Revenant – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

And Her Name is …

Episode 10 of Revenant picks up where we left off, with San-yeong questioning the actual name of the evil spirit. Remember, the spirit is outside her door, it is raining, and San-yeong has put up a Line of Probation and locked herself in her late dad’s study.

There is a knock on the door, and Gyeong-mun’s voice desperately begs San-yeong to open the door. San-yeong is hesitant and internally struggles about whether she should open it up. We all know if she opens the door and it turns out to be the evil spirit’s trick then she is dead. After contemplating, San-yeong takes the risk and opens the door. 

Gyeong-mun storms in, scared, and San-yeong lashes out at her for coming to Hwawonjae. She points out that it is dangerous at night and insists Gyeong-mun returns home. She promises to stop by in the morning. This statement reminds Gyeong-mun of the night she returned to their home after her mom died. 

Gang-mo spotted her and told the her it was dangerous to try and escape at night. Gyeong-mun was shaken and locked herself in San-yeong’s room until morning, when they escaped. As she relives that day, Gyeong-mun has an attack and collapses.

Elsewhere, Hae-sang visits his grandmother and demands to know the ghost’s name. As expected, Byung-hee refuses to tell him the truth and is adamant that the ghost’s name is Mokdan. Hae-sang starts rampaging about, looking for a clue in her office. She warns him to stop trying to exorcise the ghost, or he will die too. Hae-sang vows to get rid of the ghost even if it kills him and walks away. 

He is stopped by Chi-won, who is curious about Hae-sang’s demeanour. Hae-sang asks him why he is acting like he doesn’t know the truth behind his mom’s death. Chi-won plays the fool, and Hae-sang leaves. After Hae-sang leaves, Chi-won shares his concern about Hae-sang dying like his mother while trying to get rid of the ghost. Byung-hee warns him to keep his mouth shut since he doesn’t know much. She orders him never to mention anything to Hae-sang. 

On the other hand, Hae-sang informs Hong-sae, who was waiting for him outside, that he was unsuccessful in discovering the truth. Hong-sae is hopeful they will get answers if they look deeper into Junghyeon’s history. Hae-sang offers to look into Jangjin Middle School and the remaining objects. He asks Hong-sae to look into his family’s company. 

Meanwhile, Gyeong-mun finally wakes up, and San-yeong shows her around the house. She explains that her dad probably missed them and that he was sick. San-yeong tells her that the disease is genetic. She also asks if Gyeong-mun has any happy memories of her marriage to Gang-mo. Gyeong-mun admits that for a while she was happy, but things started going wrong when Gang-mo met a strange man who gave him a camera. 

Through a flashback, we learn that the man was Chi-won, and he gave Gang-mo the camera in return for never visiting Byung-hee’s house again. This was during the time Gang-mo was looking into possessing an evil spirit and wanted Byung-hee’s help.

Although dangerous, San-yeong drives Gyeong-mun home and stops by her new cafe. At the cafe, San-yeong suffers temporary blindness and is unable to see the store. She makes a deal with the evil spirit to allow her to have her sight so she can be of help to her. 

The following day, Hae-sang gets a call from San-yeong, and she asks to join him in finding the remaining two objects.  San-yeong tells him that she gets a vision every time she touches the objects. She hopes the visions will help them uncover the ghost’s name. Hae-sang wonders if she is telling him the truth, but he needs her help. He has no choice but to let her tag along. 

They head to one of the two remaining places related to Gang-mo. In this case, it is an abandoned raw fish restaurant, and they begin their search. After a while, San-yeong finds the object, and as soon as she holds it, she has another vision. Hae-sang notices she is standing still in a trance and grabs the object from her. San-yeong then pushes him away and frantically starts looking for water, screaming she is dying of thirst.

She rushes out of the building and runs to a convenience store. She starts drinking water as if she is in great thirst. Hae-sang follows her and begs the attendant not to call the police. He offers to pay for the damage. After satiating her thirst, San-yeong (now possessed by the evil spirit) tells Hae-sang how she died of thirst and hunger. 

She laments that they all killed her. Hae-sang agrees they were at fault but points out she is no different. She is using him to find the five objects and kill people. He asks her why she wants to find the objects and what happens when they find the last object. San-yeong slyly tells him they will find out when they locate the fifth item and urges him to find it quickly. San-yeong ponders on the evil spirit’s motives but is unable to put his finger on it. 

In the meantime, Hae-sang looks into Junghyeon’s dark history, but nothing stands out. He is about to give up when he comes across a file on Kim Dochul, who reported Jae-woo for embezzlement and malfeasance.  Kim Dochul died soon afterwards, but the detective on the case is able to shed some light on the case. 

He tells him that he met Jae-woo at the hospital during the investigation. Hong-sae is surprised to hear Jae-woo was hospitalized. He visits the hospital and threatens the director to spill the tea. The hospital director turns the case on its head when he brings up Woo-jin’s death. It turns out that Woo-jin didn’t die from the injuries sustained from his accident. Byung-hee suffocated him, even though he was in a stable condition. 

Hong-sae calls Hae-sang and updates him on his findings. Hae-sang is shocked to hear that his dad was hospitalized. He was told that he suddenly collapsed in his office and died. After learning the new truths about his dad’s death and his grandma’s crimes, he visits Chi-won at the office. 

Chi-won is happy to see him until he learns the reason for his visit. Hae-sang plays him a recording of the hospital director narrating how Woo-jin died. Chi-won is initially in denial as he wonders what motive Bhung-hee had to kill his son. Hae-sang tells him that Woo-jin found out about the family’s evil spirit and overheard Byung-hee’s meeting with Gang-mo. 

He thinks that was why Byung-hee killed Woo-jin. Hae-sang apologizes and asks if he is ready to tell him the truth, but Chi-won shows him the signed NDA document.  This NDA binds Chi-won, but he is willing to tell Hae-sang the little he knows. 

He starts by explaining to Hae-sang why his mom always slept by his side and why his dad never left the house at night. According to Chi-won, Jae-woo was trying to keep the strange occurrences that happened to him at night a secret. On many occasions, Chi-won found him doing something strange, like binging on food and drawing moons all over the house. Byung-hee always cautioned Chi-won to keep it a secret and Chi-won assumed that Jae-woo had a strange illness. 

However, the truth came out when he accidentally overheard Byung-hee and Jae-woo arguing one fateful night. Jae-woo was aware that the evil spirit wanted to kill his wife. Jae-woo was not ready to lose his wife, who he cherished the most. Byung-hee was not moved by his plight and explained that it was normal for the ghost to take what he loved the most. That is part of the deal, the ghost makes them rich, and she takes their most precious possession. 

Jae-woo demanded to know how to get rid of the ghost and wanted the list of instructions the shaman left with Byung-hee. Choi Manwol had covered all her bases and enlightened Byung-hee about the dangers of messing up the exorcism ritual. Byung-hee knew this but still gave her son the wrong list and sentenced him to death. 

Chi-won warns Hae-sang that the list was tampered with, and his dad ended up dying at the hands of the ghost. Hae-sang’s mom and Gang-mo faced the same fate because they got the evil spirit’s name wrong. 

Concurrently, Hong-sae runs into another detective who was doing Mun-chun a favour by looking into Seok-ran’s death (San-Yeong’s grandmother.) It turns out the detective noted something strange in the case. Hong-sae visits San-yeong at Hwawonjae and finds her in a bad state. San-yeong woke up with no recollection of what she had done the night before, but her hands were bloody. She also has some insurance documents that she doesn’t remember getting. 

As soon as she welcomes Hong-sae into the house, San-yeong suffers another bout of temporary blindness. She tries to hide it by asking Hong-sae to leave, but he pretends to leave and sees her struggle to walk around. He tries to help her and asks what happened. She comes clean about her illness and why she needs the evil spirit. 

Hong-sae picks up the insurance papers and tells her she met with an agent the previous night. She took a hefty insurance policy on her mom, and it is clear that the evil spirit’s next target is Gyeong-mun. San-yeong starts panicking and tries to leave and run to her mom. Hong-sae calms her down and warns that she is in no condition to run blindly anywhere. He asks her to decide what is more important to her, Gyeong-mun or her sight. San-yeong calms down and asks to see Han-sang. 

Once Hae-sang arrives, he puts up a Line of Probation and explains to San-yeong why the ghost is going after Gyeong-mun. Hae-sang has a feeling that San-yeong has been keeping some things from them and asks if the evil spirit threatened her with their lives. San-yeong admits that she was scared and wanted to protect them. However, she is ready to be honest with them and tells them about her vision whenever she touches an object. 

She starts with her vision during Mun-chun’s death. She saw one of the documents he was holding had some Chinese words. She draws the character, and Hae-sang figures out that it means family register. They deduce that Mun-chun found a clue when looking into Mokdan’s family. Sadly, those original documents were destroyed by Mun-chun before he jumped to his death.  

San-yeong also shares her last vision, where she saw glass bottles with colourful powders crashing. She also saw a woman taking one of the red glass powder bottles and running towards Byung-hee’s mansion. They need to find out what Mun-chun figured out and the woman’s identity in San-yeong’s last vision. Unfortunately, their only option is to force Byung-hee to tell them the truth.

Hae-sang notices that they might have luck on their side. Apparently, it is a safe day. A safe day is a rare day when ghosts and evil spirits have no power to harm human beings. They devise a plan to trick Byung-hee into mentioning the ghost’s name. San-yeong visits Byung-hee at midnight. She acts like she is possessed by the ghost and is there to warn her about Hae-sang’s plans for the safe day. 

Byung-hee falls for the trap and admits she killed her violent husband when he wanted to get rid of the evil spirit. She promised the spirit that she would keep her name a secret, and if that means killing Hae-sang, then by all means she is ready to pay that price. In their conversation, we learn that the evil spirit’s name is Hyangi. 

The Episode Review

What a suspenseful ending in this episode! The secret is out; now we know the ghost’s real name. The stakes are amped up too as we come to the end of this amazing show. We must be ready to see how things unfold.

Next Friday can’t get here fast enough. We need to know if San-yeong will be able to save Gyeong-mun and if they will find the fifth object. We are also curious to see what lengths the evil spirit will go to in order to prevent her exorcism. Until then, I hope they will keep the doors locked, just in case!

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  • (4.5)

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