Has Resident Evil been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Resident Evil is the latest attempt to adapt the videogame of the same name. Expect less horror and more teen drama and clones.

If you’ve finished watching this one, you may be wondering if this one’s been renewed or cancelled. Well, read ahead and we’ll let you know what we know so far about a renewal!

What is Resident Evil about?

“Not Resident Evil” would probably be the easiest jab to make at this show. Anyway, I digress. The story follows Jade and Billie, two teens who find themselves in New Raccoon City, where they soon realize all is not what it seems.

As the series progresses, this timeline advances at the same time as another in 2036, set 13 years after “the end” of the world.

We have extensive coverage of Resident Evil across the site, including a full season review and recaps for all episodes. You can check those out HERE.

Has Resident Evil been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Resident Evil has not been renewed for a second season. Given the ending though, this one is almost screaming for a sequel given nothing is resolved in the end.

Generally Netflix gauge numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate per episode. With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars). Other times, it can take months before Netflix make a decision over a show’s future.

So far, Resident Evil has had a mixed reception from critics and audiences alike, with some absolutely loving this new direction while others (like ourselves) loathing it. However, the audience is pretty skewed toward disliking this.

Given how far removed this is from the source material, coupled with that audience reaction, we’re actually not surprised that Resident Evil was recently axed and will not be returning for a second season.

What we know about season 2 so far:

As detailed above, there won’t be a second season as Netflix recently cancelled its latest attempt to reinvigorate this horror series. Although there have been fans for this one, those in Japan and avid videogame fans were incredulous over how far removed this was from the source material.

With all that in mind, given we predicted this one would be cancelled, the official word of this being axed is not much of a surprise.

Would you like to see Resident Evil return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

96 thoughts on “Has Resident Evil been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Hoping for season 2…too much left unfinished.
    I binged watched the whole series again from the beginning movies to season 1. Please do a season 2 😊

  2. As a Netflix subscriber I’m really getting TIRED of you getting rid of shows that have good thick plots and can go further this is why you keep losing money! Make a second season stop canceling good shows.!

  3. Please renew! I am fan and love watching resident evil!! I hope season 2 exist in the future. Im going to keep watching season one, repeat style.

  4. This series is a disappointment !! It is more to do with teen drama and annoying main characters. Only Lance Reddick and Paola were the saving grace. Even with Lance, it is a shit deal where you have one kid disrespect him, the other stab him in the back at the lab and Paola berating him further. The character Wesker is lost.

    Hope it does not get renewed

  5. Season two please! I’ve played a couple of the resident evil games and I preferred this series to the games 😆 less jumpy! Sooo good, please renew, we need to know what happens next!!

  6. This show definitely should be renewed. It is entertaining and I like the story line and hero.

  7. OMG!!!! It definitely needs to be CONTINUED…, the story-lines are good, this is definitely a top-notch movie…ignore these negative feedbacks and comments, they are not true fans and for the love of Christ…..*PLEASE RENEW THE SHOW*

  8. Continuing this outstanding SF/Horror/Dystopian/Drama series is an absolute must. The South African actors (along with British & Lance Riddick, gotta love his acting), directing, and sets are awesome as is the freaking continuation of the storyline!
    I have told 7 friends about it and 5 of them love it while only 1 of the 2 remaining watched it & did not care for it.

    Netflix had better continue with this as it will not only grow into a larger part of the cult classic family that it was born into as well as bolster the longevity of the whole concept of this story as a fascinating as well as a very cautionary, very real-life tale of corporate greed! Beyond big Pharma, it has aspects of the military-industrial complex and monopolistic corporations which are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. What better way to caution and warn than through a wonderfully realistic and modern entertainment vehicle like this series?

  9. It was very good and it ties into the game series nicely and works very well. The are thing that made it plausible. For example, the original wesker in the first game is actually one of only wesker children created from the blood of Spencer, so if weker did the same thing that Spencer did then it would make since that there are other weskers. And he cloned himself. The kept the fact that the OG wesker died in a volcano which every RE fan knows is how he met his demise in the end of RE5 game. I also thought it was great that they used more of the actual creatures from Re1 like the spider, Re2 the Alligator, the tyrant T-002 From RE1, and the Grave Digger Worm from the Original RE3: Nemesis (not the most recent remake of nemesis), the chainsaw guy from RE4. And I love how they used moonlight Sonata on the piano to reveal a hidden spot, just like in the first Resident evil game. There are so many questions left un answered, and yes I would love to see a second season answer those questions, and I would love to see how they use ADA who sometimes acted as Weskers Right hand woman in the series.

  10. Seen all the movies. Only really rated the first one. Watched the rest because Mila Jovovich is absolute perfection.
    This TV adaptation is a Mila-Void. It is entirely Jovovichless. Yet:


    Great script, excellent casting, top notch acting + brilliant SFX (Yeah I’m looking at you giant mutant crocodile).

    When E08 finished + instead of “Next episode in ___” I got the trailer for “Purple Hearts” (Vom!!!) I could have screamed. I let out more of a whimper but the feels were there.

    So in short (although I really think we have passed the threshold of short now) Netflix, PLEASE PLEASE RENEW THIS SHOW or I’m going come round there with a pair of garden shears + give you a John Wayne Bobbit!!!

  11. This was absolutely gold compared to everything else Netflix has to offer bring it back or suffer the same fate Sky has with not listening to what the people want


  13. I loved all the Resident Evil movies. I really enjoyed watching the series on Netflix’s after watching the series I immediately went to Google to see if Netflix had a second season in the making only to find out that it’s still undecided come on Netflix do the right thing and continue the series

  14. Loved this new direction of Resident Evil on Netflix!! So much more of the story to tell. Please make a season 2!!

  15. I’d rather have the movie continued than the show, I’ll watch no matter what , personally jade just found a way to piss me off every episode, but I do like the overall changes to the story

  16. I REALLY hope there is a season 2! I literally just binged the whole 1st season. And this is coming from someone who started out playing the original games on the ps1.

  17. What a load of bull, learnt nothing from game of throne darkness episode. Flash backs to common . Hope there isn’t a series 2.

  18. Definitely a 2nd season needed. One of the things that really P@$$ me off is when a series is made and it’s left with so much unsaid or undone and then it’s cancelled or not renewed??? Clearly this series has hit home for many ppl so a 2nd season is needed.

  19. We need season 2. if not why not end all the questions in season 1. I watched this in 2 days now I need more, If Netflix keep cancelling there programs I think I will do the same and end my Netflix… Get it together Netflix….

  20. Yes for season 2 please! I hate these kind of shows but watched it in 2 nights. Please do a season 2.

  21. Love it! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but got hooked instantly! Yes, it’s very different from anything before it in the Resident Evil universe. That is why I like it so much. I need another season. I HAVE to see what comes next!

  22. Definitely please please Netflix renew season 2. Season 1 was awesome it went fast but kept me hooked binge watched in one night couldn’t stop watching. Season 2 should slow down a bit add more episodes I really think this series has extreme potential to run for many seasons. I’m going to be horribly disappointed with Netflix if left hanging with one season so much story to be told and so much room for growth. Bottom line loved this show and do not want to be left wondering.

  23. Absolutely loved this series. Cliff hanger, hands down need a season 2. Jade’s daughter has some things going on and we need to know what it is. Billie is immune and that’s weird come on we want more !!!

  24. If they decide to cancel season 2, im canceling Netflix !! 2/3 of The Series they put out get cancel and i am so fucking tired of it !

  25. This is crazy we get hooked on a good series and you decided to cancel it. It is fair.


  26. Absolutely loved it saw the whole season in one day there no reason why season 2 wouldn’t come out it would be huge blow for Netflix to let a ending like this not have part 2

  27. I’ve been a die hard Resident Evil fan since the 1st game released.
    I’ve played every game. I loved the 1st & 2nd movie
    Nemesis rules…
    The last movie RE Raccoon City SUCKED!! This RE series was the Sh*t, better then the last movie.
    PLEASE agree to a season 2, don’t leave us hanging like this.

  28. Resident evil was fantastic and has a lot of potential. The acting is good and the filming was good and I really enjoyed season 1, but I have to say that I think everything went too fast and that may be the reason why we don’t get to see season 2, although I hope it comes:/

  29. Resident evil was fantastic and has a lot of potential. The acting is good and the filming was good and I really enjoyed season 1, but I have to say that I think everything went too fast and that may be the reason why we don’t get to see season 2, although I hope it comes:/

  30. As someone who has played all 11 video games, and even played the VR version and remakes, this series was amazing. Nothing like “welcome to raccoon city” where they tried to remake the video game completely. Being such a big RE fan, I hated that movie with a passion as it didn’t give what was promised. But this Netflix series? I was hooked! I hope they make a season two, ESPECIALLY after that season one cliffhanger!

  31. I just watched season 1 and can not wait for season 2 to be realeased . I just dont fucking know why everyone hate this series . It was awesome to me. Really can not wait for ssn 2 to see billie and jade again

  32. Yes!?? Season 2 for sure! Great series, great actors and filled with action…don’t make us wait too long….BRING IT!!

  33. Just got done watching the series it was awesome 😎. I would love it if they make season 2 👍👍👍👍👍

  34. I never do these feedbacks ever but i had to ! I watched the first ep lastnight and couldnt stop watching it as it had me hooked after tge second ep , i stayed up all night watching it and had to have a day off from work as i spent 8 hours watching this amazing show .

    Alot of potential , love how its taken a step away from the cringe horror dynamic , seems like a fresh new start to the resident evil franchise , would love to see season 2

  35. 53 yo, the movies were cringe but this series was epic, well written and great cast. I literally never fill these in but feel compelled. Netflix if you are reading these comments , take note note as they are nearly all for a 2nd series !! Make it so number 1….

  36. I am not a zombie fan but I decided to give resident evil a look. And I was addicted. I watched every episode back to back and now I”m hanging…” why did you do me that way?” Bring it on, man. We need a season 2!!!

  37. Of course we would like to have a season 2…i love it, must continue the season and with more epic episodes

  38. Yes, would definitely like to see more seasons of Resident Evil. You get involved in a show to find out that there’s not going to be another season. that really stinks!!!

    We need a second season.

  39. Please please please make another season i loved every minute of it and was so happy it was so different from the movie please all the actors were fantastic come on you guys can do this ill be in the next one as an extra if you like lol no seriously please please please make another one it will go far xxxxxxxxxx big hugs get on with it xx from someone in England xx

  40. Yes, would definitely like to see more seasons of Resident Evil. You get involved in a show to find out that there’s not going to be another season; that really stinks. Way to go Netflix!!!!!

  41. I thoroughly enjoyed this show. Just did a marathon watch session and could not step away from it for fear of missing something. I am a very young 70 and I’ve never heard of the game nor do I play any video games but it would be a shame to cancel something that has so many loose ends that I would love to see tied up. So my vote is renew it for another season and see how it goes. You never know perhaps with a little tweaking you could have a real hit on your hands.

  42. just finished the season and i loved it!! i would be more happy if season two came out. i wanna know what is going to happen to Bea, Jade’s daughter

  43. I would definitely like to see a season 2 Ot was great! I love the resident evil movies and I would like for the story to continue on

  44. I’ve been fan of resident evil since I was a teenager when resident evil directors cut dropped on PlayStation one. I was a teenager then, I’m so much older now. I’ve cringed so much about the movies. I can’t stand them. I genuinely like this show and how they’ve tied in little details to be caught by people that played the games and worked a new twist on it. I need a season 2, you can’t just bring up Ada wong and not continue. We need Chris redfield, Jill valentines and at some point Leon Kennedy added in. There’s so much they can do with this if their writing is creative enough. I didn’t like the movies, this has my attention and has so much potential.

  45. It was a little slow in the beginning but after episode 1 and 2 it gradually picked its horror pace but overall loved it and would love to see a second season

  46. Just finished watching this, I like the new take on the series I am a very big fan of Resident Evil. Would love to see where this goes….absolutely hate when something I enjoy does get canceled very annoying 😒….continue on can be a great series

  47. Not sure why you “loathed it”, as you haven’t gone into that at all – yet you’ve written several articles on it including recaps. You’re definitely not fans of the games if you didnt like it as there was PLENTY from the source material in there. Lance Reddick was great in it too, brilliant acting on his part and I liked Jades character , they did a good job casting the two actresses.

    Its got serious potential and it looks like theyve got a bigger plan so fingers crossed it gets renewed – still pissed about Raised by Wolves being cancelled

  48. Just finished it, a bit too much teenage drama but I really enjoyed it and would be sad if it was cancelled.

  49. This is a great addition to the Resident Evil collection. The first season went by to fast and left me wanting more. To see that they haven’t green-lite season 2 makes me VERY SAD!. To many show that have a great story list and the ability to producing many season keep getting cancelled and it NEEDS to STOP. Please make season 2 and maybe even 3 or 4 more seasons.

  50. Netflix have to renew resident evil series ,compared to some other stuff that it shows that is really bad viewing

  51. hi i’m chris parker and i almost seen everything and know everything about resident evil universe and i must say this series has a great start and it could achive great thing and it was fucking amazing i’m just hoping that we see season 2 very soon i just finish it and i’m already missed it so fingers crossed.

  52. Resident Evil has not made a good TV adaptation to its game franchise UNTIL this TV series. This adaptation did not make us cringe through game quality horrible CG. It had a story line that was decently thought out and written – I definitely felt similarities to Arcane: League of Legends. The zombie chases and battle had great tension and were not overdone. Is there room for improvement, of course. More episodes like ep1.

  53. Geweldige serie, uiteraard heel anders dan de filmreeks, maar dat maakt het ook zo uniek. Goede verhaallijn, goed geacteerd en goede special effects. Ik hoop zeker op een vervolg. Netflix verleng het please, kan niet wachten op een vervolg🙏.

  54. It’s completely different then what I expected of a resident evil movie of one of my favorite games ever I mean the original ones not the remakes I love how they added the giant mutated crocodile and their also adding in the tyrants I really want to see where this goes and what’s going to happen next don’t go by some people who always has to be a critic about everything just because it didn’t go their way suck it up buttercup I want another season like for real don’t do like they did with raising dion canceling the show I actually liked it and squid games too y’all be keeping all the shows that suck and make no sense but good shows y’all want to cancel and get rid of that sucks yo

  55. It is a new take on the storyline, just not enough of the T-virus zombies in opinion. Cancel this !!

  56. This show is well written and well produced. The story is cohesive and full of unexpected twists that have kept me interested and excited to see where it goes.
    Please renew this show.

  57. I loved this recreation series! I wish you all were not so skeptical! I feel as if you’re not wanting a second season there for stating there probably won’t be one. Just based on your own dislike for it. Get a grip

  58. I started watching by accident. And could not stop. Watched entire season in 2 days. Would’ve to see this continue and see what happens.

  59. I enjoyed it very much, and really hope it gets renewed for another season, I binged it in a few days, and it had me hooked from the beginning.

  60. Dying for season 2! Big fan of the (cheesy B quality) movies and the video games. The show has more depth, more complex relationships, and better actors, while still holding fast to the basics of the OG story. Saying “it’s not resident evil” is silly at best and at worst puts you in the category of incel fanboy who’d low-rate bomb imdb.

  61. I’m a huge resident evil fan. I have to tell you. This show exceeded my expectations. I love how an old formula reinvents its self. Umbrella motto is OUR BUSINESS IT’S LIFE ITSELF. and you certainly bought life to it. I was blown away on how they managed to incorporate alot of vital elements from the games ‘ into 8 hours. Okay wow..The acting is top notch. The visual effects were seamlessly. The story line had me hooked. The character were all very good and likable. Kudos to the writers and creative team to go for a New timeline and trying something new.. And giving the fans such a good walk down memory lane. It was way better than the Reboot film. I personally would like this show to be renewed for a second season and many more! There’s no limit to the possibility with Umbrella. Remember there business its life itself. So please let’ REGENERATE ANOTHER SEASON.

  62. I think it a interesting take on it I enjoyed the first season and would love a second season
    Let’s make it happen people

  63. I’m not even done watching the first season yet and I hooked love the story line, I really hope the make a season 2 and it doesn’t get canceled!

  64. Yes, renew! It’s a nice new take on the overall concept and has a good story line overall. A few things need tweaking and hopefully these types of small story errors can be corrected going forward.

  65. I liked it not loved it but would love to see a season 2
    I am a resident evil fan and want it to be renewed

  66. I have been a big fan of resident evil. I watched all episodes of Season 1 in the last 2 days and I appreciate it. Needs to be a season 2. Please ignore all the negative feedback. They aren’t a true fan. Look forward to season 2.

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