Will there be a Through My Window Part 3? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Through My Window Part 3

Netflix has no shortage when it comes to releasing original romances, be it in the form of TV shows or movies.

While teen romances are pretty normal and expected, the fact that this movie is backed by a lot of sexual content and nudity, putting barely any focus on the story, makes it scandalous and thus pretty popular.

After watching how part 2 of the erotic teen romance plays out, you may be wondering if Through My Window will be coming back with a third instalment. Here’s what we know.

What is Through My Window about?

Through My Window follows the romance between Ares, an heir of the Hidalgo family, and Raquel, her next-door neighbour. While the Hidalgo’s occupy a large mansion by Raquel’s house, the two end up interacting with each other after Ares hacks into Raquel’s WiFi and learns that she harbours a crush on him.

This film takes place one year after the events of the first movie. Ares and Raquel try their best to make a long-distance relationship work.

However, with distance and time between them, the two are not able to keep up with each other’s lives and their respective grades start to slip. There is trouble in paradise when Ares comes home for summer and the two learn that there is much more than just actual physical distance that came in the way of their romance.

Ares is the typical playboy who eventually ends up committing to a monogamous relationship with Raquel. However, the movie ends with Ares moving to Stockholm where he’ll study medicine.

Will there be a sequel to Through My Window: Across The Sea?

Based on the ending and how popular the two movies have been on Netflix, we know for a fact that Through My Window will be renewed for a third part.

Part 2 of Through My Window ended with a ‘To Be Continued’ note which confirms the fact that the movie is going to be renewed for a third instalment. We also know the title too, which will be set for Through My Window: Looking At You. In terms of a release date, expect around a year turn-around so it may well be in 2024 when this one drops.

What could happen in Through My Window 3?

Since the movie ended with Ares going back to Stockholm, it is possible that he will only return back to Barcelona after getting his degree in medicine. With Raquel’s manuscript for Through My Window being taken up by the publisher, it is not unlikely that she’ll turn into a bestselling author. Moreover, there is a lot of unresolved drama between Claudia and Artemis which could be explored in the upcoming film.

With Yoshi’s death, it is likely that Daniela changes her ways and stops seeing Apolo for good. Apolo’s sexuality was a plot the movie barely explored in Part 2 and it is likely that this will be looked at in more detail in the third instalment of Through My Window. It is also possible that Ares and Raquel finally find their way back to each other after college ends and they blossom into adulthood.

For now though, we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for us next.

Would you like to see another Through My Window sequel? What did you think of the previous movies? Leave us a comment with your thoughts below. 

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  1. Please let Ares marry rarchel and take back too Stockholm with him Please Please

  2. Please let Ares and Rachel stay together. They make an amazing couple. Their story line would come full circle from kids to adults. Totally worth the ride.

  3. Please let Ares and Raquel get back together and please do something more with Yoshi’s death. Like it can’t be over jus like that, he was supposed to be Raquel’s Best-friend and future husband and now he’s jus gone😢. And please keep Apolo and Daniela together they are great for each other. Jus why did Yoshi have to go?!🥺

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