Has The Lake been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

The Lake is the latest comedic drama on Amazon Prime. With 8 episodes and a super simple premise, this one is very easy to watch.

If you’ve finished watching this, you may be wondering if this one’s been renewed or cancelled. Well, read ahead and we’ll let you know what we know so far about a renewal!

What is The Lake Season 1 about?

The story here is pretty straightforward and revolves around two central characters and their estranged relationship – Justin and Billie. Although one could argue it’s as much about Justin and his step-sister Maisy-May.

Anyway, Justin takes the summer to connect with his teenage daughter Billie whom he initially gave up for adoption. This trip to the lake is just what the doctor ordered for them to reconnect.

At the lake, Billie meets the gorgeous Killian, who happens to be the son to Victor and Maisy-May. Maisy-May is actually Justin’s step-sister and their sibling rivalry immediately ignites from the middle of the first episode until the final chapter. The prize here stems from their father’s cottage.

We have coverage of The Lake on the site, including a full season review of season 1! You can check that out HERE.

Has The Lake been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Amazon have renewed The Lake for season 2. Given the open ending, that was perhaps unsurprising. Amazon have a pretty good track record with renewals, although this series has released right alongside The Boys and The Summer I Turned Pretty, which are attracting a lot of attention.

Not only has The Lake been officially renewed, but filming has also finished on season 2 as well!

Comedies tend to do quite well with renewals at Amazon, with Upload and Fairfax the two notable series that have been renewed in the past. And with that in mind, I guess we can add The Lake to that list now too!

We’ll be sure to update this section with more details as they become available.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 2 at this point, although as mentioned above, filming has now finished on the follow-up. It wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility to think this will be released in 2023. Specifically, released around April-June on the calendar seems the most likely.

Are you happy to see The Lake return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

54 thoughts on “Has The Lake been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Loved this series! It has so many nuances that a lot of people do not come in contact with usually! Please renew! The actors were all great!!

  2. Loved this series! It has so many nuances that a lot of people do not come in contact with usually! Please renew! The actors were all great!!

  3. I absolutely loved The Lake! I even made my husband watch it thinking he would hate it but he loved it too!!!
    This show needs to be renewed!!!

  4. Yes! Season 2. I would love to see Maysie and Justin find their common ground and resolve their childhood. I’d love to see the relationships grow between Billy, her birth parents and her parents. It was a great show and I was pleasantly surprised to see just how much I enjoyed each and every episode and character! Please renew!!!

  5. I can’t wait to see who the choose to play Mimsy! I think if they choose well, she could make the second season even more interesting than the first (and I loved it!). I also hope they keep Riley! I loved Opal, and the quads, and Ulrica! So many interesting characters! Bring on season 2!

  6. This show was insightful, honest, funny and heartbreaking. Such great writing and acting.

  7. Bring The Lake back for season two! This story is funny and heart warming and grabs you slowly until you are totally invested in the unique plot line.The beautiful lake becomes another character in the series. Besides, how could you go wrong with Julia Stiles!

  8. i watched all episodes last night, very enjoyable and addicted, please renew and bring back for a long time

    i loved it

  9. Most definitely need more! I’m patiently waiting to lmao! Loved the 1st season so much I watched it again! Justin is hilarious and Maisy’s character as a mean step sister is just the icing on the cake! Add Billie in there as a adoptive daughter with more sense than the dad is fantastic! I need to see where this goes! It can’t end like this! The Lake reminds me so much of our summer vacations to the lake at our campground. Games, parties, hookups, FUN FUN FUN!

  10. Loved it!! Binged season 1 and eagerly awaiting season 2!!! Loved the characters, setting & story. Fun!

  11. 😬 spelling mistakes above. I was so excited about this series lol should be Birth daughter NOT north daughter and should be Ontario NOT o radio

  12. Yes please! I watched all 8 episodes back to back! I love the story about Justine reconnecting with his north daughter and I loved the comedy and sarcasm! Please bring another season or more! I also love that it is filmed in o radio where I am from! The rivalry this season from Justine and maisy-may!! Imagine what they could do together to take down mom/stepmom lol

  13. Very good season 1. Would love to see a season 2. Characters are all great and relatable. Can’t wait to see what happes next summer on The Lake!!!!

  14. Binge watched the first season and am wanting more. Bring on Season 2! Our world needs a little more comic relief right now and this series takes us away for a little bit. We need season 2!!!

  15. Loved this show. I watched all 8 episodes back to back. This show deserves another season.

  16. This has to renew for another season!! I loved it. Plus I love Julia Styles!! Everyone must see this.

  17. Yes!
    I binged on it all day Monday….I would love a season 2….3….4….
    The characters are enjoyable to watch ….and we live on a lake too…love this show!

  18. I love this show. I will be crushed if I dont see them fight together against the mother/stepmother next season.

  19. Ok I really enjoy The Lake very funny, the sarcasm on point. Best sibling rivalry ever.Horray for season 2

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