Resident Evil – Episode 4 “The Turn” Recap & Review

The Turn

Episode 4 of Resident Evil changes tact as we head across to Tijuana and follow Angel. He interviews survivors, including a woman who claims her husband was bitten and subsequently ended up turning. “Umbrella lies” She eventually says, handing over a laptop with incriminating details on Umbrella and what they’re hiding.

With time running out for Billie, our story in 2022 sees Wesker desperate to try and find a cure for his daughter before it’s too late. Billie believes they should tell their father what’s going on but Jade refuses. Billie decides to selfishly head out and party, believing if it is the end then she should do so around everyone else.

So naturally, the pair go to this party while Angel rocks up in New Raccoon City. Oh and incase you forgot, Evelyn has a wife. Did you remember? Well, the pair are out together doing yoga with goats on their back.

Angel finds the party and begins asking around, determined to find Jade and Billie. The kids scream “Narc!” and rush off, as the siblings come out of hiding and confront him. Angel tells the pair that the virus turns their brain into something inhuman. He also confirms that the first Raccoon City was destroyed by a nuclear explosion and the T-Virus was covered up. Wesker was there. The last he heard was that Wesker died back in 2009 but that’s obviously not the case. And even more mysteriously, there’s actually no record of either Billie or Jade being alive.

In 2036, the Brotherhood have Jade and Baxter both in custody. Despite being shot, the latter claims that Umbrella are on the way. Anyway, the pair are taken into a dingy prison full of other inmates. The Brotherhood leader is also here, and he believes the virus is God’s miracle to “harvest the Chosen”. Jade attacks him though, unwilling to listen to this any longer. So naturally, he and Baxter are both thrown in a cell.

As the sound of a chainsaw whirrs, we get another bit of out of place nostalgia thrown in, this time for Resident Evil 4. This guy severs limbs and throws them to the zombies. Or “Zeroes” as they’re called here. Anyway, there’s also a Mother Zero who appears to be in control of the horde.

Baxter and Jade seize their chance and manage to break free, although Baxter kills our chainsaw wielding dude and gears up, fighting back against the Brotherhood. With another completely out-of-place pop anthem, the pair fight off hordes of zombies and Brotherhood goons.

Jade eventually sneaks up on Mother Zero, using that chainsaw from earlier to slice her head off. She takes off with its severed head and locks herself in one of the rooms. Unfortunately, zombies pound on the door and trap her inside. Believing it’s the end, Jade phones home and rings her daughter Bea, telling her she’s proud and that she loves her.

Thankfully, Jade finds a grenade and sets it off, blowing the zombies sky high. She breaks free, with Baxter catching up and forcing the pair to run together again. However, Baxter is attacked and separated from Jade, who makes it to the surface.

The Episode Review

There are so many problems with this show but one of the more egregious parts of this production comes from the music. Who on earth thought pop songs and covers were a good idea to play during moments that should be tense and wracked with horror? It’s such a bizarre editing choice and it’s something that’s 100% on the directors and showrunner.

The writing is a tad better this episode though, but the editing is still a problem and the two storylines just aren’t all that interesting. We meet the Brotherhood, learn there’s a “Mother Zero” in control and we even see the chainsaw wielder from Resident Evil 4.

But then these little Member Berries are only here to pad out a story that’s more interested in high school drama and parties. Why did we get half this episode dedicated to that party outside? It’s such a bizarre tonal choice but then that sums up this series. We’re crossing the halfway point and so far this has been very forgettable.

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  1. Great reviews I totally agree with what you’re writing so far two things I’ve noticed that are a bit odd and the first episode there was the mother for a few minutes but then she just totally disappeared like she was abducted by space aliens and the father and the two girls don’t even mention her since episode 1. It’s like she didn’t even exist which is kind of weird. Almost as weird as the pop music. Also they seems like they screwed up on the production for example this part of the episode where they’re all underground the lighting was very poor you can barely see the zombie dudes which is a shame because you know they put a lot of effort into the makeup so I feel like somebody screwed up their job there with the lighting situation. I guess they were trying to make it scary or something but I just couldn’t really see what was going on so it wasn’t scary to me more annoying than anything. This show has some potential overall somewhat disappointing so far but I hope they make a second season

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