Has Quantum Leap (2022) been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Quantum Leap is the latest remake coming out of Hollywood, this time from NBC. Serving as a sequel and reimagining at the same time, the show has had quite the rollercoaster ride across its season.

If you’ve been following this one, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Well, wonder no more! Here’s what we know about a renewal:

What is Quantum Leap Season 1 about?

Quantum Leap is set in the present day, 30 years after main character Sam Beckett vanished into the Quantum Leap accelerator. This new show is inspired by the original, but doesn’t serve as a reboot, rather as a sequel to the original.

The new Quantum Leap sees Dr Song serve as our protagonist, who is experimenting with time leaps within a similar episodic structure as the original.

Has Quantum Leap been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, NBC have renewed Quantum Leap for season 2. Given the ratings over the weeks, that’s certainly great news for fans of the series but also comes at a bit of a surprise.

The series has actually been leaking viewers almost every week, starting with 3.3 million viewers on the pilot episode and since then, dropping viewers until the latest (episode 9 at the time of writing this) down to 1.7. You can actually check out the ratings for yourself over at TVSeriesFinale if you’re interested!

NBC have a mixed history with their renewals, but despite our initial thoughts, the renewal for this one comes as something of a surprise… but a welcome one nonetheless! You can atully read more about this over at Variety in this article.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about a second season given NBC have only just officially announced the renewal on this one. Given how popular the original was back in the day, expect more episodic romps as our characters jump through time and get into all sorts of mishaps.

Are you excited to see Quantum Leap return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

49 thoughts on “Has Quantum Leap (2022) been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Absolutely love the show and loved the original. I also would like to see what happened to Sam. Surprised they haven’t done a reboot / remake of Sliders yet and actually do it properly this time.

  2. I wasn’t a fan, at first. I continued to watch it until the last episode. I really hope that it is renewed. Sam and Al were great together but I like the romance angle between Ben and Addison. I love the supporting cast: Ian, Jen, and Magic. Adding Janis could work as a foil to Addison since she knows another side to Ben.

  3. I loved the same sense of the original but i think it was more interesting having the real time story too. some may have lost interest but then you cut the show on people that actually like it. cutting shows would give the channel bad ratings from the people that actuall like the show. dog eat dog i guess. i would love to see more and actually find out the whole story to sams no-return. but leave people hanging, thats always my fav..

  4. I think it most definitely needs another season me and my family get teary eyed every time we watch an episode of it

  5. I loved the original series with Scott Bakula & Dean Stockwell. Because he leaped during his lifetime, he dealt with a lot of issues that had to do with prejudice. With Raymond Lee as Ben in the new episodes, leaping during his lifetime, minorities now have stronger roles, for example, an Asian man as the star; the black woman in the pilot; & “Magic” as the head of the project. Please give them a chance to deal with more current issues. They are all excellent actors. And before it’s all over, we would love to see Sam make it home.

  6. I watched and at first didn’t think I’d like it, but I have to say now after watching them all, I think it was good. Loved how the one guy in charge was none other than magic who was with Sam’s brother in Vietnam. If the show was to end at least don’t leave us hanging . End it with them bringing Sam home.!!! Or at least finding him and us seeing Sam aka Scott Bacula getting home or some sort of happy ending.

  7. Why, I think the ratings dropped, is that they turned it into a love story —instead of a fantastic weekly unknown time and adventure episodes. That’s why I quit watching!

    The old Quantum Leap was not a love story!


  8. Absolutely keep this show. The characters are developing nicely and are interesting in their own right as well as the overall story lines

  9. I do like this new “Quantum Leap” series; although being a Die-hard Fan of the Original “Quantum Leap” series, I find this sequel lacking in revelation. Yet it needs time to evolve from its infancy, as did the original. The series needs at least a full year to develop its position of where the writer’s are going with the quantum dynamics.

    Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell we’re a match made in “Heaven” when they were teamed in the Original “Quantum Leap” series. It’s difficult to match their dynamics.

    The series had tied up the Finale quite well, having Sam Beckett’s spirit phase back with his earthy body, yet he became aware there was a higher power involved, aka an “Angelic” choir of God.

    Sam became part of the collective of Guardian Angels sent to earth to help humans in crisis; as hinted in many episodes of other Guardian Angels Sam encountered; as in a Season 4 episode called, “It’s a Wonderful Leap” when Sam’s Guardian Angel “Angelita” played by Liz Torres helps Him with his mission. And also in the Original Series Finale when another Guardian Angel was revealed to Sam. After helping out a coal mining town of trapped men, the Guardian Angel (who happened to be Al’s deceased Great-Uncle) phased out in a blue light that only Sam could see and the Bartender, (Albert “Al” Bellisario played by Bruce McGill) that was hinted he ‘could’ be either God or the highest Seraphim, the Archangel Michael. Since “Michael is a princely seraph, an angel of supreme power and the leader of God’s army”, I went with the idea that the bartender in the Finale was indeed Michael, the Archangel.

    This is why I loved the Original, having done research in Angelology through the years, it brought Quantum theory into perspective. “In physics, a quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity (physical property) involved in an interaction. The fundamental notion that a physical property can be “quantized” is referred to as “the hypothesis of quantization”.

    Thus Sam’s separation of physical and spiritual are explained, and angelology (in the realm of many religions) comes into the underlining structure of the show.

  10. I wasn’t impressed with the pilot, but I really like it now, the original was one of my favorite shows. Now I really enjoy the reboot. Hope they make more, I also watch it on stream app

  11. Don’t cancel! Big fan! I was doubtful anyone could top my affection for Sam Beckett, but Ben Song is a whole new hero. The cast is intriguing, I am hopeful to see how all the characters develop. Anxiously awaiting each new episode

  12. I like this show, I never watched it on network TV, I watched it on their streaming platform, I don’t know how that affects the ratings. Hopefully my viewing still counted. I hope they don’t cancel it. I would like to see a season 2. I would like to see Ben get home and It would be great to see Sam from the first series get home too.

  13. Rick. I wasnt able to watch each week, i did watch all 8 shows on demand. I liked how the story line went. The way they talked about the old show. And played off of it. I would like to see more of this show in the future. A second season would be great. So would be a third or more seasons. Maybe some day they might be able to help get sam home. That i think would be great for all gens. Us old folks that watched quatum leap in the past, and the young ones that have watched it now.

  14. Please make a season two I have really enjoyed this one just as much as I have enjoyed the original series

  15. The new quantum leap isn’t actually a reboot it’s a sequel continuation of the original only 30 years later. Ben the new leaper is working with als daughter from the original series. She is the one that helped Ben create quantum physics for time travel or quantum leaping. This show is just as good if not better than the original it has stories and history and events through time that touch peoples hearts. Please don’t cancel this fantastic show.

  16. Do not cancel this show. Yes the original was great enjoyed every episode but this has
    as much potential to be just as or greater than the original and we enjoyed every episode. Please reconsider and keep this going

  17. I actually stop using networks because of there commercials ads pop up on half of your screen while you’re trying to watch an episode of any show. That should be the true reason why people stop watching.
    This is by far the better reboots of a show in a long time. I’m not envolved with any social media, but I hope someone will start a petition to let this show to keep going. Maybe Netflix or some other areas can pick this show up.
    I wish it the best and many more seasons to come.

  18. I definitely think NBC should make season 2. If they do not I for one will STOP watching any series they produce because they can not be trusted anymore.

  19. My wife and I love this show and look forward to seeing it every week. We really hope that there is another season coming up and that the stories are as interesting as the ones that they’ve had so far. The characters in the show really work well together. Please bring it back!

  20. I really like it so far! I would enjoy seeing where season 2 can go and how it can become its own show. I wouldn’t want it to rest on the larals of the original. Whatever you do don’t start copying the original story lines. This show has the potential to become a number 1 family show, which we don’t have many of any more.

  21. I love the new Quantum Leap show! Please don’t cancel it. Would love to watch a season 2 and hopefully many more! Great show!!!

  22. I loved the original and I love the new one as well. Someone said this is not as good as the old. I disagree…same kinds of stories with all the feel good emotions of helping someone that really deserved it. The networks cancel at the drop of a hat Hold on to it for another season, let it mature. Please, give it a chance

  23. When the original Quantum Leap was on, it was my favorite show. So, I really wanted to hate this new version. But I actually love it! I like that it’s not a direct reboot, but a continuation that pays homage to the original. And I really like all of the characters. I hope they don’t cancel it. I want to see where they are going with the storyline involving Al’s daughter.

  24. I got to see the original show this show absolutely sucks I understand why Scott Becker didn’t want to do it because he probably knew this show was going to get canceled it’s horrible it’s not even quantum leap to me so that’s why I watched the first episodes after that I never watched it again and I hope they take it off the air I hope they take it out the air

  25. I personally really enjoy and look forward to each and every episode of the new Quantum Leap. We are actually getting 2 shows in one. A detailed and highly structured view of the real world with interesting characters and then the adventures with Ben which I think are exciting and well crafted. I love all the story arcs they are breaking off into and find it an exciting change of pace. The original is and always will be a huge classic. Nothing can beat the likes of Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell. But you have to move on and create new characters and different story angles to keep it fresh and challenging. That’s the mark of a successful TV show. Almost no series makes the perfect season one of anything. Star Trek is a prime example of that but look at it now. It’s 60 years old! This has got to be given more time to mature. It is programming I would let my grandson watch with me and new television is very unpredictable and questionable these days. Let’s have some fun with this. Open your mind and sit back and enjoy. We live in a world where all the old stuff is coming back because it works! We need more shows like this to broaden our horizons and please give this a chance. I think it’s got great potential and I love it. The only show I record every week. Keep Quantum Leap alive!!!

  26. I absolutely love Quantum Leap . I missed it when the original ended and was very happy to find out that a new show was starting. Th new quantum leap is entertaining and just as good as the original. I really want this to continue to be picked up because I enjoy it a lot. I’m sure that many other people are enjoying this show as well .. Don’t cancel Quantum Leap please.

  27. NBC make a SEASON 2!!!! Just do it. Can’t believe that the viewers have dropped every week. This first season was just fine, imo very fine. I’ll never understand how a TV show like this one gets poor ratings. Obviously most of the people seem to like crap TV shows.

    I hope that there will be a season 2 or even 3 or 4

  28. Love this show as much as the first one! Please give it a couple seasons to let its audience grow. Please renew!!

  29. I really enjoy this show and the whole concept of it. I wasn’t sure about the first two to three episodes, but then I got really invested in the plot and the characters. I love the time travel aspect and seeing a snippet at the end of where Ben jumps to next. I hope NBC gives this another season. They always seem to cancel the good shows without giving them more time. I hope Netflix is watching!

  30. I loved the original and I love the reboot just as much I hope that a season 2 does happen. Sam was lost in the quantum world what if Sam finds him. I mean this could go in so many direction.

  31. I actually love the new Quantum Leap. It’s a shame that it’ll prolly be mostly ignored. Not enough boobies and sex for today’s discerning audience. I heard that NBC expanded their order 6 episodes for the first season. While that might seem like a good thing, I think they’re giving them 6 more episodes to wrap up the plot. They’re converting the first season into a limited series that wraps up the Quantum Leap story. I have a feeling they’ll find Sam (that’s obviously what Ben’s secret mission is) and he’ll give his life to send Ben back home. Therefore “Sam Beckett never returned home”, but he’s also not lost in time forever.

  32. There’s a lot of call for Sam to be brought home, but you have to remember the final episode of the original series revealed that his leaps where actually happening by choice. It’s therefore far more in keeping with his character to spend his life helping others. If they brought him home… then what? Al’s dead, his wife’s off the scene.

  33. I loved the original show. I feel like this show should have been more creative like the original. It should have had a future scene with some cool effects like the original first episode. Then, the first episodes were boring. I feel like episode 4 and 5 was better, but missing something to make you want more

  34. I am 5 episodes deep into the show now. While I find the tie into the original is fun and exciting, it’s sadly the only thing I am interested in. If they ended the season finding Sam, then I’d be dine with the show because I have no real interest in Ben or any of the other characters.

    We spend too much time focused on Ben and what’s her names relationship and too much time in the “in the current worlds distraction of the week” to really get invested in Ben and what is going on in his leaps.

  35. Yes, yes, yes there needs to be more Quantum leap! This story is perfectly tied into and picking up where the original left off. I absolutely love every actors character as well as how each of them portray those characters. Please, please, please renew quantum leap for at least a few more seasons to give us closure on Sam Becket if nothing else.

  36. I personally don’t watch live TV and rely on Hulu to watch most of my shows. Very disappointed to see NBC is no longer on Hulu and I resisted downloading another app and I wasn’t going pay to see it. Fortunately it’s free at the moment.
    I wasn’t that keen on the 1st episode but I continued with the next few. It did get better but the romance angle with the hologram is not a winner. To be honest, it would be hard to beat Dean Stockwell. Now, it probably won’t be renewed, I doubt I will bother with it. It must hard for the actors to be on show that is odds on to be cancelled before it even finished the 1st season. I read that the original had poor ratings to begin with but has become a cult classic. Sadly TV shows like that can’t survive under the current race for ratings.

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