Has The Lincoln Lawyer been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Lincoln Lawyer is certainly not going to ignite the law drama world but Netflix’s 10 episode romp certainly has enough in the tank to make for an enjoyable watch.

Despite wrapping everything up nicely, a teaser for a potential second season may leave you wondering if a sequel has been green-lit.

What is The Lincoln Lawyer about?

Mickey Haller is a brilliant defence lawyer who has had a year off thanks to a bad accident and an addiction to pills.

When his old colleague Jerry is shot dead in a parking lot, Mickey is surprised to learn Jerry has handed over the keys to his law practice (and all the subsequent cases he was working on) to him.

The most notable case here is one involving a hotshot game developer called Trevor Elliott. Accused of killing his wife and her boyfriend, Mickey scrambles to learn all the details of this murder, especially when it’s revealed that those same shadowy forces that killed Jerry could be coming for him too.

We do have extensive coverage for The Lincoln Lawyer across the site, including recaps for all episodes and a full season review. Feel free to check those out HERE!

Has The Lincoln Lawyer been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, The Lincoln Lawyer has been renewed for a second season! Given the ending, that’s perhaps hardly surprising.

Generally Netflix gauge numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate. With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars) Other times, it can take months before Netflix make a decision over a show’s future.

So far, The Lincoln Lawyer has had a pretty mixed reception from critics but generally favourable from audiences, which would explain why it’s been renewed so quickly.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 2 at this point, given Netflix have only just green-lit a sequel. Expect the story to add more context to Cisco’s deal with the bikers, Lorna’s law school drama and the identity of that shadowy man with the tattoo on his forearm.

In the meantime, we’ll have to look forward to when season 2 drops on Netflix in the near future!

Would you like to see The Lincoln Lawyer return for a second season? What did you think of the ending? Will all the characters return for a follow-up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

81 thoughts on “Has The Lincoln Lawyer been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Terrific show and cast. Interwoven storyline kept us eager for next episode. Please renew it. I have never read the book or seen the movie but my husband and I loved this show. Lots of threads left hanging. Pleeeeze

  2. We absolutely loved this show!!! Couldn’t get enough of it. Great story lines, fantastic cast, really need more of it!!! Netflix you MUST renew 💙

  3. My husband and I enjoyed season one immensely! Anything by Michael Connelly is great. PLEASE RENEW!

  4. My husband & I couldn’t eat dinner fast enough so we could watch the Lincoln Lawyer…it is so well written…captivating.. Telling all my friends to tune in & enjoy. Can’t wait for Season 2
    Sharon & Mike

  5. Can’t imagine a show as well done and interesting as this will not be renewed. Hope the second season can be half as good as the first…

  6. Long-time Connelly reader here. And I really like how this Netflix series adapted his Haller stories for TV. So yes of course, I vote for more seasons!

  7. Love this show. Binge watched first season in 2 days. The actors are great, storyline great. Please renew this show for a 2nd season and, hopefully, more.

  8. I loved The Lincoln Lawyer! I have read most of Michael Connelly’s books and this show makes the characters even more exciting. The cast is great and the writing superb. I watched it all in 2 days and want more. I have already talked about it with friends and family. Please bring on season 2.

  9. This show is great!!Followed the book very well acting was superb David Kelly shows never disappoint Please renew as real good tv is hard to come by

  10. Loved Lincoln Lawyer!! Mickie Haller is great! Hope there is a second season. The story had crime, romance, and characters with drug addiction who are in recovery and everyday struggles. It left me wanting to know more about the characters; They all have a story to tell!

  11. I couldn’t stop watching. I watched it all in a day. It is a great watch. It’s very underrated for.sure. I pray Netflix comes back with a second season

  12. I loved the series from Netflix called Lincoln Lawyer. The story line was strong and it flowed well from episode to episode. The writers were very talented and kept my interest. The plot never lagged. The best part was the cast. I loved the cast.
    Netflix – Please renew for Season 2 and beyond!

  13. Loved the show binge watched all 10 episodes. Loved the characters and definitely hope there is season 2 and beyond.

  14. Loved the show! Crazy decision if it is not renewed for more Seasons, not just Season 2!

  15. Loved Lincoln Lawyer! Hope they get renewed. Cannot wait to see another season, no, seasons!

  16. Not many shows get my attention to binge watch.
    This one Did for sure. I wouldnt be eriting this if I didnt want more.
    Really can not wait.

  17. I just found this series today and watched all 10 episodes already. I always love finding new series on Netflix or prime but I hate when I have to wait almost a year for the next! The best is finding an amazing series that have a few seasons and then the newest season comes out right away

  18. Love this show!
    We just binged watched the whole series in 2 days!! I hope Netflix renews!

  19. Loved it! Big fan. Reading one of the Lincoln Lawyer books and saw the original movie with Matthew McConaughey. This is better. It should be renewed because there are too many loose ends and story lines to continue.

  20. Awesome show with great cast! Binged it all in a day. Especially love the main character’s sweet relationship with his cute daughter. Please give us a Season 2!!

  21. Excellent series!!!!! Great story line! Perfect cast members! Hope to see a second season

  22. Just watched!! Love the series. Love the actors who play the characters!! Please renew!!

  23. One of my all time favorites! Could not wait for the next episode! Cannot wait for Season 2 and more ! Lead actor and the rest are superb actors along with the non speaking roles and extras The writing and Directing are beyond Excellent! Thank you for a Marvelous Movie ! Sincerely Jerry L Abrams

  24. I definitely love watching it season 1 and I’m definitely hoping and praying that there is a season 2. I loved all the characters I love the dramatization I love the ending which is making me hope there’s a season 2 because I will definitely watch it

  25. Excellent series . Actors, characters, plot, production quality. Every episode held my interest, and when it ended, I checked immediately to see if there is a Season 2. When I first saw David Kelly’s name attached to it in the opening credits, i expected the best, and season 1fully lived up to my hopes. I recommended it to a couple discerning friends who watched immediately & had my same reaction .
    This is a winner that merits additional seasons.

  26. Loved the Lincoln Lawyer, binged watched the whole season, was so drawn into it with the twists and turns that kept me engaged, couldn’t stop watching. Great characters, great cast, great writing. Loved the movie, but I think I love this tv show more, I really hope that season 2 is coming, and many more seasons, I really think this show could be one of longevity, quality show.

  27. My husband and I loved “The Lincoln Lawyer”, so much so that we binge watched the entire first season today. Actually, we just finished. I loved Matthew McConaughey in the movie version, but I have to admit I think I like this one even a little better. Netflix … Please give it a season two!!

  28. Excellent show with great storylines, intriguing characters, and strong performances. I watched Season One in 24 hrs and look forward to another season soon. Please renew this show ASAP!!

  29. Great Season 1…Definitely will pass the word along to friends..would like to see where some of the main characters go in a Season 2

  30. Really loved the Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix. Loved the cast. It was perfect. Netflix would be crazy not to renew it for a second season and more seasons after that. It was a winner for Netflix.

  31. My wife and I binged this series over 2 days. Loved it and bit disappointed no season 2 planned. Liked the teaser at the end. Created some good characters.

  32. Good plot (with a twist), interesting courtroom scenes and good acting; definitely binge-worthy and certainly left me wanting more seasons-ASAP!

  33. My wife and I tuned into season 1 episode 1 of Lincoln Lawyer to see if it was as good as the books — which we have read avidly.
    We are completely hooked and binged out on all 10 episodes in 3 nights!
    We look forward to a season 2 enthusiastically.

  34. We loved season one of The Lincoln Lawyer. It kept us engaged and waiting to see what the outcome would be. Please bring it back for season two 🙏🏼

  35. I loved Theis series! How could they not make another season? Come on Netflix! Keep on with this excellent series! Commit now before you lose some of your stars!

  36. I enjoyed season 1very much. I watched all of season 1today. I was hooked! I am disappointed that season 2 is up in the air! I would love to see more. Excellent acting and great actors!

  37. This show was great. I wished it was longer. Please renew for multiple seasons. It will be well watched. Great work on this one netflix…especially when you need some new content worth binging!

  38. Yes I love this show please have season 2 3 4 5 even up to 10 season. This is as good a show as Yellowstone

  39. Season two would be fabulous!!
    Great show ~ excellent main characters
    ensemble …!!!

  40. I loved the show. I’d like to see season 2 since the last episode leads to a 2nd season. I did guess stuff and was happy to be right, like the magic bullet. But what threw me was that the judge was involved … what a terrific plot twist !!

  41. I would LOVE to see not just a second season, but several. Bosch was a hit and so is this.

  42. I really enjoyed this drama and really love to see more. Netflix this is one of your great picks.

  43. Yes please a second, third, fourth seasons etc. great story line, sexy as all get out, easy to set and watch all episodes in a season at one time. Please, please, please.

  44. Yes, I would like to see this show continue. Great cast and courtroom scenes have always been my favorite.

  45. Enjoyed this show. Some of the dialogue hard to understand some of the actors need better projection if a second series is planned

  46. I watched all episodes in one day. Great storyline and alot of great acting. I hope it comes back for a 2bd season

  47. Definitely would like to see more of this show. Great cast, good story line. And he is cuter than “Lucifer”😍

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