Has See been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

See is one of Apple’s flagship shows, mixing up the world of dystopian thrillers with a predominantly blind cast of characters. Except for the people who can see. Go figure! If you’ve finished watching this one, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is See Season 3 about?

See Season 3 picks up where the last one left off, with Baba Voss off in hiding. However, a brand new warmonger by the name of Tormada brings him out of hiding. Tormada has created some devastating bombs and threatens the future of Paya.

While Baba Voss heads back home to try and turn the tide of war, Maghra struggles with her role as ruler while Sibeth Kane continues to stir up trouble.

We have extensive coverage on See across the site, including ongoing recaps, which you can find HERE.

Has See been renewed for season 4?

At the time of writing, AppleTV+ has not renewed See for season 4. Given Apple’s track record for renewing a lot of its shows, it’ll be interesting to see if they do renew this one. Now, the third season has been branded as “The Final Chapter” so one would assume that this is it for See. At least for Baba Voss anyway!

Both critic and audience reviews have been pretty mixed for this, although the ending does go some way to wrap everything up neatly.

Given the way the final episode pans out (no spoilers here don’t worry!), we predict that See will not be renewed for season 4.

What we know about season 4 so far:

Not much is known about season 4 at the time of writing, given this one has not been renewed. Despite Apple’s great track record with renewals, we’re predicting that this isn’t going to get the greenlight for a follow-up.

It’s likely that Apple will make an official announcement several months from now about the future of the See world, as we could well see a spin-off or even a prequel depicting the downfall of humanity. We shall see!

We’ll be sure to update this section with more information as it becomes available.

Would you like to see See return for a fourth season and beyond? What did you think of season 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

69 thoughts on “Has See been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:”

  1. There is so much more of this story to be told i really hope they continue it it is one of my favorite series of all even though baba voss has fallen his legacy endures and cgange is coming change takes time so the story can continue. Thanks for making such a great series.

  2. I need to know more!! Please 🙏 You can’t just let it end like that! Every time there’s a good series it always gets cancelled too soon. All while they continue to have season after season of drawn out needs to end shows.

    I was hooked from the trailer, instantly!! On the edge of my seat, binged watching all 3 seasons. Please even though Baba Voss ( yummy Jason Mamoa) is no longer. The other characters were amazing and interesting to continue with seeing their stories continue. I need to know what more is out there.

    Come on man…. Pretty please make a season 4 at least and some how end it there if you really have to. But don’t leave it like that. What about Wolf??

  3. “See” has a great opportunity to return, yes without Jason Momoa, but with a new story. One, I don’t believe has been fully realized in our modern iconic library of stories. “See” could explore a return from the apocalypse of the world as we knew it. What might it be like to climb, once again, out of the dark ages into a new life? maybe with a wiser population pitted against one that lives in the dark? The show peeked at this idea, I can’t help but think that someone over there at Apple+ is not considering this possibility.

  4. I cried when Baba died. I love this series it’s the best I have watched in a very long time. There are so many ways to continue this world. Season 4 or a sequel or prequel is definitely a must. Come on Apple give us our “SEE” fix.

  5. I love the show. There is much more they can do. A spin-off from the final scene with all the sighted people would be great. Also a prequel coving the virus hitting an what lead to where they were at the beginning of season 1.

  6. COMMON Apple!! Dont end this series!!! My family loves the show!! Bring new characters and spend more money like HBO does for GoT and HoT D!! “See has so much potential to go to 8 seasons!!

  7. Please continue the story…………..I would love to see what would happen in another season or a spinoff……

  8. Since Baba Voss is dead, for the story to make sense, a sequel can be shot by telling how people are shaped so much without seeing and Baba Voss’s life before he was married.

  9. Removing Baba Voss was the biggest mistake apple made it’s like hbo when they removed Ragnar in Vikings in season 4 . Truth be told Sibeth Kane and Baba Voss were the characters who stir up this series. Anyway winding it up will be a blow to us we want to see more it’s like the story begins we want to see what will happen to kofun after becoming blind . The fight between the sighed and the unsighted how long will the truce between the trivantes and the payans last ?? Will Tamacti and Maghra become two love birds?? SO PLEASE apple DON’T DARE TO LEAVE US WITH SUCH SUSPENSE WE LOVE THIS SHOW IN FACT THIS IS THE BEST I HAVE SEEN THE STORY IS DOPE ITS CHARACTERS ARE THE BEST WHY SHOULD YOU WIND IT UP?? COME ON GUYS !!!

  10. See is just one of those marvels you end up adapting them to real situations in life. All season’s are well polished and the actors are the best. I loved it so much and I support that the season- 4 be made. It will bring closure for me. The new story to tell in season- 4 must include what have happened in Africa, particular with its mixed bag of economy and untouched resources. That can be thought provoking especially since I am from South Africa.

  11. See is probably one of the best shows on TV. Unique story line which could go on and on as long as there is a story to tell. But the idea of a world where sight is a rare thing I only wonder what more could’ve been told. I really hope they do a spin off telling the back story of how the world came to be like this or a story that tell us how the rest of the sighted people change the future.

  12. So hoping there will be a lot more series and episodes. These were much too short. We are hoping it doesn’t take too long to get the series back on. We will be watching for the next few runs. We will continue with Apple TV as long as there are shows like this. Thanks

  13. My family has really enjoyed this series and hope that there will be future episodes. I will continue to check and see what evolves.

  14. at some point, I was hoping the way episode 8 of season 3 ended was someone’s dream or imagination. like it has not really happened but someone just dreamt all we saw. I can’t just imagine Babavos not in any season or episode.

  15. SEE have been captivating ever since i started watching season 1. in fact, i and my wife started watching, later it interested me so much that i made so many of my colleagues, friends to watch everyone enjoyed all episodes. I personally would love to see season 4. Mamoa has always been my favorite in movies and all cast really did a great work so far. please looking forward to seeing season 4

  16. Maybe I’m the only one but I can’t see going on to season 4 without BaBa Vos. Maybe a prequel but not a continuation of this storyline. There would have to be a new warrior created with the new storyline that will mold into the existing lines that are already there and I just don’t see it happening. This was a great show and I’m glad it ended with a note into the future of all of the main cast. But the fat lady has sung and it’s time to close the show. If Apple leaves now they will leave on top.

  17. My husband and I struggle to find a series that we both can enjoy, See hits all the marks. What an engaging and fascinating series. We enjoyed every single episode and would love to see it continue!!!!

  18. Please continue , there’s loads more story too be told ,although it’s the end of season 3 and yes 2 of the main actors are dead this can now start afresh with a load of different lives , the queen and Tamica , kofue will he take his own site , what will the sighted re – invent , the children at the compass , plus many many other story lines
    If this doesn’t renew it will be a great injustice and I for 1 will cancel Apple TV

  19. I started watching this strictly for Jason Mamoa but im in love with this whole story now. There is no way it should be let go now there is still more story than all the 7 kingdoms to tell. <3 you guys thanks for making SEE!

  20. Baba voss shouldn’t have died now with all the suffer he has been through from beginning now just gone like that it pains me a lot though but to be sincere I so much love this movie series see please want you guys to come out with season4.

    Just feel like crying immediately baba voss died coz he was the one I love most on this series

  21. SPOILER ALERT!!! Do not read this if you haven’t watched the Season 3 Finale!

    Well, if that season finale wasn’t a set up for a spin-off, even multiple spin-offs, nothing is! Even without Baba Voss and Queen Kane, although her acting will be sorely missed, a sequel is necessary. They can go in multiple directions with this one and I predict (hope) they will. With Haniwa and Wren now joining the sighted people with guns (what could go wrong there?) and Kofun seemingly making the ridiculous decision to go blind in order to better “understand” his baby boy (God Sun forbid if he has another baby and it’s sighted!), with Maghra and Witchfinder General showing some feelings towards each other, this series can definitely go on, and on, and on!!!
    I’ve seen some comments on the possibility of a prequel as well, and I would love that, too! Whichever way the genius folk’s behind this great series decide to go, I’m on board and it can’t start soon enough for me!

  22. Definitely needs to be a season 4 of SEE
    I loved it one of the best programs I’ve seen so pease give us season 4

  23. It was great series, I really liked all the 3 season. It shouldn’t be end like this, we need season 4and many more.

  24. Come on you gotta let this season go on to 4 season 5 season 6 season 7 this is a great show just can’t end it like this this is crazy you produce something that’s great and now you wanna let it go

  25. You need someone to tell you to continue with the season 4. Leaving us hanging to wonder is cruel and unusual punishment. Is this her all of Apple originals are going to be. At least make the ending interesting and not by Baba Voss just walking off as if he is going to do something .

  26. I don’t understand how you guys just make three season with only 8 episodes and then cancel the show. Then you make the audience wait so long for a new season just to end it.The show and story line is far from over, why cancel it?People don’t want a spin off the people want SEE. Canceling the show is canceling Apple TV there is no other show on Apple TV that’s better then SEE. Apple TV already don’t have shows why cancel something that’s making u money and the consumer wants and love.

  27. I’m writing from Somalia, this has the best made series ever!!
    A spinoff or a prequel is a MUST!

  28. Yes! Yes! Yes! Renee See for several more seasons!!! I anxiously wait every week for the next episode. MORE!!

  29. This is the most entertaining, engaging and mind challenging series l have come upon in a while. I love the possibilities of what a Season 4 would look like. WRITERS, PRODUCERS, etc… WORK YOUR MAGIC. WE need a Season 4 & 5. My magic word is Please!

  30. Would love to see a season 4 or beyond. The acting is phenomenal. We can’t get enough of it. To have a cast that embraces their roles and makes it happen and not skip a beat, is just amazing. When you can’t wait to see another episode and enjoy the characters immensely, it will be hard to see them go. Please consider bringing it back. Thank you

  31. SEE season 4 ! A Must !!! So many love this show superb actors and we all just love Love it !

  32. A season 4 is a MUST!!!! Way to many unanswered questions!!! I want to see the family WIN!!! This show is absolutely the best!
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do. Another season…..or 2.

  33. Mixed reviews! It’s a great show with great character development. So many unanswered questions. Must renew to give us a true final season.

  34. Season 4, Season 4, Season 4, Season 4, Season 4, Season 4 enough said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I swear it doesn’t make sense to end this series like this. What will happen to Payan? What happens to Kofun? Does Sibeth get her throne back? So many questions!!!

  36. What the hey!!! Why wouldn’t you continue with this show it’s extremely brilliant and not only do they have an amazing cast as someone stated it could go many different ways like the baby maybe gaining sight at some point and continue with the story guideline.. The mother got away so there go evil all over again!11
    As we’re all stating don’t take away what we pay for and HELLO all the fans are asking for!?

  37. Yes Yes !! Please renew it !! There are so many ways the story could continue….. However, such in life, it seems every good thing must end …
    it doesnt have to be like that …

  38. We the people pay money for Apple TV to watch these shows and when you end the show like you did I feel like I have been ripped off, I think we deserve a season 4 the the show “ See” please give the people what they want and end the show right if it takes 3 more seasons to do it, but please do it right.

  39. This series is *ucking dope! To not have a season 4 would be tragic. You don’t end it just as it’s getting started. And besides there are only 8 episode seasons anyhow. Cmon Apple. So the right thing and stretch this out as far as you can making every last dollar possible and let us the fans tell you when to stop. Ha!

  40. Why would they end this show? This is by far my favorite tv series i’ve ever watched. I figured this would be a 10 season series at least. Sad they’re ending it. Probably because it promotes masculinity in men which doesn’t fit the political agend. That’s the only thing I can come up with. if it isn’t a show or movie called “Bro’s” about a bunch of gay guys, then its probably not going to be promoted.

  41. I love all seasons of See, and would really like a 4th one to come out. It has been good acting from everyone it must of been so hard for everyone to act that they cant see a thing. Please give us another season, if it is the last one season 4, please wrap it up properly. I’m so fed up with good seasons being stopped before they should it’s so annoying. If they werent going to wrap it up why torment us and stop in the middle. So very frustrating

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