Has Summertime been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Summertime is an Italian teen drama, with simple episodes, lots of character issues and plenty of sun, sex and sand to soak in across the 8 episodes. Running across 3 seasons, this show has been consistent – albeit at the expense of predictability.

What is Summetime Season 3 about?

Summertime Season 3 includes all the usual drama between the different characters we’ve come to love, including Ale and Dario who set things off with a big fight over their respective directions in life. Dario is eking out a living as a delivery driver but Ale believes he’s wasting his life. So naturally, he turns to performing.

Summer and Ale remain on the rocks, having lost the spark that ignited their relationship in season 1. It’s not until episode 6 this year where that’s given some closure, with a fitting (and gut-wrenching) conversation showcasing just far the pair are on different wavelengths.

Instead, Ale’s main drama here stems from making amends with Lola, especially after her big accident at the end of season 2. Most of Summer’s drama centers on love interest Luca, while Dario and Rita face the usual smattering of problems in their relationship. There’s also Sofi, Edo and Blue who have their drama to help pad out the chapters.

Overarching all of that is the ongoing feud between Summer and Sofia, who fell out big time in season 2.

We have coverage for Summertime across the site, including a full season review for all three seasons. Feel free to check that out HERE!

Has Summertime been renewed for season 4?

At the time of writing, Summertime has not been renewed for a fourth season. It was always the intention to wrap up this production across three seasons, with the show following Federico Moccia’s book trilogy. The final book, “Three Times You”, closes things out nicely and as such, so too does the show.

Given the nature of that ending, we’re pretty confident in saying that Summertime will not be renewed for a fourth season.

We’ll be sure to update this section with details over the coming weeks and months when we know more!

What we know about season 4 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 4 at this point, given Netflix have not green-lit a sequel. The conclusion does wrap up all of our characters and their storyline though so it’s fair to say it’s probably not going to happen.

If Netflix do decide to renew this, expect more of the same, with a heady cocktail of teen drama, melodrama and drinking to pad out these episodes.

We’ll be sure to update this page in the future when more information is known!

Would you like to see Summertime return for a fourth season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

82 thoughts on “Has Summertime been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Summer and Ale forever! Please bring back a season 4 at least, Their story needs to continue, they were meant to be truly. There’s much more depth in their story than any other.

  2. Please could we have a Season 4 Summertime, Season 3 was so disappointing. Summer and Ale are made for each other. The chemistry between them both looks so natural. I love a good love story and they truly loved each. Lola on the other hand is manipulative, there is no connection between her and Ale at all. They look more like brother and sister, than partners. Give us more passion, which Ale and Summer definitely have, please don’t break their love love. Ale will regret being with Lola, all she brings is sadness, she’s far to needy and she should find someone who generally loves her. Ale feels guilty because of the accident but that shouldn’t make him stay with her. Ale and Summer are destined to be together forever (passion, friendship, laughter, trust, understanding, chemistry, kissing, they have it all). A&S 🙂 yes, A&L 🙁 no.

  3. I absolutely love Summer and Ale together. THERE JUST HAS TO BE A SEASON 4. We get a chance to see them and thriving together.

  4. I think there should be a Season 4 and 5 of Summertime. Lola wasn”t honest to tell Ale that Summer still had feelings for him, How does Dario”s Night club go? Sophia and Summer go to Australia but does Summer run into Ale there?Does Dario get married?What happens when Summer and Sophia go to Australia?Does Blue find love? Will Edo get Julie back or find another love for life?

  5. One last comment Ale need to learn how to be alone he said he was going to be patient with Summer but instead he found himself back with Lola very weak! Lol

  6. Okay so here’s my two (2 cent) I really love this show , I love summer and Ale! I watched this show over and over at work at night I’m a night nurse and I watch it over and over with tears in my eyes for the love that they had for each other I hated Lola at one point lol, but I understood that summer was young she was only 18 and there was life to explore and she also wanted to travel so in my heart at the end when they came together and he said to her I knew you would come I felt there would be a season 4 where as he traveled around the world , or wherever he was going then there’s somehow they would meet in the middle of her traveling with Sophie and some maturity would kick in on Summer’s part to be the woman that Ale needs. So please season 4 is very much so needed, a long season 4

  7. Agree with all the comments… very disappointed in the ending which tells me this isn’t the end! Seeing two characters from different backgrounds have a deep, passionate and love connection was so refreshing to me. The ending was too typical. Loved the tender moment when Ale was holding Summer’s baby brother. The on camera passion and connection between Ale and Summer felt so real. I want more…

  8. Yes, I agree season 4 is needed so Summer and Ale can be together. Lola’s character is irritating and she seems selfish and doesn’t Ale. Disappointing ending.
    Also who is Theo? Is he a child of Summer’s parents?

  9. I am a mature woman who loves love stories. I hated this ending. The story should have ended with Summer and Ale together. The ending left me sad and confused. When did she come back for them to be holding hands? There has, no must, to be many more seasons left. I invested too much of my time watching to see a unfinished story! The show does not close out nicely!!!

  10. I put off watching this season because I just felt they would disappoint me and not being Summer and Ale back together for good, so said so done. Tired of Lola, the only reason I kept watching was to see Summer and Ale reconnect. Unbelievable. And what was the hand holding at the end? Was that before he left? So confusing. So over shows these shows and how they write.

  11. Everyone saying Ale deserves Summer… BS She deserves somone so much better that helps her achieve her own goals and find passion in something else other than being someone else’s shadow… Ale is very immature, cannot even make a living on his own and it’s not empathetic to others…. Thanks but no thanks

  12. Absolutely we need a season 4! The beautiful connection of Summer and
    Ale should be the ending or the real beginning because they have grown, gone separate ways but only to find their love again.

  13. Yes, yes Season 4 needed. This ending was horrible. I went straight to the ending. Only to learn Lola ended up woth Alw. Just crazy. Bring Season 4 so yall can give these lovers their due. Ale n Summer… let’s do this.


  14. Summertime needs to continue. Is a must watch for Season 4. Ale and Summer deserves each other. Lola should find herself another Man. Ale and Summer love was beautiful from the beginning and it should continue to the end. Ale has to come back for Summer.

  15. I thought I was crazy for not liking Lola and Ale together. I mean on paper they seem great. Both have similar interests and both are interesting characters in their own right. But together they just felt wrong- incomplete almost. There was a deeper connection between Summer and Ale. The fact that she even took him to go visit Lola after the accident knowing full well he had feelings for her(Lola) and was there to support him at his lowest moments.
    I don’t understand how the writer and even the producers overlooked this. Summer and Ale have always been there for each other. From S1, we saw how he helped her rebuild her relationship with her Dad. Likewise in S3 when everyone wanted nothing to do with Ale, summer was there for him. And still love him during his darkest time. what has Lola done other than using him or competing with him to advance her dream? Don’t get me wrong, she is fierce and passionate and it explains why Ale is attracted to her. But that is no real basis for love and building a romantic relationship. Their relationship has always seemed so one-sided.
    Anyways, I hope they bring season 4 and recorrect this mess. Why start something so great just to end it in that way?

  16. There should be a season 4, this can’t end like this, Summer genuinely loves Ale, I believe he loves Summer also, they should have ended up together. Lola should of mentioned she went to see Summer and what she said. I am disappointed with the finale. A season 4 should fix that!!!

  17. I don’t like subtitle movies but summertime really got to me and caught my eye I enjoyed the storyline and all the characters especially Summer and Ale’. I did not like the way Lola stepped in and separated them they do not make a good match summer and Ale’ make a much better match. I would really love to see season 4 and maybe even season 5 and so on
    I could not get enough of this show I am really disappointed that it has ended
    I really hope the writers take notice to all of these messages and let us have what we want!!.
    I usually do not give comments but in this case I have made an exception.

  18. I love summertime and I wish it would come back for a 4th and 5th season at least. I was really disappointed to know that there was only three seasons I was able to escape in that show and I am really rooting for Summy and Ale’ to get back together. Because Summy loves him so very much still. I did not like the way it ended. Hoping for a return and a different ending.

  19. I am an adult and I love summertime and I am looking forward for season 4 you can’t leave us hanging there should be a better ending for Summer and Ale please we need 4

  20. Summertime needs a 4th and 5th season it’s really a good love the music and characters

  21. Yes, season 4 is needed! Will Ale and Summer ever get back together? What about Ale racing again? What about Summer’s mother? Blue will be older now and starting her relationships with other more. Please have season 4, I love the scenery and the characters.

  22. There should be a season 4 I want to see what Dario does with his club, and if Summer will ever start performing, will Sofi become a successful photographer. Will Ale and Lola come back or what will they do. I want to see how Blue develops in a confident young lady. What will Edo do now. Who is Summers dad’s new girlfriend how will she deal with his family. Season 4 season 4 YES!

  23. I would be extremely disappointed if there is not another season! This show is too good to end like this–Summer & Ale belong together!

  24. Yes… please continue for more seasons. Ale and Summer belong together! There is more to everyone story… more summertime!!!!

  25. I enjoyed watching Summertime on Netflix I like when Summy and Ale we’re couple. Because the two of them in love with each other. I did not like they were separated Because of Lola she told Summy Ale need be with someone who’s gonna love him and to stay away from Lola ask Summy we’re she in with Ale and didn’t answer her. Summy felt like Lola should not ask her that about her and Ale. Lola she just wonna sperate Summy and Ale I did not wont to see Lola and Ale together on the show That’s why Summertime need to come back I did not like the show end The writer need 4th and 5th Summertime For Summy and Ale to get back together again I liked to two together on the Summertime Show They was in love seasons 1 2 3 please bring Summertime back to Netflix l am waiting for some more come please continue the seasons Thank you

  26. I was very disappointed that Ale and Summer didn’t get back together.Ale needs to know what Lola said and did to Summer.I know once Ale finds out the truth he will dump Lola and return to Summer as it should be.

  27. I really didn’t like how this series ended. Sumy and Ale should have ended up together. They clearly still love each other. Also, I really don’t like Lola at all, not one bit. I feel completely disappointed like I wasted my time watching this series with the crappy ending. It honestly made me sick and upset and it needs to be fixed with a fourth and fifth season. Please bring it back.

  28. I agree with everyone, can there be a happy end for once in a series? at least one more season so ale and summer can finally have their happy ever after.

  29. Yes we need a 4 !!! Watching everyone change during the season ! Please give us more !!!

  30. So we all agree that there needs to be at least 2 more seasons. These last 3 seasons were amazing, the story is addicting and there were so many cliffhangers in the season 3 finale. Season 4 I neeeeeeed Ale to find out what Lola said to Summy in season 2 when she was going to meet ale in Barcelona before Lola opened her big mouth. Ale will flip on Lola when he finds out and then I need the progression of ale trying to win summy back, for good this time! Even if it skips 2-3 years in the future after they both have traveled and grown so nothing can hold them back. Team ale and summy ♥️.

  31. I want not only season 4, but 5, 6 and more. This series makes me dream of a carefree life, love, travel, summer, friends, partying.

    And Ale and Lola are so cute together.

  32. Well.. so disappointing. Really Lola is only with Alex for a chance at his father to race again. This story made me lose hope for love. EDO and Julia broke my heart but Summer not being with Ale has my heart smashed. Bring on Season 4 please repair my broken heart.

  33. It was very disappointing the way the show ended in Season 3. Summer and Ale should have ended up together. He should have not ended up with Loyla. Please have a season 4 and get Summer And Ale back together

    Ale and Summer is in love. Lola only want Ale to keep him away from Summer.
    Ale and Summer has real love and suppose to be together.
    To the writer rethink the ending, SEASON 3 can’t be the end.

  35. Love this show. We definitely need a Season 4. So much more to explore & discover. Summer & Ale belong together

  36. We need another season… I feel like they didn’t wrap up any lose ends. We were left hanging.

  37. Season 3 – disappointed with the ending. Lola was conniving and persuade Summer to dump Ale, even though she knew they both loved each other. Ale should of been told why Summer ended their relationship. There is true chemistry between Summer and Ale but with Lola, most definitely strained. Netflix please have Season 4, to reunite S and A❤️

  38. Season 3 very disappointed with the ending. Lola was conniving and persuade Summer to dump Ale, even though she knew they both loved each other. Ale should of been told why Simmer ended their relationship. There is true chemistry between Summer and Ale but with Lola, most definitely strained. Netflix please have Season 4, to reunite S and A❤️

  39. Summertime needs a Season 4 since this ending was both bootleg and predictable! This Season was good but Ale should have gone off in the Sun with Summer! Lola’s is ok but not for Ale! U all need to go back into the drawing room and come up with something better for Season 4! Thank You

  40. loved Summertime – just like the other comments Summer and Ale need to be together over the three series I watch closely Summer and Ale and it is quite clear these two do love one another but as the other comments suggest Lola is not the one of Ale – I pray and hope that there will be a series 4 and Summer and Ale end up together with maybe a cliff hanger Summer is pregnant for Ale?

    Please please Netflix let there a series four

  41. we really need a season 4, Ale and Summer need to end together this was so sad.
    Lola kept interfering and influence Summer behind Ale’s back, i Don’t like her.
    why why this sad ending I was so in love with this couple netflix please fix this mess.
    Ale and Summer together

  42. Pls season 4..this cant be the end because summer and ale hsve to find each other again and i want ale must find out what kind of snake lola is and im actually angry with sammy too why didn’t she go with ale the time he asked het to stay with him in Barcelona sothat lola could’ve see true love?so yea there must be a season 4 and 5 we want to see sammy,s profession after stydingand we want to see their kids also

  43. Geez!!! The reviews say that ending had the loose ends tied up nicely. Apparently that’s the way the book ended. Who cares how the book ended. It’s a stupid ending. The whole story is pointless if they don’t get the protagonists back together!!!!!!

  44. We need Ale and Summy back…they obviously love each other. But Ale is too blinded by Lola to realize it. ( by the way if there’s a season 4, DONT BRING LOLA BACK!!!!!!!)

  45. We need a season 4 it doesn’t feel done. Summer and ale are still in love and they need to find their way back. Lola was the selfish one and doesn’t deserve it.

  46. I want it to be as many seasons possible I luv ale and summer please if you do bring it back let them stay together ❤

  47. I really loved this season. I really think their should be a season 4 for sure 100 percent didn’t end well at all summer was very sad bring on season 4

  48. Summer n ale are the best couple this show has. I watched season 3 to see them be back together. There is a spark when they are together. Give them their happy ever after

  49. I would love a Season 4, 5, 6…..I love this show and there are so many different storylines still left to do so many things with. Don’t leave us with this disappointment of an ending and brick us back the show we love!

  50. Yes would love too see season 4 of summertime!love the show and characters that play in it!so please let it come back on and Thanks as I realy enjoy the show!

  51. Seriously can’t stand Lola. She got in summys head and got her to break up with ale for her own benefit and is still a conniving ass. And then plays all her pity parties. Puke.

  52. Season 4 …is needed and Summer needs to find happiness and Ale needs to know the truth

  53. I was truly hurt the way this story ended. Ale and Summer belong together. Lola tried to hurt Ale because he loved summer and still they put them together. Why not do a season 4 and let the story be a real love story for Ale and Summer and all the fans that have waited a year to feel good. Season 1 was a feel good story even though he went to race. we had hoped when they got together again after the wreak If anybody sailed away it would have been Ale and Summer. I was so upset over the ending i couldn’t sleep. and I am not a teenager, i am a senior.

  54. WE NEED A SEASON 4 we need more of Summy and Ale I wasn’t satisfied with the ending and I needed more, I need a happy ending with ALE and Summy, we Summy to find happiness, the ending made me sad thinking the show ended like that renew for season 4 pls!!!

  55. I was so disappointed in the ending 😰 I really wanted summer and Ale to reunite she can not move on as she is truly inline with Ale…. Lola should have told Ale.

    Please make Ale and Summer Reunite ❤️

  56. I was truly disappointed with the end. It was all about Summer and Ale. Why can’t Summer get her happiness. She always seem to have to sacrifice her love. Definitely needs a Fourth season.

  57. It should have a season 4 the story hasn’t finished yet. I love summer and ale

  58. I love these comments all true season 4 please !!!!!!!!!!! Ale and Summer wedding and a perfect ending for thier fans😊😊😊😊😊

  59. Summertime needs to continue ! Ale needs to find out Summy loves him and lo lo is a snake !!! Sofie needs to confess she loves summy and move on . Sofie needs to fall in love with Dario! That would be a surprise lol end it with summer marrying Ale give the viewers the love story we want !

  60. It was disappointing that Ale and Summer did not get back together, it was clear that they were truly in love unlike Lola keep interfering and influencing Summer behind Ale’s back.
    Very disappointing end…

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