Will there be a Red White and Royal Blue 2? Here’s what we know about a sequel:

Red, White and Royal Blue 2

LGBTQ romances are enjoying a lot of popularity in present times with shows like Heartstopper and Yellowjackets among others. The latest addition to the list of popular LGBTQ shows is Prime Video romance, Red, White and Royal Blue.

Based on the 2019 bestselling novel of the same name, the film follows the story of a romance between America’s first son, Alex Claremont-Diaz, and the Royal Heir, Prince Henry of Wales. There has been a lot of chatter online about the onscreen chemistry between the male leads, Taylor Zakhar-Perez and Nicholas Galitzine from the time the film was announced.

After watching this one, the palpable chemistry between the two actors will surely make you wonder if this classic gay romance will be coming back with a second instalment. Here’s what we know.

What is Red, White and Royal Blue about?

The 2023 movie follows the story of Prince Henry, the son of Catherine, Princess of Wales and actor Arthur Fox. He is the younger brother of Prince Philip and Princess Beatrice. After their first encounter, Henry and Alex cross paths again in an interaction that results in a huge controversy between the USA and the United Kingdom.

In their quest to resolve the controversy, Alex and Henry get close and develop feelings for each other. While Alex’s political responsibilities pose a threat to their relationship, it is Henry’s familial background that actually complicates things for the two men. The film follows Alex and Henry’s journey coming to terms with their respective backgrounds and determining if their love for each other is worth a fight.

Will there be a sequel to Red, White and Royal Blue?

Red, White and Royal Blue is based on the popular standalone novel by American novelist Casey McQuiston. Since the book does not have a follow-up story, it is difficult to conclude if the movie will be renewed for a sequel. However, if the movie enjoys immense popularity online, one would expect the cast of this one to return.

So far, there has been no update from the makers about Red, White and Royal Blue being renewed for a second instalment or a spin-off revolving around different characters from this film. However, from the way the film ended on a happy note, it is possible that Red, White and Royal Blue may not be renewed for a second instalment. 

On the flip side, if the movie is renewed for a sequel or a spin-off due to the popularity of the film, not to mention the ongoing writer’s strike, the upcoming sequel could be released in the year 2025 or further in the future.

What could happen in Red, White and Royal Blue 2?

Since the movie ended on a pretty conclusive note with no loose ends after Henry and Alex make it official. Prince Henry also comes out to King James III and the people of Wales while Alex redeems himself after he helps his mother be re-elected as the president of the USA. 

In the event that this movie is renewed for a sequel, we could expect to see the boys explore their long-distance relationship and the struggles that come with it. Moreover, there is also potential for us to see a story in the very future when Alex runs for President following his mother’s footsteps. 

With very little known about the possible renewal of Red, White and Royal Blue for a second instalment, all we can do is wait for the makers to release an official update about the film. We will be sure to update this section when more information is made available.

Would you like to see a Red, White and Royal Blue sequel? What did you think of this stand-alone film? Leave us a comment with your thoughts below. 

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