Has The Man Who Fell to Earth been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Man Who Fell to Earth is the latest reboot, complete with a literal mystery box and some intriguing ideas.

What is The Man Who Fell to Earth Season 1 about?

The main story revolves around an alien who arrives on Earth with a mission – find the one woman who can help save his species.

Adopting the name of Faraday, he teams up with Justin Falls to try and save his planet. Only, in order to do so they need to save Earth first.

Has The Man Who Fell to Earth been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Showtime has not renewed The Man Who Who to Earth for season 2. Showtime’s track record is a bit hit or miss for these sort of shows but we finally have confirmation… and it’s not good news.

Despite the ratings indicating that this sci-fi thriller was growing in interest over the weeks, (gained by tvseriesfinale) Showtime have decided to pull the plug.

We actually predicted earlier this year that this would be one of the surprise renewals but it seems we were way off the mark with that! You can actually read the full article about this HERE

What we know about season 2 so far:

Not much is known about season 2 at the time of writing and unless another network decide to pick this up and revive the show, it seems like this is game over for the Showtime remake.

We’ll be sure to update this section with more information as it becomes available.

Would you like to see The Man Who Fell to Earth return for season 2? What’s been your favourite part of this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

66 thoughts on “Has The Man Who Fell to Earth been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. I was heartbroken when I realized that there was no plan for a second session. I would rate this series as being one of Showtime best show ever produced. If HBO, Netflix, Disney or Amazon Prime were looking for great
    Revenue producing content, I would suggest that they take a close look at “The Man Who Fell To Earth”.

  2. I saw the original” Man who fell to earth” and I’ve got to say that I like what the writers have done with this one. It’s slick, witty and makes the viewer more comfortable with the idea of aliens on earth. I really hope there is a second season two, it’s like my favorite ice cream, I just can’t get enough.

  3. TI loved this series and can’t wait for the second season i really enjoyed seeing Faraday adapt when he arrived. I thought it so funny when he was drinking the water from the hose and the cops found him w the hose way down inside him. My favorite part though was when we realize the first alien had been in charge this whole time. Also I wonder if this story line and the og movie weren’t based off of the valentines Thor conspiracy. I’m a Believer and wonder if our government or who evers in charge feeds these ideas through entertainment are just preparing us for the return of these aliens who helped ous thousands of years ago. And ps who ever commented as common sense is a jerk and way to critical. I loved how he called the girl pupa and her calling him larva. Yes at some point he learned the word child and her actual name but it was an endearing nickname and us humans use nicknames all the time. Also I thought the dialog was witty and funny and other good things; I loved when he’s on stage saying they think him Wonka up to his gobstoppers in secrets. I’m sure that was my favorite line! So please to the powers at be continue this story, I’m really looking forward on seeing it played out. It would b a smack in the face, to the fans who loved this, to end it now.

  4. I really didn’t think much of this show from the trailers but when I finally watched it I know it got to have a sequel . This show could go a long way if the producers keep it going. I don’t ever post about TV series but after seeing this I’m a believer.

  5. I can honestly say that this is the FIRST series I’ve binge watched from start to finish! Clamoring for more! Bring on the Deuce!

  6. Yes and yes to season 2!
    Great cast and who says our planet wouldn’t welcome illegal aliens…

  7. Please give us a Season 2. At a time when it seems we have lost so much humanity, this series is rich with it, and with hope. The cast is amazing. I adore Chiwetel Ejiofor in this role. This series is such a gift.

  8. I would absolutely love for this amazing series to continue! It’s rare to get such quality acting, a great storyline and beautiful cinematography all in one place. I’m waiting with baited breath for season 2!

  9. Please bring on Season 2. I really truly enjoyed the show. We need to know if the two worlds will unite and so much more. Season 2 please please.

  10. This was, by far, the best television I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite episode because every single one made me laugh & cry without fail. I fell in love with Faraday, & Justine, her Father & the larvae too. I’ve had a crush on Bill Nighy for years so there’s that. I was hooked early on in the 1st episode & now that it’s over I feel like an unfulfilled junkie. Please give me more.

  11. My husband and I really enjoyed Season I. Excellent story that was beautifully acted and very timely. It would be a pity not to renew this project. From the quality of the story line to the scenery, photographers, music and special effects all were outstanding. We are of the older generation and realize that this kind of quality is rare and doesn’t happen often, therefore, we hope it will be more of it in the future.

  12. Favorite part, from an environmentalist perspective, is the 2030 deadline. From a political perspective, the arms race predictions by Hatch. Humanitarian perspective, the refugee crisis and race wars that will unfold when the Anthians arrive. These are ALL real things happening on earth, now, without alien involvement! Why are we more comfortable talking about these issues when it’s fictional sci-fi?

  13. One of the best shows on television right now today. Please please please come out with a second season!!!!

  14. Yes! Showtime has a winner here. Definitely complete the series with a second season.

  15. Everytime a good series comes on they only have one season or they make you wait two years to have the next episodes, by that time you you’ve forgotten what it was about. The man who fell to earth is excellent, please make the next season.

  16. I will be very upset if there isn’t a 2nd season!!!!
    This is a great Sci-Fi Show!!
    There isn’t another one like it.

  17. Thought it was really solid. First episode blew me away. Overall one of the better series I’ve watched. Would not put it as best series ever though…although best sci-fi series ever..maybe. Expanse (less the aborted ending), re-imagined Battlestar Galactica and the visual masterpiece Arcane would give it a run for its money though. Let’s see how it fares if there is a second season. Acting really stood out for me. Thought casting choices were mostly excellent. A little strangely, felt Kate Mulgrew was maybe the weakest. Just a disconnect between actor and writing maybe. Jimmi Simpson is severely underrated as an actor. He can play such a menacing character yet appear to be so unexceptional. Overall, just fantastic.

  18. The man who fell from earth was the only reason for me to subscribe to showtime. I think the show is fantastic I hope the renew the show for season 2.

  19. I loved this series and just checked for a season 2. Like everyone else has said it was a great series to watch every Sunday and the finale deserves more. We deserve more 👏👏💯

  20. Tremendous storytelling. A great intelligence of science interwoven with a moving plot.

    The characters were well developed.

    Please Renew.

  21. Bro no cap bring me a season 2 or black Twitter will find a way to shut showtime down for good. You’ve been warned. No but fr this is gold with diamonds sprinkled on it. RENEW IT my boy!

  22. Loved the series. Hated the unfinished ending. I don’t mind limited series. But a limited series has to wrap up in a way that allows the viewers to feel an know the story conclusion.

    I cancelled showtime. Would keep it for this series as it became the only show I watched.

  23. I subscribed to ShowTime just to see The Man Who Fell to Earth series. Excellent storyline! The actors and actresses were outstanding!!! Absolutely fell in love with every episode. Come on ShowTime, please renew!

  24. This is the only show I’ve seen on Showtime since American gods. So I subscribed and was not dissatisfied or disappointed. I will keep my subscription if they bring on or they find another show as epic as the man who fell to Earth.

  25. This was the best series ever and I have watched a lot of TV in my 63 years. Please bring give us a season 2..

  26. I am 69 years old and have loved movies and science fiction forever. I was wondering if there were ever going to be any more truly facinating movies or shows with great scripts, plots and actors.

    I was really losing hope.

    Thank you for presenting the series, The Man Who Fell to Earth. It is excellent. I finally have something to truly look forward to on Sunday and you have renewed my hope in movies.


  27. I’m suspending my subscription a of today.I only purchased it in order to watch this series.Nothing else on here interests me.If there is a season 2 I’ll return to view it.

  28. Please come with season 2!! This is a great show to watch during this time 💯 you took American Gods which was fantastic by the way so give us something!!

  29. OMG just viewed the season fianle!!! Please give us another season!! I really need a win Showtime, you didn’t renew American Gods so give us fans a win here!!

  30. This is an AMAZING SHOW! Great writing, characters, keeps you on the edge of your seat! PLEASE MORE!!

  31. Great great show. Actors are phenomenal and love the profundity of much of the history and dialogue…MUST HAVE SEASON 2

  32. What no one is saying is that it’s extremely annoying that we the viewers invest our time and pay money to watch tv series which is then not renewed. In fact it’s infuriating. Don’t air series on tv if you are not going to allow people to see it conclusion. All tv companies are interested in is ratings which equals profits for their investors… what about the time and money we the public have invested? Time and money we could have invested into something that saw complete fruition, i.e., getting to the end of the story… obviously your ratings algorithm is only geared toward satisfying your investors pockets only without a thought to satisfying your viewers need to see something to full conclusion. Just go online and see for yourself how many tv shows end on season one… perhaps we the viewers should wait until all of the series and seasons have been released before we the viewers waste our time watching something that leaves us hanging. So yes, series 10 and season two is something we the viewers demand for the valuable time and money we’ve invested; or eventually people may find you unreliable and simply black list your production company and refuse to watch anything you make in the future…

  33. Well I was about to purchase a subscription to Showtime just to watch the sensational program The Man Wo Fell to Planet Earth! Now I’ll wait to see if the program’ 2nd season gets renewed but found out its up in the air! Hope you are listening Showtime!!!!


  35. This is sci-fi at it’s very best. It would betray the art of this genre and be very bad business not to finish what was started. Bring on season 2.

  36. I hope that the show is renewed for a second season. All of the actors are phenomenal. The storyline is strong along with all of the characters. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a second season.

  37. The plot, characters, writing are excellent in this Show. We certainly hope it will be renewed for at least another season. With the premise & storyline it has the potential for even more than 2 seasons.

  38. The Man Who fell to Earth is an intriguing and riveting series with precision acting at all levels of the cast. It is an outstanding example of what good writing and an excellent cast can accomplish when given an opportunity.
    It is the only show I have made sure not to miss an episode of. Outstanding show with much more life in it. Do justice to it and give it another season. Please?

  39. OMG Bring it On Season 2 is a Must
    As a matter of Fact I would love if Showtime could do 2 episodes each Sunday for the Second Season – it my full joy Each Sunday
    Thank you showtime for Airing this ‼️‼️

  40. Please renew for Season 2! Find the characters and cast excellent. I’m enjoying the unique story unfolding and definitely feel it warrants continuing. episode 6 was amazing. Feel interest will definitely build as the story unfolds.

  41. Yes!!! Must have a season two!! The show is gifted with amazing actors and would be a disservice to us as customers to not have closure!! Like a good book / I want an ending!!!!

  42. To end the season without finishing the story is inexcusable!!! It’s what I looked forward to on Sunday night. What mastermind decided not to complete a “limited series”??? I was dumbfounded when I turned on the television ; for the first time today, and couldn’t find it. Ok, the last episode was a real cliffhanger Wasn’t expecting a second season but that would be Great.Learning season 2 is not guaranteed has me really pissed right now. GET IT TOGETHER SHOWTIME

  43. Definitely needs another season to conclude the series! How can you leave viewers hanging! The actors and storyline are great! Come on, give us what we want!

  44. Really hope you renew for season 2 to finish the storyline. This is the only show I watch on showtime. Excellent characters! It’s not often I find a show that has characters that are all interesting. I love the twists and turns in the story! Keep this one please!

  45. Please renew as season 2 and beyond, The Man that fell to earth, is the only reason why I pay for Showtime, I wake up looking forward to the new episodes. This is the best show I’ve seen in a long time. Please renew

  46. I’ve told my friends and family about this show after finally deciding to watch it. I could stop watching. End it like this and Showtime execs will miss the opportunity to build a following that will yield a crescendo rating result.
    Also putting a few spots out wouldn’t kill you either. But what do I know, I’m just a consumer.

  47. You have to do more! It’s not often I find a show I enjoy, this is one! Anytime I do find something, it’s never renewed!

  48. Great storyline!!!!…actors and actresses were outstanding!!! Loved it…loved it! Must have part Duece closure! Can’t wait ! AWESOME!!!

  49. P.S. David Bowie would have wanted this series to end gracefully . . . just saying . . .

  50. Yes, yes , YES !!!
    The original, The Man Who Fell To Earth was inducted into the Criterion Collection for a reason: it was and IS a supurb piece of cinema. Do NOT finish this series without a second season to finish the legacy !!!
    Thank You

  51. You need a season 2 to
    close it out. If not, I will be hesitant to watch other series you produce.

  52. I prefer limited series so there is a guaranteed ending. As it stands now, there is no conclusion and I will be really annoyed if this is it.

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