Has Remarriage & Desires been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Remarriage & Desires is the latest Netflix K-drama, this time leaning into soapy melodrama and steamy affairs.

If you’ve finished watching this one, you may be wondering if this one’s been renewed or cancelled. Well, read ahead and we’ll let you know what we know so far about a renewal!

What is Remarriage & Desires about?

Remarriage & Desires centers on the death of a man named Nam-Sik, whose wife Hye-Seung soon learns was set up by Yoo-Hui. At the middle of this happens to be matchmaking company Rex, who serve the wealthiest high class individuals – including both Yoo-Hui and Nam-Sik. When Hye-Seung gets involved too, war ensues between these two women.

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Has Remarriage & Desires been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Remarriage & Desires has not been renewed for a second season. Given the ending though, this one is certainly left open for a follow-up series.

Generally Netflix gauge numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate per episode. With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars). Other times, it can take months before Netflix make a decision over a show’s future.

So far, Remarriage & Desires has had a pretty good reception from critics and audiences alike, with some absolutely loving this soapy makjang. Compared to other soapy dramas (like Penthouse and Sky Castle) this one doesn’t quite match up.

Having said that, Netflix have a really good track record for renewing K-dramas. We’ve seen All Of Us Are Dead, Love Alarm, Squid Game and more renewed recently. With that in mind, we’re going out on a limb and saying that this will be renewed for a second season.

We’ll be sure to update this section with more details as they become available.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 2 at this point, given Netflix have not green-lit a sequel. If the streaming giants do renew this one, it’s fair to assume Yoo-Hui would be a big part of this storyline, and there’s bound to be a lot of drama with Hye-Seung.

Despite all these questions, we’re assuming it’s only a mater of time before Netflix make a decision on this one. We’re predicting that there will be a season 2. We will aim to update this page when more information becomes available!

Would you like to see Remarriage & Desires return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

60 thoughts on “Has Remarriage & Desires been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Definitely a Season 2 is needed but there has to be at lease kissing scenes especially between Hyung Ju and His new wife Hye Seung .

  2. Loved and binged watched it all in 2 days! Definitely want a S2 and maybe even a S3! Each episode left you wanting to know more and there’s so much left untold and direction they can build on. Amazing how the cast really plays their roles, the loveable characters like Lee Hyeong-joo/Lee Hyun Wook, Seok-jin Cha/Park Hoon, Hye-seung Seo/Hee Sun Kim and Lee and Seo’s children make it so fun to root for them and love them, while every episode it really makes you hate the villains in it more and more. Hope to see more of them in other lead roles and that a S2 will happen at least.

  3. OMG Please renew so lived this, great story line and on the edge of set wonders
    Please please renew

  4. Definitely need a season 2 too much unfinish story line and the ending left me wanting more.

  5. I have truly enjoyed the Netflix series “Remarriage & Desires”. It is a fabulous series and every episode is captivating. I am watching it again. The actors are amazing and help the plot twist stay thrilling.. I am eager to see if she accepts the marriage proposal. I hope so. Please renew soon, I love this drama. The two leads are the best. Please renew!

  6. Found the storyline for season 1 is too far fetch and logic/feelings of characters not well developed.
    Can do without season 2.

  7. Definitely love the series and it’s a bonus too that it’s an English as well. I really hope they renew for a second season I also want to see what happens to her daughter to see if she gets caught up in the whole marriage marriage issues.

  8. Very juicy from start to finish definitely want more I told people already about this. I couldn’t stop watching it was so good and I really want to know what happens next Season 2 please!!!

  9. A very romantic ending to season 1! The door was left open for more of this drama PLEASE!! Look forward to it!

  10. I really hope it is renewed. I literally started watching it last night around 5pm and binge watched it until this morning….I regret nothing! The show was so freaking awesome!!! Season 2 is going to be bananas!!!’

  11. I do think that it will need a season two, even though the last ep leaves an open ending. I sense that there’s more plot twists that will be done in this storyline.

  12. Season 2 please, thus reminded me of a mix of Love, Marriage and Divorce , Skycastle and Mine. I need more.

  13. Yes,liked episode 1,so episide 2 is a must,
    The end8ng needs another season 2.
    Thank you,

  14. I want season 2 for this drama remarriage and desires… Im not yet satisfied with the episode.. I want more fighting revenge scene😆😆😇😇😇 please?100x🙏💓

  15. Yes please I love this season and was recommending to all my 509,000 followers and colleagues on LinkedIn and other social media to watch. Please bring Season 2 and 3 💞💞💞

  16. Season 2 please, the story line was interesting and it had just the right amount of episodes.

  17. please continue with season 2. obviously the story is not finished. Netflix is trying to trick the audience for their patience. we want season 2 and more

  18. Amazing it nice to see. Korean. Show now they are good actors and actresses and this has you stand on the edge of your sit yes 2 is really need

  19. Hoping there will be a Season 2.
    I LOVED Lee Hyun Wook in this drama!


  20. Please a season 2 is necessary…..loved everything about this show. The cast played their roles beautifully, the storyline is amazing…..Season 2 loading please

  21. Hoping for the next season it is really good drama all the actors are amazing 😍👍

  22. Every episode is so good! Can’t help but rewatch all the episodes. Every episode gives different messages to the audience and is so concrete and precise. No time is wasted! It’s like squeezing all the gist.

  23. Netflix please renew this drama
    It was good from beginning to end. We the viewers want to see what happens to all the characters. Weather it be good or bad but preferably good. Please renew!!!

  24. hope Netflix will renewed “remarriage and desires” coz I love how the story goes as well with all the characters

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