Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – Season 1 Episode 4 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

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Episode 4 of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness begins with the President about to address the nation. While he does, Claire awakens to find herself in the presence of dastardly Wilson. He wants to make a deal.

In exchange for dropping the investigation he’ll help Panemstan get back on its feet. Apparently Wilson wants to “nurture hope” for the future but Claire scoffs at the notion. Unfortunately Wilson also confirms that the President is going to declare war against China. This would allow him to rise up with his bioweapons and score a tidy profit in the ensuing carnage.

Jason suddenly shows up though, having miraculously recovered from being killed. How? No idea. Anyway, he holds Wilson up against one of the tanks, determined to kill him. Without the inhibitor though, Jason loses control and turns into a monstrous bioweapon.

Wilson manages to slip away while Leon and Shen May show up just in time to hear the emergency sirens wailing overhead. The room starts to flood with acid as Shen May tries to convince Jason not to do anything stupid.

In fact, Jason is determined to show them what true terror is and confront the president in his current state. In doing so, it would stop this tragedy ever being unveiled again.

The President is stopped at the last second from starting a war though, courtesy of his advisor Patrick handing over valuable intel about Wilson’s corruption. With this knowledge, the President changes tune at the last second and addresses the people with a message of hope instead.

Chaos breaks out in the bio-facility as the sirens wail and the emergency protocols kick in. Protocols that include the whole room filling with acid. Okay then. Anyway, Leon attacks Jason, eventually thwarting the threat as he falls into the acid below. Despite being pulled up by a crane, he eventually succumbs to his injuries and dies.

In the aftermath of this, Wilson survives. He’s on a plane, using the inhibitors to stop the spread of infection. At the same time, Claire and Leon reconvene at the White House where Claire decides to spill the news about what Wilson and his cronies have been up to. Unfortunately Leon doesn’t agree and decides to stick by the President’s side.

As the episode closes out, they part ways as this tepid series comes to a rather disappointing end.

The Episode Review

Infinite Darkness bows out with a pretty indifferent slice of Resi action. Although action is probably a strong word for what we get here. Instead, the show has slogged through four episodes of story-based work for a non-ending.

The whole series has been built up like some mundane movie split into four chapters and this ending gives Infinite Darkness absolutely no redeeming features.

The reveal that Wilson is still alive but infected is a good one but also leaves things frustratingly open. By comparison, Leon and Claire parting ways may make sense for their characters but for large swathes of this season they’ve barely had so much as a conversation together.

I get that this is true to the games to some degree but it also feels like a missed opportunity for them both to catch up and give some Easter Eggs for Resi fans.

Instead, Infinite Darkness bows out with a whimper rather than a roar; a disappointing four chapter series that’s definitely not one to remember.

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