Resident Evil – Episode 6 “Someone’s Little Girl” Recap & Review

Someone’s Little Girl

Episode 6 of Resident Evil begins with Wesker heading into the lab to see Evelyn. He warns that people are going to start asking questions soon, so they need to step up their interrogative efforts with Angel. Wesker claims he’s Angel’s friend, brandishing a syringe and promising it’ll take all his pain away. After learning from Angel that no one knows about his girls, he injects the reporter and kills him.

In 2036, Jade is kept captive by Billie, who shows up and acts like old pals again. It turns out she’s been sent by Evelyn to bring Jade in. The girls are clearly at loggerheads, where we learn Wesker is dead and Billie is all-in on her evil-sister shtick. Hey, if you want a show about two girls on opposing sides of a conflict, please check out Arcane, it’s fantastic and much better than this.

Billie knows that Jade is en-route to the university and after removing her tracker, eventually lets her go. “I never stopped being your sister,” Billie says, allowing Jade to rush through this surprisingly unguarded area. Jade makes it to the surface and rushes along the shore. There, she’s reunited with old pals Amrita, Gideon and a few other people we barely know. Oh, and she still has the severed head of Mother Zero too.

Jade is taken aboard a vessel out at sea, where she’s reunited with her daughter and husband. Despite being safe, Jade contemplates whether to head back to the Brotherhood Bunker and try to understand this Zero head. She wants to try and control the horde.

Arjun isn’t exactly happy, pointing out that Jade should be there for them and, in particular, her daughter. Given Jade literally said last episode that Bea is everything to her, our protagonist sure is in a hurry to leave them behind again.

After a shower and some reflection, Jade does end up being a mum and wife, at least for now. She’s conflicted over what to do with Billie, wondering whether she should have just left her to die after all.

The next day, Jade teams up with Amrita to try and get to the bottom of what Mother Zero may be hiding. They do numerous trials on the head all day, attempting to figure out what the key ingredient to controlling the horde may be. And on trial 56, Jade realizes the clue is in her own spit.

In order to test this though, Jade decides they need a zombie, so she does some fishing. After bringing in an unconscious zombie, she strings it up in the lab for their experiments. She promises Bea that everything is okay, and points out that no one else actually knows she’s brought this zombie in.

Jade intends to use this pheromone to stave off the zombie. After spraying it all over herself, Jade does what all stupid protagonists do when they’re poorly written, she lets down he defences and steps up to the zombie. It seems to be docile… but then Bea gets too close. The zombie breaks free and one of the guards out on deck has no choice but to shoot three people – including Amrita.

Jade takes responsibility for her actions but with helicopters en-route to their location, it puts an end to their charade.

As the episode closes out, we cut back to 2022 where Wesker is being kept captive inside a cell. However, there appears to be someone in the cell next to him that looks identical to Lance Riddick (the actor playing Wesker) “Hey bro!” He says, smiling gleefully.

The Episode Review

Why do characters have to act stupidly in order for the plot to progress? This is something Resident Evil is absolutely plagued with and it makes for a frustrating watch at the best of times. Why would Jade endanger her own daughter and get close to this zombie without actually telling anyone what she’s doing? It’s such a dangerous, stupid thing to do and it’s all here just to make the plot advance.

That’s pretty much been the MO of this entire show, with problems right the way through the screenplay. There are so many contrivances, moments of deus ex machina and lazy writing that makes for a docile and poor watch. There’s absolutely nothing here that links back to the games either, beyond a few echoes of 1998 and the original Raccoon City.

Ultimately, Resident Evil has been an absolute misfire and this late on, it seems unlikely that the show will redeem itself. But still, we march on!

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5 thoughts on “Resident Evil – Episode 6 “Someone’s Little Girl” Recap & Review”

  1. Agree. Quite enjoyed it up to this atrocious episode. Why does Jade need to secretly bring on board a zero threatening everyone in the boat? There was no need. As her colleague says just need to dock the boat, get permission and wait out two weeks (quarantine?). The virus had been with them for so many years what’s another few weeks to do this properly and safely? Then she let’s her daughter stay in the room while she does a stupidly dangerous test. Terrible. I’m out.

  2. I’m watching this with no prior knowledge of RE. But by the 4th episode, I noticed every person Jade encounters in 2036, be they helper or foe, are dead within 15 minutes. Sort of like red shirt crew members. The show runner seems to have no need of recurring characters.

  3. I went looking for reviews about the series because of the “ugh really?” Moments. I really wanted to see the creatures or something along those lines, I liked the clickers/lickers and suit wearing umbrella guy was pretty cool near his ending moments, spoiler, the one he saves gets him killed.

  4. This is the episode I checked out on. The writing is atrocious. The characters are written horribly and unlikeable (especially the main protagonist). This is honestly one of the worst shows I’ve watched.

  5. Greg – You are spot on. This writing was absolutely terrible. The high school drama and all the stupid scenarios made this so bad even though I really wanted to like it. Thank you for your honest reviews and I look forward to more of your work in the future.

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