Reservation Dogs – Season 3 Episode 4 “Friday” Recap & Review


In Reservation Dogs Season 3 Episode 4, Cheese, Willie Jack, Bear, Elora are punished with clean-up duty at IHS for running away to California (along with Jackie, under suspicion of being a bad influence). Now home, Bear tells his story about Deer Lady only to have nobody believe him. Jackie calls him crazy. But when Bev and Rita watch them talk from afar they assume that sparks are flying between the teens.

Leon, Willie Jack’s dad, offers Elora a job at IHS, thinking she could work her way up to where he is now. But Elora isn’t so sure, as she’s been thinking about going to school. She’ll need records of her shots for her school applications, so she gets them while she’s at IHS. In them, she finds the name of her dad: Rick Miller. The records show that he was 18 when he had her and was also born in Oklahoma.

While Willie Jack and Cheese clean up graffiti, Willie Jack realizes that Cheese can barely see the art in front of him and advises him to go pick up his glasses. When he does, he feels like a new person.

Willie Jack stays behind with Fixico at his medicine stand. Fixico had been predicting metaphorical rain, and now tells Willie Jack that he feels that he will die soon. He doesn’t have anyone to pass on his medicine to, so Willie Jack volunteers for the job.

The Episode Review

First of all, Lane Factor is a national treasure. I had to giggle at his delivery of “Oh wow, you’re beautiful.” And with Cheese being an artist, I’m excited to see what his newfound vision can do for his artwork.

“Friday” may be a quiet episode, especially after the rollercoaster ride that was Bear’s journey home–but it’s a strong one nonetheless, as it leans into the comical even while significantly building toward the Rez Dogs’ futures. Episode 4 hints overtly at where the Rez Dogs will be at the end of the season. And it looks like Elore and Willie Jack will have very different paths.

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You can look forward to a full season review when this show ends!

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