Has Pirate Gold of Adak Island been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Pirate Gold Of Adak Island is an 8 episode reality series, depicting a bunch of treasure hunters attempting to track down long lost treasure on an island. It’s classic adventuring and a nod back to the days of Curse of Oak Island.

If you’ve finished watching this one, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled. Well, read ahead and we’ll let you know what we know so far about a renewal.

What is Pirate Gold Of Adak Island about?

Adak Island centers on an old pirate tale that stretches back to 1892. Back then, a pirate buried gold on Adak Island worth over $300 million. He died before he could return though, stashing said gold in tin cans across the landscape. His treasure is still out there, somewhere across the inhospitable terrain of this island.

Fast forward to the present and a bunch of treasure hunters arrive to unearth said gold and uncover the secrets of the island. Only, there’s a problem. They have absolutely no idea where the gold is. All they have to go on is a single black and white photo and some hunches, banking most of this on whatever else they find on the island. An island, I may add, that’s rigged with explosives.

We have coverage of Pirate Gold of Adak Island across the site, including a full season review. You can read that HERE. Do be wary of the comments though as there are spoilers!

Has Pirate Gold Of Adak Island been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Pirate Gold Of Adak Island has not been renewed for a second season. Given the ending though, it would seem this one is pretty conclusive, unless of course the gang decide to double down their efforts and blow up more of the island.

Generally Netflix gauge numerous metrics before renewing a show, including how many people initially watch it and then looking at the drop-off rate per episode. With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars). Other times, it can take months before Netflix make a decision over a show’s future.

So far, Pirate Gold Of Adak Island has had a pretty mixed reception with most critics loving this one (we seem to be the outlier here!) and audiences disliking this 8 episode docu-series/reality drama.

Based on the ending and reception, we’re predicting that Pirate Gold Of Adak Island will not be renewed for a second season. Despite these sort of shows being relatively easy to make, we can’t see a second season getting the views needed to justify a renewal.

We’ll be sure to update this section with more details as they become available.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about season 2 at this point, given Netflix have not green-lit a sequel.

However, if the streaming giants do renew this one, you can expect plenty more treasure hunting and scientific rationale (see: guesswork) over where the rest of the gold may be.

We’re under the impression that there will not be a season 2 but of course, we will aim to update this page when more concrete information becomes available!

Would you like to see Pirate Gold Of Adak Island return for a third season? Or do you think the story has run its course now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

69 thoughts on “Has Pirate Gold of Adak Island been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. I found the series good, becoming excellent when the final episode was aired. The second series would start on the high of the first season (excellent viewing).

  2. I would love to see more of it you got me hooked on it then end it would really suck I got tired of watching old Island there’s was the same thing every time please bring it back I just wish it was on regular TV

  3. I would love to see season 2. So hopefully it will be renewed. It’s now May, so it’s about time to start digging that gold 😊

  4. Yes, 2nd season is warranted. The level of ‘American’ exaggeration is acceptable in comparison to Oak Island and other shows. The second cross mark looked planted. At the very least is was wettened and looked much too shiny for a rock in those natural conditions. If exposed to air, there should have been more moss/lichen. If covered in dirt, it would have been quite some work to give it this shiny appearance. The two found coins could have been planted. The last tin can was not inspected in enough detail. But still, the overall conclusion is that this show is much more palatable than the current overly scripted ‘documentaries’ with hysterical acting.

  5. Please renew this for another season!! I loved how they used science to guide the search! I binge-watched season 1 because I couldn’t stop, even though it went off course into pure speculation when the locals went to Lake Betty. Dr. M staying solidly focused on the science gets the group back on course. I suspect that the producers and film editing may have caused his unnecessary sidetrack into drama. The cast has a great blend of skills, the story is fascinating, and the setting itself adds drama. I just hope the producers and film editors aren’t distorting or overemphasizing things (like including or playing up the moments when the locals pursue speculative theories), just for the sake of ‘television’.

  6. please renew Pirate Gold of Adak for another season. I am enjoying it very much, and would bet that like myself many others would rather watch a show where people are (a) being fed continuous speculation over an election that is still a year away , and (b) glorifies bad language and sociopathic behavior (c) and teaches our children that breaking the law is acceptable and getting filthy rich at the expense of your fellowman is the only worthy purpose in life

  7. I spent 18 months on Adak in the early 1970s, during my sophomore year of high school and the first three months of my junior year. At that time, the island had about 3,000 residents but they were all connected in some fashion with the U.S. Navy. I never heard of this gold legend when I was living on Adak.

    I spent a lot of time out in the tundra and didn’t find it as dangerous as depicted in the series. I had a party cabin near Lake Andrew, but on the southern shore, not on the northern side where the rec center is located. And when I lived there, there was no gate near the rec center blocking off access to the road that ran along the shore.

  8. I couldn’t stand Dr. M. Why exactly was she the only one of the crew that didn’t use their full name? My thought is that she didn’t want her name tied to what could have been a wild goose chase of a treasure hunt and become a misfit in her profession. She was absolutely annoying and provided no tangible asset to the group. She acted like her methods were infallible. I hope Thom doesn’t bring back that academic.

  9. If they do run a second season on hope they get some help with metal detecting. As a detectorist for many years I couldn’t stop yelling at the tv during the first season. The yellow Garrett Ace detector was a complete mess. They would have had a hard time finding gold sitting on the ground. Coil cord was all sloppy hanging over the coil. I’d be watching one minute the coil was in the correct position and 30 seconds later they would show the coil mounted backward on the shaft. And the guess work to decide where to look was crazy. Look under water until you find some rocks and bam they must have a chore here then went to shore right there. I’m only 4 episodes in and I don’t think I can stomach anymore

  10. I think ot was interesting but feel like the 2 coins may have been planted. I would like to season 2 but the lady drives me nuts shes so full of herself and mentions her phd schoolinh too much and at the end instead of saying she was proid of the work everyone did she saod im so proud of the work I did. We get it miss bossy full of yourself. She os her biggest fan.

  11. I would love to see another season and many more!! I love the history and clearly the people of Adak island would greatly benefit from the profits and they deserve to.

  12. Of course this needs another season if they didn’t stop every ten minutes to talk around a camera they may have found more. If they planted those coins then they certainly did a bunch of other work for nothing. They could have planted them after the first few episodes and people would still have watched. I would say there are more coins around that whole area that got sprinkled about when they moved the dirt not paying attention and if anyone found some that they would have mentioned it back then as to claim the story fame. Again doubt they planted a coin and decided to have to barely move a one ton rock to get one coin. I would continue to look for the rock markings to lead the way because they are obviously showing them something. There was probably another rock marker on the hill that got leveled leading somewhere else.

  13. I was stationed on Adak.in 1960 with the USAF 1929 AACS – would like to know where the show was filmed in relation to the Marine Barracks. Remember the earthquakes/high winds/sleet/rain/snow. Hope season 2 happens to support the folks living on the island.

  14. oh this series was awesome wanna see 2nd 3rd & more of this untill they find the rest of the gold . netflixplz get this back

  15. I enjoyed the show. The two friends who previously lived on the island had good chemistry. I believe the coin scene is fake because if they really found gold on that scene they would have talked about where it was minted, the value of the coins, etc. The fact that the producers chose to show the two planted coins in the last moments of the show is a dead give away that they were forced to plant some coins to keep our interest.

  16. I ready like the show and hope to see season 2. I find it strange that there was no value put on the two coins found?

  17. I hope the crew is looking into finding the people who are still alive and actually did the removal of the hill top. They may have some answers as to where all of the dirt ended up.
    It is suspicious to me that the hill top had to be removed and that hill top had the gold coins. Do you think the people who actually had that hill top taken out knew the gold was there and had it done so they could keep the gold for themselves.

  18. Loved the show and would love to see another season! If not another season then at least an update on if people were brought in to disarm the explosives and if they found more gold!

  19. I think a season 2 is needed.How eciting it must of been to find the two coins on the last possible day before winter spooped in and left the treasure hunters out in the cold. There are too many unanswered questions for our heros. How much are the two coins worth? Did the dirt that was removed from Red Bluff Hill fall into the hands of modern day pirates and are now part of a very rich a numismatist secret stash of coins! Or did the US military unearth the coins in 1943 and used the bullion to help finance the CIA during the cold war? Pirates, gold coins, bombs, booby traps, deadly terains, modern technology,and a fasinating story! I think it has all the ingredients for a second season.


  20. Red Bluff Hill removal of the hill top to reduce the wind effect at the local Airport runway… removal sounds straight forward; however a certain amount would have just been spread past the original edge of the hill burying a portion of the material how deep? Gold is a little over 19 times heavier then water so it would find its why deeper then the rest of the debris. Ground Penetrating Radar does not distinguish metal from other objects doubt something as small as coin would show anyway. Are there metal detectors that probe deeper then 3 feet?

    To move the material to Lake Andy near the Boat House, How much was used in the road between the two? Was the material use to create the road to Parcel 4? How far from the gate to the Live Munitions? Was the material use to cover the munitions? What other projects where taking place in 1983 that could have diverted at least some of the top soil?

    In a higher populated area the military would have properly disposed of the munitions instead of just storing indefinitely.

    Not the only community to be closed by changing needs in this case the end of WW2 and end of The Cold War. If nothing else there is enough history here to create season two or three. What was that apparatus found under the house? The gold would be a nice pay off if found, but just learning of the military defenses is interesting enough to keep the series going.

  21. Amazing show I hope to see a second season as it would be amazing to see the town restored. an the history an historic events where truely captivating to see it come to life with 2gold coins after all that effort they deserve to be able to explore more.

  22. My thought is that the military men taking off the top of the hill had to see the gold either taking off the top or when spreading it by the Rec Center. They probably just missed a few pieces here and there and that is what was found. I doubt they will find any more.

  23. I’m 70 years old having explored mines with family since I was 3 y/o. In my later years a major research project on a sunken tugboat taking the 9 man crew in 1926 and over the last few years a part of missing military aircraft research/searches. This show was informative from many angles. In this day of age with the advent of reality shows it’s nice to see one’s that have legitimate history connections. Send us Season 2 for a better chance to judge whether it should continue!

  24. I just watched the season. I loved it. Please bring back a second season or third season however, long it takes for them to find the gold and save that community. I enjoyed the historic artifacts that they found along the way.

  25. The stone findings are awesome!
    I reckon, there was one can around stone 1, 2 or so at stone 2, I reckon there are more stones. Then likely more cans or even the remaining at the next stone! I would do anything to help find it with them. I wouldn’t even want it, just finding it would be AMAZING
    Please let there be a second season. This left oak island for dead!

  26. I am way out in Wyoming, and live seeing this team work to save a community. I hope they continue and get the gold. Bring on season 2.

  27. This is a great show. They actually find gold. If u don’t make the 2nd season, I will go up to adak and make season 2 myself and post it on YouTube…

  28. Very predictable. By episode 6 I knew they would have to find at least one coin for the season to go on next year and that is just what happened. If they buried ordinance in area 4 it must be under bedrock, go back and look how the shoreline looks the same all the way down the coast. My bet is they put that gate there as no overgrown weeds are stuck in the fence and no big piles of dirt extending into the water to bury ordinance.

  29. Season 2!! Season 2!! Currently rewatching season 1! And I really hope we get to see his science and a couple awesome treasure hunters find some gold baby!!

    Las Vegas Nv

  30. I am guessing the Navy would not let the treasure hunters on the other side of the fence to check that area. Lots of unexploded ordnance left & too hard or expensive to clear. Seemly, that is the path where the rest of the treasure is located. ( as shown in episode 8)

  31. Please bring on season 2! I’ve watched Oak Island for years and they still have not found treasure! At least these hunters have found gold and you know more is there! This is so interesting!!

  32. This was very exciting to watch my husband and I love documentaries this one’s on the top of the list please bring season 2

  33. One of the best treasure digging programs I’ve watched.I love the attention to detail given through out the episodes.I love the way the boys make blast shields and the soil poke poles.Great program Ross from Scotland UK

  34. I loved this. It is so often we never get to see any real treasure be found. Here, the reader at the end was fantastic. I want to know if the rest is there. Would love to see a season 2!

  35. It was a large area to cover and would like to see another series its proven there is gold to be found now these guys know where to look would be interesting to see how much more can be found.

  36. My father served in the military and was stationed in the Aleutian islands during WW ll. He has since passed on so this is extremely intriguing. And I’m also a treasure hunter lover!!! Bring it on!!!

  37. I am hoping there is a 2nd season. We need more real shows like this one learning about the history of the land and gold. It’s great watching the group work together and get excited over what could possibly be coming. There is plenty of shows that could go besides this one.

  38. Its awesome , im hooked and starting to become a treasure hunter myself, please bring the 2nd season damn it lol

  39. My family and I lived on Adak. I was sure this would be a hoax but there are several things that make it seem possible They could have gained more insight talking to a variety of resources who also lived on the island. I’m hoping to find more info online.

    I would like to see more. The rocks as indicators should be noted some where to validate. Terrific use of scientific methods.

    Could be a great teacher resource. My son and I watched it together. The winds can be deadly and I have seen the weather change 10 times in an hour from sun to sleet as I made my runs 1988-94. So sad the damage but I can understand why base closed!

  40. Yes, bring it back for a second season. One of the better docudramas I’ve watched. Don’t leave us hanging…

  41. Another season please, Netflix! It was a lot better than many of the shows Netflix is running these days.

  42. I hope it gets renewed. The team has proved they can find gold. The question is just how much they can find on the island.

  43. I would like to see another season, the suspense of actually finding the coins have me locked on.

  44. Un like oak island.it did fine 2 gold 🪙 coins. It would be nice if it went on.again look at how many seasons of oak island that ran.if old wood and Iron was worth anything oak island treasure hunters would be Rich. I’m just saying.

  45. I think the show has run its course. It was an exciting premise, however, the disappointment did not leave me wanting to see another season.

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