Represent – Season 1 Episode 3 “Uncharted Territory” Recap & Review

Uncharted Territory

Mo and Ble are at the police station as Represent episode 3 starts. Someone burned their headquarters but the police are not that interested.

Commissioner Feuillet reveals that the surveillance footage cannot be retrieved when Mo remember she installed GoPros all around the office. In the footage, Ble recognizes Desiree’s guys and then confronts him. Ble is shocked to know that his cousin is upset because he did not feel included in his plan.

Andrei meets with Crozon, feigning an interview opportunity on the phone. He knows about Etienne and challenges Crozon to take Ble to Correze to see if he can withstand the “real France”. Also, Andrei threatens to exposé Crozon if he does not follow his instructions. He even offers Crozon a small part on the team, if he can do it right.

The next destination on the map is Correze. People are shocked to see them there but Ble trudges on. Desiree meets Eric and tells him about the fire. Eric says he will get it handled but when he asks for bringing his security guys on board, Eric says it is not possible directly, going back on his promise.

Crozon tries to derail Ble’s campaign by making uninspiring decisions about how Ble is perceived by the public. Crozon also pushes Ble to sing gospel at a church when he clearly cannot. Ble struggles initially but does not give up.

He starts blabbering gibberish and the crowd shockingly joins in. Yasmine looks around confused as well. How is this working! Eric is pissed with Crozon. Ble has turned the tide singlehandedly without even doing it intentionally. Ble still does not suspect Crozon.

The Mayor takes him to a live scene of Herve, a local farmer, threatening to commit suicide. Ble does not want to abandon him as his friend Vegeta too died because of this. Ble is able to get into Herve’s house but the farmer is too morbid to accept Ble’s optimism. But the candidate sinks his teeth in and gradually, Herve turns. He says Ble is “too dumb to lie” when Ble says he is fighting for hope.

Just then, Herve’s favourite sheep goes into labour. It comes as a shock as the vet said she was sterile. Ble helps in delivering the baby goat and celebrating. Herve is arrested and Ble walks out like a messiah with the baby. And then, he is shot by a bigot.

The Episode Review

That ending was quite surreal to see. Ble seemed a Jesus-like figure in that avatar and perhaps that was the intention. Him getting shot was an acceptable cliché that will further turn the tide for him.

The part of his journey of winning over people was too dumbed down in this episode. Very unconvincing, simplistic avenues were written to showcase Ble’s rising popularity.

But that does not take away the charm that Jean-Pascal Zadi instils in his protagonist. His weird-looking face sports a disarming smile that can get him out of any situation. The next-door neighbour vibes are strong and Zadi’s doing a terrific job with Ble.

Crozon is playing dangerously being a triple agent and his time will come soon. He is an important part of the storytelling and it remains to be seen how he will take the next step.

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