Has Tell Me Lies been renewed for season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Tell Me Lies on Hulu aired its much anticipated and shocking finale. The way things have ended is beyond anyone’s expectations. The show had a unique way of feeling viewers very bleak and frustrated. Yet, the demanding nature of the story made sure we kept up with the high-intensity drama unfolding at Baird college. Going by the response and reception, season 1 seems to be a great success. But what next?

If you’ve been following this one, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or canceled. Well, wonder no more! Here’s what we know about a renewal:

What is Tell Me Lies Season 1 about?

Season 1 mostly takes place in the year 2008 and focuses on college students at Baird College. Freshmen Lucy, Pippa, and Bree mingle with a particularly popular senior group. Lucy attracts the attention of Stephen, a mysterious looking senior with a reputation for being “indifferent”.

Their universes collide in explosive fashion but the death of Lucy’s roommate Macy brings forth lies and secrets that these people are not that good at keeping. The season progresses around this group of college-going students who discover their individual paths in life and the changing landscapes of the nature of their relationships.

Has Tell Me Lies been renewed for season 2?

Hulu has only just confirmed that season 2 will definitely be happening! renewal with given any confirmation as to a possible second season. Showrunner Meaghan Oppenheimer and cast members – including van Patten and Jackson White – discussed their ideas about season 2 in a recent exclusive interview with Screen Rant.

There are certainly a lot of juicy gaps to fill given how season 1 ended on a drastically absurd cliffhanger. We all expected Diana to accompany Stephen in those last minutes but it turned out to be Lydia. The wild twist certainly cannot go unexplained.

As someone who has not read the book, the guess is that those in this category might be wondering the same thing as well. How did Lydia and Stephen even meet? Did Lucy ever reveal Stephen’s secret to the world? From the looks of it, she most probably should have. The frustrating yet irresistible toxicity on display came to a feverish conclusion with the finale. There was no way any of us saw that coming.

What we know about season 2 so far:

One of the best parts for both the viewers and the makers was how season 1 ended. The fashion in which it did allows the entire cast to come back to reprise their roles.

Although it is already very concentrated, new additions cannot be denied. After episode 1 and before episode 10, everything took place in the form of a flashback, and all of the characters, except maybe Drew, made it through to the forward timeline. The probability of a second season happening are extremely strong, despite the mixed response from audiences. Hulu will make a decision in due time, perhaps a couple of weeks from now, as it has with other original series.

Remember, the season was not billed as a limited series, which is a huge positive in its possible renewal journey. For now though, we can confidently say there will be more of Tell Me Lies in the future!

Would you like to see Tell Me Lies return for a second season? What did you think of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  2. This show should definitely be renewed. There are missing questions to be answered. I would love to see how they would put it together. Season 1 was 10/10. A few striata I definitely saw coming, but not Stephen ending up with Lydia! Clearly Lydia’s family is rich and they must have been able to benefit Stephen in his law career. What I don’t know or would guess is there was still hooking up going on with Lucy and Stephen in the 4 years between the end of the flashbacks and the engagement dinner… otherwise why would she not bring Max?

    I’m still very invested in these characters, but also Stephen and his guy friends are seniors so how would they bring them back into the college fold with the girl? I just don’t know, but would LOVE to see it done.

  3. I watched Season one in a day.. very disappointed there was no season 2 , but at least I’ll get some sleep now!!! 😂 Great series. You would be crazy not to bring it back.

  4. Absolutely renew this show! My obsession weekly right uo there with other Hulu series this one is a must without question so I am not why we are even discussing this

  5. Hulu.. what are you thinking?? Please please please renew the show, literally every episode had me wanting more, I see major potential for this to be a multiple season show! Think bigger don’t settle and compare episode 1 or other show’s Tell me lies has full potential… storyline how Lydia and Steven meet, that’s just the beginning what about how many times he cheated on dianna or did he still have a relationship possibly just sex with Lucy?? Think big picture, also what happen with drew did he Committ sucide or what? Does pippa ever find out that Lucy write the letter? And most important what happens with Evan and Lucy after the one night stand? Does bre know or find out? Pippa should!! I need season 2 in my life…

  6. Please renew this show!! Too good to leave it on such a huge cliffhanger. So many ways this story can unfold. Can’t imagine anyone not liking this show!

  7. Yes, bring it back for another season. I’d like to know what happened to Diana and Stephen’s dysfunctional relationship. And what was Loose Lucy’s life like without toxic Stephen? How did Pippa and Wrigley recover from an all but destroyed relationship? What became of little brother…suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, some other misfortune? Does the bride know that and whom her groom slept with the day she left for summer break? I’d like to know whether most of these characters ever get their acts together. Please don’t leave me hanging!

  8. I don’t really watch tv and happen to come across this show one evening and have been HOOKED ever since. Please let there be a 2nd season!

  9. I love, love this series. Great acting along with a phenomenal story line. Lucy and Stephen have such chemistry. I need second season! Please bring it on!!!!

  10. Yes PLEASE air a second season of “Tell Me Lies” it’s the best series on Hulu since “Big Little Lies”. That’s saying soooo much! I’m addicted already & tired 🥱 of watching season 1 over and over…. I feel like there’s so much more you can do with this storyt! Please don’t make us wait…. Renew!!!!

  11. YES!!!!! So many unanswered questions!
    How did Steven and Lydia even meet?
    What happened to Drew – he was talked about in the first and last episode in the past tense?
    Does Bree find out that Lucy slept with Evan?
    Does Pippa become gay?

  12. Please please bring us a season 2 ! Luv luv this show at least give us a ending don’t leave us hanging!

  13. Yes please !!! This was such a suspenseful show and so many questions after that last episode !!! We need more 🙂

  14. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!

  15. Yes, we need a season 2! Fabulous writing, Fabulous acting! Alot of what has happened, I experienced back in college days! Very crazy! Love all of it! Many of my coworkers are watching it as well! Thanks for great entertainment! Let’s go season 2!

  16. Yes, definitely we need a season 2!
    On episode 10, I just knew Stephen was driving the car when Macy died. He is such a narcissist He didn’t even attend her funeral, right?
    When will Lucy wake up! For that matter, did will his first girlfriend who gets him the paralegal job…

  17. I hope so. This story line is so real. At any age level, smart, strong women can become so blinded by love/lust, without realizing they are being manipulated and controlled. The toxic relationship ends up changing their values, morals, self respect. Very good series.

  18. This is the Best show in the world !!!! That better be a season two. Who should I be blowing up to make sure there’s a fucking season two????? I need more

  19. I loved Tell Me Lies. Please renew so I can see how Lydia and Stephen ended up together. Plus, I really want the truth to come out about Stephen driving the car when Macy as killed.

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