Has Rings of Power been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Rings of Power is the latest prequel to come from Amazon Studios, and it does so not with the might of 10,000 Rohirrim horseback, but a billion dollars. Yes, the most expensive TV show of all time comes in the form of a show telling the story of the Second Age,  set thousands of years before The Lord of The Rings.

But has the show been renewed? Or have we seen the last of Galadriel, The Stranger and Mordor? Here’s what we know:

What is Rings of Power about?

This series is set during the second age, during a period of relative peace. We’re tackling the forging of the Rings of Power here, along with the rise of the Dark Lord Sauron and the fall of Númenor. These events take place over thousands of years but have been condensed considerably for this series.

Galadriel is our protagonist, a perfect warrior who kicks butts and slays snow trolls without breaking a sweat. Plenty of original characters not in the books pop up too, including the Harfoots (basically Hobbits, let’s be honest!) and Southlander Bronwyn.

We have ongoing coverage of Rings of Power across the site, including recaps for every episode. You can check those out HERE!

Will there be a season 2 of Rings of Power?

Prepare yourself…The Rings of Power has been renewed for a second season!  In fact, the show has been renewed for a grand total of five seasons, with Jeff Bezos pouring his might behind this show to try and make it a massive success. News of this came about shortly following the series’ debut in September and in recent weeks, the announcement was made that prep-work has already started on the next season.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Plot details are thin on the ground at this stage but first-time showrunners J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay have recently told The Hollywood Reporter that they’re building Sauron up to be a “Walter White”-esque antihero. You can read that full article here. Now, we do know that Amazon have been particularly worried about how well House of the Dragon have been doing. In another THR article we learn:

 Dragon matters because all of a sudden there is a benchmark. It is their closest comp to success. When they saw Dragon grew in its second episode and brought in 20 million viewers, they were shitting their pants.”

Although viewing figures are obscured and Amazon have been keeping their cards close to their chest, it’s not outside the realm of possibility to think Rings of Power is leaking viewers every week. And surely it can’t be doing the numbers Bezos wants if Amazon are that worried.

We’re at least two years away from Rings of Power Season 2, but it seems like Amazon are going to hastily push through production to try and compete with House of the Dragon, which was also recently renewed.

As far as we’re concerned over here at TheReviewGeek, based on the viewing numbers and both audience and critic scores, House of the Dragon has won this first round.

Are you looking forward to Rings of Power returning for a second season? What did you think of the ending? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

24 thoughts on “Has Rings of Power been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Gees give the show time to develop. I personally loved it! A lot of hard work and thought went into developing this series. I hope for all 5 seasons.

  2. They have to make five seasons because the under contract with the retard woke brothers…
    Best he can do is reboot it and put those two idiots in a closet and lock it.

  3. The most boring series ever! And I really can’t see where did all those money go! Poor acting, poor story, visual mistakes… I’m not a fan of Tolkien but I loved Lord of the Rings trilogy, so I and my kids started watching RoP with a lot of enthusiasm, but it was so boring that we stopped after five or six episodes, not even remember.

    Ah, dear Bezos, please, please, please, if a second season will unfortunately come, show at least elves with long hairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Why would anyone even compare fairly decent show, like HoD to disaster called Rings of Power? Karendiel the show, besides nice sights has no values whatsoever. Writing is a joke; characters are annoying at best.

  5. Absolutely a terrible show. Those who claim to have read the books and like the show are just lying. Nobody who has read LotR, not to mention the Silmarillion would stand the show. As much as nobody with a good taste would stand it. The story is atrocious, the dialogues are horrible, the characters are dumb. Don’t watch this crap.

  6. Nice to see all the amazon bots posting positive reviews. This show sucked, it didn’t follow the lore, Tolkien is spinning in his grave, and the writers should be fired.

  7. I am utterly perplexed by the positive reviews above. There was just nothing engaging in the story telling. I found myself not caring about the characters and not very interested in what was going to happen in the next episode. I’m not a huge Tolkien fan (didn’t read the books), but did very much enjoy the LOTR movies. This new series just bored me and I found myself disliking so many of the characters, I stopped watching half way through. Case in point the Harfoots. What a callous bunch! Leave your friends and family to die if they cant keep up. Put a whole family at the back of the line, possibly to die, for a minor infringement. Then, make your main protagonist, Galadriel the most dislikable character in the show. It’s like the writers wanted us to hate all their characters.

    Someone forgot that a good, well told story is the most important element in a show. Rings of Power just didn’t tell a compelling or interesting story and had very few characters that I could identify with. Take away the amazing visuals and SFX and what are you left with? Very little.

  8. Rings of Power is wonderful. Hard to know it can be 2 yeats to view more This is a masterpiece. I do not think that House of Dragon compare I watched both. Rings of Power has my vote and heart. Tolkien was truly wonderful. Can’t wait for more.

  9. what do you like about this stupid show. everything is made up bullshit and if you have a brain you must see the bad inconsisten writing in every scene.
    Oh ans all the People say they are tolkien fans and like this show are just liers!
    You cant love Tolkien and watch them taking a shit on his work.

  10. Rings of Power did not disappoint. To be able to take Tolkien’s background lore and turn it into a cinematic wonder complete with compelling characters is an admirable accomplishment. Loved the whole anti-villain question with Halbrand and the transformation of the Wizard. Nicely done and the only disappointment is how long we have to wait for the next season 🙁

  11. If we must compare Rings of Power has multiple stories with incredible depth and interesting characters. House of Dragons has potential complex issues that don’t get resolved, years pass from one week to the next, and the story is about just one ‘house’… We NEVER have time with HOD to get a complex understanding of a character like we do in Rings of Power. The plot twists in Rings of Power are startling but not VIOLET, like someone getting their actual head cut in half at an angle… thanks HBO… and that is the extent of their surprises.
    Nobody expected the King of the Southlands to be…. yeah… nobody…
    Who expected to see the birth of Gandolf? The precursors to Hobbits? The complex relationships of the Dwarfs and Elves… Galladria in all her amazingness…
    Compared to what? A stupid iron throne with the same old ‘mean hand of the king wanting power’.. oh that is so original…and the inevitable relationship between cousins… big surprise there…
    No, the writing is not even in the same ballpark, the sets and music, not in the same ballpark, the stories not even close.
    Also, we know that the Rings of Power had people stuffing bad reviews and Amazon is trying to get a handle on that, hopefully they know they have an amazing product and continue with as many seasons as planned… House of Dragons pales in comparison.

  12. Loved The Rings of Power. Couldn’t watch House of Dragon. It had so much gore. The last episode of The Rings was great! I going to watch it over for the hints on the character’s identity. Will probably watch a few times over the 2 years wait for another season.

  13. I absolutely love Rings of Power. The characters are acted brilliantly. The whole screenplay is a joy to watch!! More more more, please

  14. I loved Rings of Power and wept through many parts. I am a book fan of many decades and Amazon did a great job. I don’t like Bezos but do love that he’s pouring money into 5 while seasons. I’m psyched but sad we have to wait 2 years for season 2!

  15. To me Rings of Power is by far a way better series then House of The Dragon! With HOD I tried to watch up to the fifth episode but it was so boring I just couldn’t stand it anymore. All they do is talk about who the King has to marry or the Princess has to marry then once in awhile they will show the dragon fly around. It’s like watching CNN but with Dragons!…lol. Now with Rings, the storytelling is great, the Cinematography is awesome, and the effects are incredible! The whole series is worth billion dollars, if that is even possible, and I cannot wait for the five seasons of the series!

  16. Love the Rings of Power. The casting of the show is remarkable. In the Lord of the Rings, there were so many questions of how this story began and now the viewers are getting them in a seemless manner befitting of the first movies. Looking forward to each season! Signed, Faithful Viewer.

  17. Wonderful series, well built characters and lots if surprising twists , MUCH better in my opinion than House of Dragons which I fin plain boring…

  18. Absolutely mind blowing! Have always been a huge fan of The Hobbit and TLoTR trilogy. I have always said that they should do a film that’s set before the time frame of The Hobbit. I think this series does just that. The screen play is phenomenal! I was skeptical of this show when I first heard about it, but from episode 1 to the finale I am looking forward now to season 2. Fantastic work!

  19. Thoroughly enjoyed the first season of The power of the rings. Found myself at the edge of my seat in parts and transfixed by the screenplay and effects. To see the prelude to Tolkien’s Hobbiit and Lord of the rings in this way has been great, so looking forward to 5he nnext season.

  20. Enjoy Rings of Power very much. Read the books including The Simarillion. They have changed the plot threads of some things, but Amazon is doing a wonderful job of presenting this material for those who choose not to read the books, along with those that do choose to read as well. I will be watching the complete series. I mark this series imho far ahead of The House of the Dragon, which is too violent for my preferences. Cheers and best of luck to both.

  21. rings of power is un-watchable. Very boring, characters that you don’t care about, horrible writing. Someone needs to step in a fix this. They need new writers and directors.

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