Represent – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Final Hurdle

Eric goes on air to further rub salt into the wounds as episode 6 of Represent begins, saying he wouldn’t prefer Ble over Corinne.

Ble is bombarded by the press about his alleged connection with Lamine. Eric once again manipulates another person for his ulterior motives. This time, it is the police commissioner who falls for Eric’s hollow promises and expedites a request to trace Lamine’s phone. The police find the house where Marion, Lamine, and Mo are hiding out.

They surround it and barge in. Lamine locks himself in a room upstairs and Marion and Mo take it from there. Ble is contacted by Marion and takes off to her location.

His team sets up a Crepe eating event in Normandy, although he hates that particular dish. It turns out Lamine has left his phone in the room and busted.

Marion is worried for him and blames Ble for the condition. She says they were supposed to protect Lamine and not leave him in the lurches as they did. All of Ble’s attempts to calm Marion are futile.

They still attend the event together so that it does not have a bad impact on the campaign. Ble somehow manages to go through all of that but is dealt a blow when he talks to Marion about their marriage.

She has lost faith in him and does not recognise the sweet, simple community monitor whom she married. Mo and Crozon find Lamine and have an awkward encounter with local police that they manage to get through.

Jerome tells Eric to stop his mad pursuit of Ble as all wars cannot be ended at will. They will get him some other time.

Lamine surrenders, just as planned, and Ble makes an appeal to the police to give him a fair trial. Ble goes back home and sleeps alone in his house. In the morning, he rushed to greet the doorbell, only to find that it was Simon.

It is the day of voting and she asks him to dress up for the same. Ble feels he will lose no matter what but Simon tries to encourage him. She says that Ble managed to make the most of this opportunity and spoke his mind – about his beliefs and what he felt mattered with clarity. That in itself is a victory.

After the voting takes place, Yasmine informs Ble that she was the one who made the leaks before round one on all the opposition. She also reveals to him that Crozon has been against him from the start and never believed in the cause. He confronts Crozon but the campaign manager confesses that with time, Ble did change his opinion. That is not enough and he asks Crozon to leave him alone.

The exit polls give a clear idea of Corinne winning the vote. Ble addresses his volunteers and thanks them. He takes the blame for the defeat and is shocked to learn that his parents are getting back in a hilarious scene. But when the results are announced, the ground cracks open wide, it seems. Ble wins the presidency!

Many voters lied about whom they voted for, “once again choosing an incompetent man rather than a woman”, as the disappointed anchor puts it. No one can believe that it has happened, including Ble.

The celebrations kick off and Ble makes his first speech as the president-elect. The focus is on a united France, with all communities and races, lifting each other. The impassioned plea is Ble speaking directly into the camera as if he was addressing us with a message.

The Episode Review

For half the episode, it never felt like that this was the finale. The structure confirmed that the makers were indeed directionless for most parts. Either that or what’s more probable, that they weren’t able to emphatically establish their central conceit to the viewer.

Trying too much eventually proved to be their downfall. The show’s tonal inconsistencies made sure that the finale could not satisfy our need for closure. Things were wrapped up just too hastily without putting in the groundwork.

Ble’s final address did not make much of a difference as its manifestation was too sudden, random, and mismanaged.

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