Reservation Dogs – Season 3 Episode 8 “Send It” Recap & Review

Send It

In Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode 8, the Rez Dogs undertake a heist. It all starts at Elder Breakfast, where Willie Jack learns from Fixico and Irene about Maximus. Fixico says he always thought he and Maximus would eventually reconcile, and Willie Jack wonders whether all Maximus needs is an invite.

Shortly after, Fixico has a heart attack. The Rez Dogs and Jackie’s gang then enlist Kenny Boy to help them get to the hospital so they can bring Maximus home to see him. They set off on a school bus. On the way, Elora tells Willie Jack she’s proud of her for setting them on the path to do something meaningful. They muse about the importance of keeping their elders close and promise they’ll be there for each other when it’s their time to go.

Once at the hospital, they quickly come up with a plan to retrieve Maximus (although it hurts Kenny Boy and Ansel’s feelings not to be included). And they induct Jackie’s gang into the Rez Dogs with a cheer.

While some distract the receptionist and others cut the phone lines, Willie Jack and Bear find Maximus’ room. It turns out there was no need to break him out; he says he can leave anytime he wants. He simply doesn’t want to, even when they tell him about Fixico.

But Willie Jack won’t have it. She’d give anything to see her cousin again, and with that, she convinces Maximus it’s time to see his cousin.

They check out and leave on the bus. But shortly after, the bus starts smoking. They pile out just in time for the school bus to explode.

Back home, Big questions everyone about what went down. Willie Jack tells him the whole story. Big wants to charge all of them, but Kenny Boy takes the fall completely. “That’s what we do,” he tells Big. “We show up for each other. We’re a community.”

Meanwhile, the Rez Dogs (new and old) are able to be with their elders outside Fixico’s hospital room. Inside the room, Maximus holds Fixico’s hand.

The Episode Review

Here’s an episode to make you laugh as much as you cry. A few things I loved: The Rez Dogs and the NDN Mafia coming together (It’s about time!). Cheese’s “I’m a gamer. I know cables.” The hug! Willie Jack’s heartfelt plea. And of course, Kenny Boy’s speech at the end. I hadn’t given much thought to Kenny Boy as one of the elders, but just like them, he’s looking out for the younger generation.

It looks like it’s Fixico’s time to go, and we’re getting close to the end of this beautiful series as well. Personally, I thought Maximus’ return home would be an order of business for the finale. What do you think the last two episodes have in store? Will the Rez Dogs have to reckon with the possibility of parting ways?

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