Has The English been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Hugo Blick’s The English, a BBC and Prime Video western drama miniseries starring Emily Blunt and Chaske Spencer, captivated many viewers with its sweeping drama and gripping revenge plotline.

If you’ve already finished the historical series, you may be wondering if it’s going to make a return. Has The English been renewed for a second season? Here’s what we know:

What is ‘The English’ about?

The English follows Cornelia Locke (Emily Blunt) as she travels to Wyoming in order to kill the man responsible for her son’s death. On the way, she meets Eli Whipp (Chaske Spencer), a Pawnee ex-cavalry scout looking to claim a piece of his Nebraska homeland.

The story alternates between their journey and the challenges faced by Englishman Thomas Trafford (Tom Hughes). Trafford attempts to make it in America by cattle-ranching, but faces sabotage at every turn.

We have extensive coverage of The English across the site, including our extensive episode recaps.

Will there be a season 2 of ‘The English’?

At the time of writing, The English has not been renewed for a second season. Given that the show is structured like a limited series, it will likely not be renewed.

The English has had good reception from audiences and critics, however. If it’s profitable enough, BBC and Amazon Studios could potentially partner with Hugo Blick again for another season.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Nothing is known about season 2 yet, as BBC and Amazon Prime have not green-lit a sequel. 

While we don’t think The English will be renewed, there’s still potential to further flesh out the historical series. If it is renewed, the show could follow Eli or Cornelia in years before the time skip at the end of season 1. Or perhaps a second season could introduce new characters.

As mentioned above, we predict that this will not be renewed but we’ll be sure to update this page in the future when more information is known!

Would you like to see The English return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

91 thoughts on “Has The English been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Why would they not make another season! Outstanding in uniqueness and creativity. Superior in all aspects!

  2. So many choices so much disappointment.But this series is a winner. Season 2? Howsabout… season 3..4..etc.

  3. Oki
    I am Blackfoot/Seneca

    English is so far of what I have seen is a touch of someone’s Genius.
    Not much these days touches me to the extent of disturbing my emotions, yet the song he sang when they parted in Episode 2 touched my soul. As soon as I heard that song, I knew the ending and yet someone who wrote this finally developed a brain. I would definitely support more seasons and consider whoever is producing this an idiot if it is not continued.

  4. My wife and I just love The English series. We have watched it twice already. Would be great having at least one more season, ….please!

  5. This show was so good! One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. Would love to see more like this. The acting was very good. In the writing very good also. Please give us more shows like this. Not everybody wants action movies full of cussing.

  6. Great Show, it definitely needs to continue. So much better than many shows that already have multiple seasons. Don’t let fans down!

  7. I watched the whole series at once! Absolutely loved it! Will be rewatching it with my husband; this time enjoying the scenery, music and tying all the loose ends together. Appreciate the story line, the reality of how the Indigenous people were unfairly treated has long been hushed or ignored. Please bring on a second series!

  8. Outstanding standing series great portrayal of the American West would love to see a second series

  9. Hollywood could learn a lesson from this show and producers. I watched the first few episodes of many series and stopped before I stumbled on The English. Lots of garbage out there. This was art.

  10. This series needs to continue. Too little written and portrayed about Native American peoples and the immigrants that settled the plains and the West. Most Americans only know about Northeastern settlements and history. In order to live honestly in United States we have to see the mistakes that were made in the past and not repeat them.

  11. I would like to see another season. Great actors, acting and story line. I was also impressed by the historical references regarding the Wyoming and Colorado history, ie: Fetterman, Colorado Volunteers raid on Sand Creek under Col. Chivington. Well done

  12. You must do another season, Mercury is not a cure but there can be a long remission, and from here the story can continue into a season 2

  13. I absolutely loved this show and so did my 82 year old mother-in-law. I have been hoping they would figure out a way to continue the show. I loved the two main characters and could see ways to continue…but I also think they could incorporate Thomas and the widow whose cows were stolen in a relationship. I’ve already watched it twice and will probably watch it again. I see things I missed each time. Shows like this are very rare!!

  14. Yes… A very compelling drama with multiple plot lines with 3 different contrasting cultural ethnicities. While it is definitely a magnificent portrayal of historical fictional the series alludes to the tragical reality of the American west and the end of the 19th century. The characters are as dynamic as the magnificent scenery and cinematic vision. The English has all the elements of a classic Greek Tragedy and it would be a shame to have it fade away after only one season

  15. Yes, indeed. A second year of episodes has already been set up and I believe nearly all viewers missed it! Go back and watch the last part of episode 6: the scene where Cornelia if gifting the bird skull to White Moon. Eli is standing there, observing it all! When the camera pulls back and you see White Moon taking the skull, take careful note that for about 2 seconds the viewer is looking through cloth that surrounds the camera lense. That IS Eli!

    I suspect that the storyline does not have Eli and Cornelia apart for very long. He decides that he would rather die along with her (and contracting syphilis as well!) than live a longer life without her. Now that would be awesome!

  16. I absolutely love this short series. Best western I’ve seen in a long time. I hope there is a second season.

  17. I have watched nothing in 30 years this magnificent! From the beginning to the end a poignant love story amongst the horror of greed in the American West.
    I would love to see a second season but only with Chaske Spencer and Emily Blunt as Eli and Cornelia. There is huge potential for more to the story, through ongoing correspondence as they tell their their back stories and updates of life since parting. This is a story of true love.

  18. Best western I have seen in a long time great story and action I would love there to be a second season but if not thank god for Yellowstone. If you have not watch 1883 you need to such a brilliant realistic show!

  19. A second series would only work if it pursued what happened to Eli. The lovely character of Cornelia is already explained as she had Syphilis which was, in any case, incurable at the time and it was in the fourth stage where organ damage would have happened so she would die. That was made clear when she met White Moon at the Wild West Show several years later and gave him the bird’s head stating “take it whilst it mine to give”. It would be sad to see it made into a soap.

  20. I absolutely loved this series. Seemed historically accurate and true to the plight of Native Americans. Blunt and Spencer had chemistry and played their parts so well. Wish it could have ended with them together. But would love to see a season 2.

  21. I had to watch the entire series in one sitting I couldn’t get away from it it was absolutely exquisite. And yes definitely a number two just so long as it’s as true as this one was to each other. Loved it

  22. Great story and characters. Visual effects were great. Would like to see a second season with the same characters.

  23. Do not make another season of The English. It had a fantastic arc — a beginning, a middle, and an end. A story well written, well acted, and well told. To try and get another season out of that would ruin the arc. There isn’t anything more to *this* story to be told.

    But this production company could make another, different story of the same period, or earlier or later, with a different tale to tell. Just as 1883 is related to Yellowstone (and much better to my eye) but NOT Yellowstone, there could be a related but NOT The English series.

  24. I want you to make another seas. But am afraid that it won’t be done as sincere and bold. Don’t make it if you can’t keep the love and wisdom of the story going. It will be a waste of money bc no one will come back if you can’t keep true to the 1st season

  25. Yes to season two! I really enjoyed the first six episodes and I’d love to see it filled out. So nice to see a mini series that draws one in and has a certain realism to it.

  26. Yes, I love the realism and the story. I can’t believe it hasn’t already been renewed! Can’t wait for season 2!!

  27. Near the end in episode 6 where Eli holds his arms out for Cornelia has to be the tenderest love scene I have ever seen. So beautiful and gentle and so powerful.

  28. My daughter told me I would love this show and she was right!!! It was amazing!! Please bring on season 2.

  29. Loved the premise of a love story, history, ruthlessness, family, humbleness, brutality, respect, so many qualities written into this script.
    Performed beautifully by Blunt and Spencer. The chemistry between them could equate to other actors Spencer and Hepburn, such dynamic performances.
    Most definitely would welcome a season 2.

  30. Best series ever. Fascinating. Both Eli and Cornelia totally absorbing. No wasted words. No wasted moments. Logical outcomes. Nothing false. Scenery beautiful. I am going to watch it all again. Puzzled about the young man at the end.

  31. I really enyoy watching the English, with Eli n Cornelia
    I sure hope it returns for season 2, such nice story line, I wanted it to continue, I sure hope it happens

  32. As all above, I also would like to see more of Chaske Spencer’s and Emily Blunt’s characters. No production has had such an impact on me for years/or at all. If they keep this going, however, they should do it very carefully to NOT ruin the impeccable effect the first season had. Like one more adventure and then ultimate end/don’t lynch me…. :). Cheers.

  33. Want to know if Eli ever gets his 60 acres. It was such a wonderful sad beautiful love story. The series was all class. I would like to know if they ever met up again. Surely they kept in touch. This is how this series makes you feel as it was so great. Maybe. something could be created like a Christmas special?

  34. The absolute best western I’ve seen. Captivating, exciting, and sad with incredible characters portrayed by exceptional actors.
    It would be a huge mistake not to continue with this story line. The opportunities for continued great writing are abundant. Please

  35. Best western series I see in a long time. I crave for more series. These two main characters were phenomenal. It would be a tragedy if there are not more of the same. Thank you for giving us a chance to make our thoughts known.

  36. Decided to give it a chance glad I did. I got hooked. Yellow stone couldn’t keep my attention. This series needs another round!!!

  37. I have actually watched the entire show two times, and have spontaneously jumped in to various episodes because I can’t seem to let either of the lead characters just ride off into the sunset. Emily Blunt and Chaste Spencer are brilliant! They create a very palpable bond that fills my heart with love and hope. It would be wonderful to see a second season of this show, but only if it featured Emily and Chaste. No other actors could develop the intensity that they create.

  38. Yes would like to see another season. Some of the best dialogue between two people from such different backgrounds. Simple yet depth was beautiful!

  39. Yes, we need a second series to reunite Eli and Cornelia and give them a chance of happiness together. Blunt and Spencer were excellent with real chemistry and could carry an extension of the story. The first series just left us wanting more.

  40. Yes, definitely A new season would be wonderful I love Eli and I love Cornelia I think it’s her name What I would also like is for the screen to not be so black in some of the scenes. there was so much I couldn’t see. Please bring aseries 2.

  41. What a spectacular and brilliant series. BRAVO. Such a love connection was so refreshing to see on the screen, the photography and music splendid. Bring them both back, there are 13 between when she dies.

  42. Found by accident but thoroughly enjoy this series hoping it continues into many more seasons. Love period based shows. Another great one that was disappointed in not seeing anymore was “Jamestown ” Critics don’t always get it right but agree with the public here. Public loves these type shows.. Plz renew this Amazon & BBC. Mr. Spencer and Ms. Blunt are great actors and performance is award winning. As well as supporting cast. Bravo!

  43. These people have said it all, I too would love to see another season. Surely it had to be profitable, there has not been another western this good since Bonanza.

  44. I liked it a lot, but as a senior citizen, i didn’t follow some of the content. Is this a senior moment thing or what? eg who was the boy in the final episode? Was her her son from her union with Eli, or was he the boy she saved from the Buffalo Gun?

  45. I agree with all of the above comments. Blunt and Spencer are both phenomenal and the chemistry is Amazing. They both need to be brought back and reunited. I grew up watching westerns and this hands down beats all of them! Dare I say even Duke movies?

  46. Better than Yellowstone 1883 (And I thought IT was good)! It’s like a good book you cannot put down. Please consider a second season (and More)!

  47. I absolutely LOVED all 6 episodes. PLEASE let us have another series. The acting, scenery, costumes, storyline were all amazing. Cornelia and Eli MUST be reunited somehow!!!! There is a time gap of 13 years between the last scene with Cornelia and Eli and when she meets White Moon in Windsor. Surely we can fill that in?

  48. What a series! So many cruel twists but stellar performances from Blunt and Spencer. Surely we could pick up Eli’s story again and Cornelia’s recovery (miraculous though it would be) to enable a reunion. Please? Bravo.

  49. I fell in love with this series. It was wonderful. The actors, cinematography, direction and script were amazing. I really need the second season.

  50. I’m not a traditional western fan, and yet some of them get me. This one – is the epitome of what this genre should be. I love the rawness and realness of it all. The cinematography is phenomenal. The acting beyond superb. The tension palpable. The script is perfection. The grief and emotion so exquisite.

    I am deeply hopeful that this will carry forward and there are so many stories that could keep unfolding and being told.

    Yes please – 100% – BRING IT ON, WE WANT MORE!!

    They will have a loyal following for any more seasons they’d like to produce.

  51. This is what you want a western to be. This is what you want to see regarding Indians; white mean the brutality of both without soundbites. Just the reality of it all. Please bring back both Locke and Wipp into this dusty harsh land who together would make it better. Bravo Blunt/Spenser!

  52. Spencer & Blunt have more chemistry in thier pinky toe then other characters in any other show. Including Yellowstone. Where has Chaske Spencer been before? A most quietly charismatic performance by both with a wicked ensemble.

  53. Better than Yellowstone. I’d like to see it continue. So many villains and just unusual “characters”. A very emotionally consuming series with great acting. Bring it back.

  54. Excellent writing and acting; beautiful filming. By far the best series I’ve seen in a long time- especially In my search for good westerns. There is so much talent in every aspect of this series. Please, please please let it continue….

  55. I loved the series..love love love the characters..i could not stop watching.
    .love Eli and Cornelia..but i want her cured

  56. Loved it! I want More! It was written well but cut short leaving a lot left to be learned, seen and said by the characters! Needs to be a second Season!!! It’s disappointing that someone with so much talent to write this didn’t carry it through and left fans hanging for more!

  57. It’s a great show there aren’t many westerns left anymore. It makes me so excited to see each episode. I don’t want to stop watching it the excellent series don’t want it to end please it’s so good. And the actors are fantastic. Please keep this series going please

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