Represent – Season 1 Episode 2 “Under Construction” Recap & Review

Under Construction

Well, the video has turned out to be damaging but not as bad as expected. Episode 2 of Represent sees Ble assemble his team and decide on a new headquarters. His cousin Mo is given charge of security; Lamine is tasked with overseeing digital marketing; and Crozon brings some of his recruits as well.

Yasmine will be overseeing strategy and the experienced Didier will handle getting the requisite number of mayors to support Ble before the voting. Andrei contacts Desiree and asks him to convince Ble to step out of the race if he wants support from Andrei for his drug business.

The next task is to decide on a measure as their campaign policy to woo the voters. Yasmine believes it should be something intense, like Corinne did. Ble gets suggestions from various people but remains undecided. Desiree tries to sway Ble from withdrawing but he is unmoved. Andrei tries to get Marion on his side by offering to “take care” of her business loan with municipal aid. The results of Ble’s focus groups place him behind a convicted rapist in the city, according to the moderator. Crozon is called by Etienne Durandeau, who asks about the progress. Crozon once again asks for sponsorships and Etienne is put to work. Yasmine vets Ble’s past and an incident comes out. He might have had sex with a female without her implied consent.

But it is all cleared up when they meet the woman, who reveals Ble started crying when she said no.  Ble comes up with his measure: “Making meals for a steal”. Making all the supply chains local and allowing the French to buy meals from the supermarket without paying for them. He gets his group’s approval and pens this as his main attraction. Marion discusses Andrei’s proposal with Ble. She asks him to accept as she believes Ble will never become President. He retaliates by calling him a sell-out and they have a fight. She communicates the decision to Andrei. Jerome again asks for calm and suspects that the right might be helping Ble.

Ble has 499 mayors, just one less than the number needed. Ble has an idea to as Corinne. He meets with her. Corinne does not like Crozon at all and talks only with Ble. He explains his rudimentary political philosophy and Corinne understands where he is coming from. She agrees to support him and Ble is officially in the race!

The Episode Review

Episode 2 brings the opportunity to get more intimately versed with our characters and the story. At the outset, Ble’s story is that of an underdog going against the powerful. But the focus in the episode was on his past, among other things, which collides with renewed sensitivities about the MeToo movement.

The dirty nature of politics is too simply conceived in the show. The bad and good actions don’t need distinguishing and that is disappointing. Almost all characters seem to bring an additive quality to the narrative except Yasmine.

She is becoming far too toxic in floating her feminist agenda, honestly. The way the writers have overloaded her with ideas gives the show a bad look. The satirical elements remain muted and do not enhance the story. Something needs to change!

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