Has Tomorrow been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Tomorrow is the latest MBC sci-fi flick, one that blends numerous different ideas into an emotionally charged, episodic adventure as Reapers try to stop different suicidal people from ending their lives.

This 16 episode k-drama has been a bit of a turbulent ride over the weeks but if you’ve been following this, you may be wondering if this one’s been renewed or cancelled.

What is Tomorrow Season 1 about?

Tomorrow is the latest Friday/Saturday K-drama revolving around the afterlife and a group known as the death angels. With suicide rates spiking, the team stumble upon a downhearted, rejected guy called Jun-Woong.

After saving a homeless man from committing suicide, Jun-Woong finds himself unwittingly joining the RM Team. He’s soon introduced to Ryeon and Ryung-Gu, two of the death angels on the crisis management team. Their objective is to save suicidal people, but that’s easier said than done.

We have extensive coverage on Tomorrow across the site, including ongoing recaps for all 16 episodes. Feel free to check them out HERE!

Has Tomorrow been renewed for season 2?

Tomorrow has not been renewed for Season 2, at the time of writing. 

The ratings began with a decent 7.6% nationwide but has been decreasing steadily, with rates hovering at around 2.5% averagely in recent weeks. Given this is a weekend k drama up against stiff competition, that’s perhaps not surprising.

We’ll be sure to update this section with more details as they become available.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Most Korean dramas are reserved to one season, with the rare exception of ongoing Netflix shows (Love ft. Marriage and Divorce, Hospital Playlist etc. This may be the case with Tomorrow which hasn’t been confirmed to have a second season. 

We will update this page when more information becomes available.

Would you like to see Tomorrow return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

115 thoughts on “Has Tomorrow been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Tomorrow season 1 has just recently come available to me in the UK, I’m fast becoming a die hard fan of KDrama and this I have to say was one of the most enjoyable series I’ve seen, I was hooked from episode 1, Rowoon with his great personality was perfect for the role, had me laughing and smiling. Please we need more of this series, i want to see what happens next 👌🏻🫶🏻

  2. This was an amazing show with great topics that need to be understood with empathy and heart-rending stories with beautiful life affirming endings. At least 1 more season, half a season…final movie?

  3. Mam nadzieję na 2 sezon. Ta historia jest niesamowita i pełna, ale jest jeszcze wiele wątków, które można a nawet trzeba jeszcze rozwinąć. Proszę, zróbcie drugi sezon ! Fani z Polski czekają na to !!!!

  4. Need a second season…. It’s extraordinary series.. each episode have a unique meaning and every episode gives a hope in pain. So, damn sure. I need a part two to motivate myself and iam huge fan of this series ( tomorrow ❤️🙋🥺)

  5. Cesar is here begin you guys for a big please bring back tomorrow part 2 please is amazing dramatic n real let’s give a second chance to tomorrow please n thank you

  6. I just finished Season 1 of Tomorrow and would LOVE to see a second season! The writing is wonderful and the actors are so amazing!!!! I loved this!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. They should really make a season 2 of TOMORROW it’s been the best kdrama I’ve watched so far please don’t kill the show 🥺🥺

  8. Temporada 2 por favor debemos acudir Neflix todos cuando ponen algo bueno kitan y solo ponen de muerte y juegos que pufff

  9. Please let there be a season 2, I love this show. This show made me get up in the morning and just enjoy watching it.

  10. Absolutely do a second season!! Because it’s episodic there can be at least one more season. How else will we see Mr. Choi get together with the pop star? It has to end with his end of life and joining the team again too! Also coincidentally running into reapers again. I mean if you need story ideas I got a few,hit me up!

  11. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia USA. Just saw the first season and it’s amazing. Beautiful actors all around. Concept is awesome! Please please please bring in season 2 plus more.

  12. I darn love Season 1 is so amazing (wow). I WANT SEASON 2 of this series “Tomorrow”. I loved the overall, inspired, respect, good reason why and excellent inspired. More than 10 stars above…….one of the best stories that I have ever have…… Please mercy…Please Netflix do renew Part 2 and more?……somehow…I fell in love with that TOMORROW. (heartbeat). Please….come back

  13. I WANT SEASON 2 of this series “Tomorrow”. I loved the whole series so much…Same cast in season 2 will be awsome….one of the best stories and different…Please Netflix do renew somehow…

  14. 100% Yes to a season 2. So many ways I can see a season 2 plot unfolding. Stories can be expanded. New characters added. I’m not ready for this one to be thrown in the bin when I think it has a lot more to give.

  15. I have watched this drama over and over again. It’s realistic and the whole story line of this drama is SOOOOO GOODDDD please please we need a season 2

  16. please..please.. give u season 2..3 ..4 so on and so forth… Philippines supports k-dramas badly..plssssssss

  17. I loved this show, it was amazing and I really need season 2 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. This show, OMG.. Leave it to KDrama to take an idea as creepy as Grim Reapers and make it something beautiful and positive. I’m saddened that the ratings weren’t very good, because for me and many others, this show is at or near the top of everything that has come out of Korea. And the cast is perfect! This needs to continue so that it can impact more people. Season 2, please!

  19. This one’s definitely pushing my number one spot for top kdrama, honestly, just top tv show period. The main topic of the show is definitely a heavy one, but also one that is wildly under represented. Suicide and it’s prevention should be something talked about a lot more than it is. It should be something to humble us and to remind us, talk to that person who always seems quiet, say hi to that person you see every morning, be nicer in general to the people around you. Even those who may seem to have it all, don’t just assume. We’re all guilty of that. Looking at the last episode, you see that even someone who seemingly has it all or “is in a position so many would love to be in” can still have the world crushing them behind closed doors. Be nicer to people, even those who seem like they don’t need it. Everyone has a story and everyone has a problem. No matter how big or small it may seem to an outside perspective, that problem exists for that person and it could be more than they are able to handle. The sad part about this show is I do believe it has grounds in reality. Many religions speak of suicide and regard it as a sin that won’t be forgiven. Like the show, in those religions, you are doomed for hell. I think that’s a part of why I connected so much with it. Because it’s a real issue. Unfortunately there’s no RM team in real life lol. There’s no Jumadeung. Regardless, this show was a reminder that people are not immune to soul crushing problems in their lives. Be strong, for yourselves, or for those around you. Be the RM team for them.

    I’m sure I’ll watch it again 2-3 more times in the coming months just because it’s THAT good. I’m sad to hear we probably won’t get a season 2. One can only hope a show this good will come back again some day. Anyways, my fellow fans, hope you all are well.

  20. I would really love a season 2. Tommorrow talked about suicid, which needs more realistic media representation and Tommorrow did an amazing showcasing of suicide. Ryu Choi-hui and Choi Jun-woong make a cute couple and seeing how they end up together will melt my heart. 💕

  21. One of the best kdrama I’ve ever seen. THE CAST, THE STORYLINE, CINEMATOGRAPHY EVERYTHING WAS SPOT ON.
    The story about Choi Jung woong that why he was chosen to heal Ryoun And Jung gil. Why both the characters seemed like they had a connection with Choi Jung Woong? Is he their unborn child? So much more to know in s2. WE DEMAND S2 OF TOMORROW.

  22. It was the best thing i have watched in my life we need season 2 i need to see what will be happening ..

  23. Hello , i want to see the next season of tomorrow I really loved this please i will wait for the next season this series helped me in my life… 🥺

  24. I love this show and it seems like a lot of people to and I would love a season 2 it can’t end like that I wanna see what happens next I looks forward to watch this and I really hope there is a season 2 one of my favorite shows helps me understand why life is to important and to live it

  25. I definitely want a second season to see a happy ending between Ms. KOO and Mr. Park. I also love the performance of Mr. Choi and Mr. Lim . Their chemistry is really good.

  26. A second season would be awesome… it is an excellent k-drama
    So I hope they will make a second season… it is a very good story… please Netflix… opt for a 2nd season

  27. Need season 2, this drama gave so much good impact for those who have suicidal thoughts, it show how you would live afterlife if you commit suicide, one of the best movie i have ever seen in my 28years! I cried every episode, it’s So Good!!!! Now i dont have anything to watch 🙁 need Koo & Mr Park love story. This movie might help people who are depressed. Never seen such a brilliant ideas like this one! Absolutely brilliant

  28. I need to see what happens between Miss Koo and Mr Park. I loved how each episode had a story within a story. The costumes where incredible Please please season 2

  29. Yesssss Please Season 2 is a must. I’m hooked on Kdramas and “Tommorrow” is one of my favourites. Please reconsider. YES

  30. Please renew for a second season! The characters were complex and writing excellent. I laughed and cried. A lot of good messages about life.

  31. I loved “Tomorrow” and all those incredible actors. Please renew and make a season 2 and possibly 3 also! Thank you.

  32. Would love another season such a creative new show. Not just another remake. More Please!

  33. Love this series!!! Please renew. The actor’s gorgeous. Excellent stories. Yes, I too cry every episode.

  34. Definitely needs a season 2. All the characters were great and so good to have kindness as the main objective. There needs to be more of this.

  35. Really hope they will renew it for at least one more season. For me personally, it was one of those where I cought myself at 4 am unable to go to sleep not knowing what happens next, like times when You find a really good book and just can’t put it on hold.
    Whole crew of Tomorrow did a great job and created something, that I can say with ease, was one of the best things i have watched lately. Hope to see them again in next season! 💪

  36. Hope they will. There are quite a few ways to develop the story and the characters, even if the present storyline seems closed

  37. Love this series – don’t want it to end ….
    the characters are so real and you really get into it. the back stories.. everything

  38. I really hope they renew Tomorrow for a 2nd season. They left an opening for it and I really enjoyed the series!! Fingers crossed!!🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  39. Please production of k-drama produce the second season for most watch drama like tomorrow or others famous and top 10 k drama on netflix.. the fans eager to see their favourite kdrama continue not just for one single season.. hope for all kdrama to continue the story for more season. Because fans want it very much

  40. I just finished the season, every episode made me cry, but the story line was SO good. And I loved getting to watch the RM team save people. I would love another season and more .. I need to find out if Mr Park and Mrs Koo happen to work together , and if mr Choi goes on to help others still before he dies and is reunited with the RM team! This is such a great show .

  41. There are so many stories that can be written to keep the series TOMORROW, going for a long time..even more than just another season. There are always bullies, corruption, guilt, murder…..so, many evils. The RM team reminds me of spiritual vigilanties. Saving the weak and meek, keeping hope going. Unless, this story was all about Choi, then the writers have so many more stories to write. Also, the time slot helps to keep a series going.

  42. This was such an amazing show!! The best kdrama my husband and I have seen this year!! Please please please make another season! <3

  43. Tomorrow was a great series and needs a second series there is a lot of meaning and very helpful things in it that should help people with every day life and May I say well written and handled very well you need to be proud of what you have done don’t be one series wonder’s keep up the good work

  44. Absolutely a 2nd season. Script and actors spot on with such sensitive and relative topics which we in America won’t even think about much less write. Props to the writers in handling such difficult and obtuse subjects in a meaningful way. I always get an “Ah ha” moment of enlightenment each episode. Thank you to whomever got this series to be created!!!

  45. Waiting for season 2..hope we will get to see jung woon getting married with the girl from ep 15(p/s i forgot her name)the ending was really a good one

  46. There should definitely be a season 2 it is one of the best korean shows that i have watched in a long time and think it needs to continue.

  47. Yes please of course we need a season 2 it is so addicting and it touches on real life issues and problems but most importantly I need to see Mrs koo and Mr park have a happy ending I believe Mr koo and Mrs park did not get the chance to settle the past trauma that they both shared

  48. This deserves a season 2 you can’t just end it like that Miss Koo and Mr Park needs a happy ending she deserves that much I Love this Series so please I beg give us a season 2

  49. Season 2 and beyond….A MUST HAVE! Absolutely great cast and story lines. Yobo and I cry and laugh a lot. Ending definitely leaves open a segway into a season 2, 3, & 4 easily! And of course the main couple Koo and Park have to finally come together in a good way. Everyone in the show made it back to someone. Even in the afterlife. So it’s only fair and suiting that they make it back together! This is a great drama. But I’m my honest opinion, my top three so far is still 1. It’s Okay Not To Be Okay…. 2. The Sound Of Magic….. And 3. My Name…. But Tomorrow is a close tie with number 3.

  50. I really hope there is a Season 2. Miss Koo and Mr. Park deserve a happy ending! Also, Kudos for bringing a subject to light that wasn’t mentioned in history classes.

  51. Tomorrow is literally the best kdrama I’ve watched in a long time. It absolutely needs a season 2. It needs seasons even after that!

  52. Pls. Air a season 2 . This kdrama is great. Every episode is worth to watch and leave a great lessons that we can use in everyone’s lives. Cast are very great . I really hope there’ll be a season 2 for this kdrama . Please have a season 2 for TOMORROW kdrama .. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  53. I love this show! It really should be renewed for Season 2! I can’t wait for it to come back real soon!!!!

  54. Please renew Tomorrow! The story is so rich and well told, actors have such great chemistry. It seems like Season 1 is only the prelude setting up for the real business of Zomadeng co. in the upcoming seasons.

  55. Please I’m from Australia and I’m white man I watch Korean Drama series and tomorrow series is by far the best I’ve seen, please renew for season 2

  56. Tomorrow is one of the BEST Kdrama’s a I’ve seen. Amazing storyline’s, amazing cast and the episodes had me bawling my eyes out. I really hope they do a Season 2.

  57. This was one of the best K-drama I’ve seen so far.
    I mean, why would it even get 2.5 ratings?
    Rom-com dramas are good ngl… But this one well shows the reality and it deserves more rating and appreciation for giving hope n positivity to those who are struggling in an unseen way.

    I honestly look forward to Season 2.

  58. It would be great if they release season 2 .. I loved the season 1 of Tomorrow …. I like how the pain is used for postive outcomes ❤️

  59. i would love a season 2 for Tomorrow as the season 1 really hit the spot and i would really like to see the outcome of the series

  60. Definitely want a second season. The story line made me cry a lot because the cast was amazing. Please please please bring a second season will like to see more amazing story ideas.

  61. I truly enjoy and love the first season! I would love to see the second season of “Tomorrow” love every show! I eagerly am waiting as I have waited for all season 1 episodes. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. I really love Tomorrow — I am hoping and wishing that there will be more seasons to come. I love how it depicts the current issues that we have not, not only in SoKor. **Fan from the Philippines. 🙂

  63. It would be better if there’s a season 2. This series gave a huge impact to its viewers. Season 2 please!

  64. I love this show and would love to see it for a lot more seasons. This show is great and i love the 5 main characters. Please do more seasons!

  65. Tomorrow is awesome, such brilliant stories and the characters are so engaging – I love Miss Koo, Mr Park, Mr Lim and Rowoon – there has to be a season 2!

  66. I would like a season 2. I like that there are different, individual stories across the main storyline. It leaves room for many opportunities in the development of the main characters.

  67. I would love a second season. I was adopted from South Korea to an Irish American family. Just started watching Korean movies and K-dramas a few years ago. This is one of my favorites. I never watch these if I have to wait, I did with this.

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