation. She is not sure why, she only knows that Gang-mo needed to find five objects to identify an evil spirit. Hae-sang asks about his mom and is informed that she was also a former client. As it turns out, she had a similar request to Gang-mo’s. 

San-yeong gets a message from the photo studio that they redeveloped the scanned photos that turned out dark. She quickly goes through the photo and spots Woo-jin in one of them. She had already seen Woo-jin in Hae-sang’s house so she decides to go there. 

Woo-jin opens the door for her and she asks who he is and what he knows. San-yeong believes the ghost showed her the realm of the hungry ghosts to direct her to Woo-jin. However, Woo-jin claims he doesn’t know anything. He’s only seen the name of the person who turned San-yeong into an evil spirit. 

The Episode Review

Revenant always manages to leave us wanting more in each episode’s finale. What an interesting twist! Woo-jin knew the name all this time and said nothing to Hae-sang… I highly doubt it. This can only mean that Hae-sang has been hiding some things from San-yeong – but why? 

Hong-sae is becoming too obsessed with getting glory for himself and he is missing out on the big picture. He might end up being possessed by a hungry ghost.

Speaking of the hungry ghost, we are not sure what happened to the one that possessed Yoon-jung. At this point, we can’t help but be suspicious of Woo-jin. Does he know something about this and why did the evil spirit in San-yeong direct her to him? 

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