Has Night Sky been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Night Sky is the latest slow-paced sci-fi mystery airing on Amazon Prime. With an intriguing central premise and some excellent acting from its cast, Night Sky has been an endearing watch over the 8 episodes. If you’ve been following this one and reached that tantalizing cliffhanger of an ending, you may be wondering if this one’s been renewed or cancelled.

What is Night Sky Season 1 about?

Night Sky is set in Illinois and follows the lives of Franklin and Irene York. They’re a normal elderly couple, living out their lives while trying to succumb the crippling effects of old age. Only, they have a secret. It turns out the shed in their garden holds a secret doorway that leads them up to an alien observatory deck, overlooking a breathtaking vista.

When a stranger inexplicably shows up in the deck one morning, Franklin and Irene find their lives changed forever. Shadowy forces appear to be at work here, while Jude appears to hold the key to uncovering exactly what’s going on here.

We have extensive coverage on Night Sky across the site, including ongoing recaps for all 8 episodes. Feel free to check them out HERE!

Has Night Sky been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, Amazon have not renewed Night Sky for season 2. Given the decent ratings and the mystery box nature of this series, it’s perhaps even more of a bitter pill to swallow given Amazon have officially cancelled Night Sky.

We said before that with Amazon also juggling Outer Range, a similar slow-paced mystery, it was always going to be a toss-up which one of these shows Amazon stuck with.

There are always casualties in the round of cancellations but fans of Night Sky can be particularly aggrieved given the show’s agonizing cliffhanger. I guess we’ll have to rely on fan fiction or another streamer picking up the rights to this one.

What we know about season 2 so far:

There are lots of loose ends at the conclusion of season 1, including Hannah and the shadowy forces, where Jude comes from, what this alien settlement is, and just why Toni is so important to all this.

Unfortunately all these questions are left dangling on a frustrating cliffhanger that won’t be resolved any time soon.

Would you like to see Night Sky return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

490 thoughts on “Has Night Sky been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Truly a wonderful and unique series. With all the boring copycat productions out there, why would Amazon drop this series (other than cost). Surely Amazon must already be vested with most of the sets, etc that won’t add to cost of session 2, etc. I am hopeful someone will find a way to bring session 2 and beyond to reality.

  2. I’m pissed these stupid apps that cancel with no ending. Like Santa Clarita on Netflix. I’m not getting into anymore series on either they keep canceling all the good ones

  3. Amazon,

    How can you NOT renew Night Sky for a 2nd season??? Have you even read the reviews??? I read that you pulled the plug on the idea of a 2nd Season after ONLY 1 MONTH of it coming out. People can barely find some new shows in the first month, especially when you don’t even know to look for them. Or, what if there simply wasn’t as much Prime traffic that first month, for whatever reason. Or advertisement? Cancelling that fast just seems beyond extremely hasty!! You can’t even tell your friends to watch it yet, & it’s already cancelled?? This was the worst decision you’ve made in a while now. How disappointing. Should we “change the channel” & watch more Netflix Series’ instead? Whoever is making these decisions, isn’t doing it based upon what the viewers want. That’s for sure!

  4. Oh come on guys …you can’t be serious !
    This is a great series , fabulous acting and how can you possibly leave on such a cliffhanger .
    This is beyond cruel .
    Please reconsider.

  5. Just finished watching this compelling series. Superb acting and great storyline. Can’t believe it isn’t being renewed!! Soooo disappointed.
    It would be good to have a final episode with some answers at least.

  6. My friend and I have binge watched this wonderful show and we’re disappointed to find out the series was cancelled. If Amazon can’t continue the series, how about just making a final movie to wrap it all up! It was such a compelling show and deserves a proper “burial”!!!!

  7. I will repeat what others have said before me. Great series. But there are so many unanswered plot lines. Please renew. This was a quality show with wonderful actors and great writing. Don’t leave us hanging!

  8. Oh c’mon… We watched all 8 episodes in 2 nights. How can you pull people into a series without any ending in place. That just sucks!!!!!

    There needs to be a second season, even if it’s less episodes, just to give us the ending to all of the loose ends left.

  9. I watched the entire season in 2 nights. It kept my interest… obviously. Why would Amazon cancel a show that actually had good characters and acting, and an interesting storyline? I’m now hesitant about starting any Amazon series, as I don’t trust that they won’t cancel the series, and without even a final show to try to wrap it for its viewers. Isn’t doing good business about pleasing your customers in order to keep them coming back instead?

  10. Night Sky has the.potetial to be a.block.buster with this story line, at least with people that enjoy great acting and complex story lines that make people ponder the posibilties of what might be possible. Amazon may come to regret not producing season 2. I would start to avoid any Amazon season 1 shows if they yank the rug from under your feet like thay are planning with Night Sky.

  11. I was skeptical at first in watching night sky but decided to give it a go and after that first episode i had to keep watching it as said before great acting and of coarse there should be a second Serious i do think that Amazon did not promote it much perhaps Netflix should make a second serious and we should protest by cancelling our membership as they have now increased the monthly price.

  12. The acting is superb and the storyline has so many possibilities. I agree with the previous comments. Please renew!

  13. No season TWO??? Ridiculous. Great show. Common folks. Don’t leave the fans hanging.
    Excellent acting and cast. We want season two!!!!

  14. Please give this series another chance!! It has something for everyone. Excellent!! Not many shows out there with older actors that are relatable. We’ll thought out and top notch acting.

  15. So much potential – a great foundation to what could be an amazing series! Please continue!

  16. Can you say marketing ploy?
    There will be at least one more season folks! Academy award winning actors, great writing… one season… don’t kid yourself.

  17. YES for season two!!! 1 season with 2 of the greatest actors????-WHAT??!!-my husband and I watched the entire season and we definitely need to know what happens next???!!!

  18. This is one of the best series we’ve seen in a long time. I sure hope Amazon Prime brings out Season 2. It would be a big mistake to cancel the show after only 1 season.

  19. Enjoyed. Love Sissy Spacek. Please continue. We are left to make our own conclusions: 1. They are both dead. 2. The city is where Jude escaped from and is the home of the bad guys.
    There was a 3rd but can’t remember ATM.

    Where’s Byron? Is he being converted to the other side?
    Even if it’s only to finish the story please continue with season 2. I agree with everyone else. Who wants to watch a lot of idiot people running around on an island or boat. Reality TV is only good as a cure for insomnia.

  20. It should literally be illegal to end a show with unanswered questions. It’s so not fair to its fans! Yes! They should do another season. Or at least a show wrap up with even one long ending. Be fair to your fans!!!

  21. It is not often my husband and I find a series we both enjoy. We love the character development and would enjoy finding out their pasts and futures.
    Please have at least a second season.

  22. Please continue this series! I want to see the stories continue for Irene & Franklin, Jude & Denise, Stella & Tonie!

  23. Older people need new TV shows that they relate to if Amazon doesn’t wanna do it then I should put it on mainstream TV because there’s so many of these series that we watch and then because some yokel in the office doesn’t think people like it they don’t realize that it takes people a while to warm up to something sometimes to /three Seasons but this is a very good series but there was only eight programs that’s not very long it takes time for a word of mouth to get around to other people to tell them about it and a lot of people don’t have Amazon prime so if you actually want people to watch this series you need to put them on regular TV for all the people to watch for the people that can’t afford these extra special services you could’ve offered on Amazon prime with no commercials and then put it on regular TV for a normal series 1622 and 28 does not get very good shows anymore and we don’t see any older people do not want to watch live shows of people on islands that are nakedAnd stuff like that the actors on this series are awesome and the Plot was really good

  24. It was is a beautiful tv show for my aging mind!
    The actors were close to my age!
    WE don’t need another teen show!
    PLEASE bring back NIGHT SKY!!!

  25. Presumably no renewal of 2nd season as they need to make room for another “reality” show. Heaven forbid they should show something intelligent.

  26. Please renew for season 2. There are so many questions left unanswered. I am eagerly awaiting what happens next. If you continue to cancel mystery series like these we will be hesitant to want to start to watch anything else. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE RENEW!!!!!

  27. I am so dissatissfied when I get into a series worth my time it is canceled!
    This was an exceptional series! Please let the writers know this was a job WELL DONE!
    If Amazon does not pick this up for season 2 it will be a huge loss for them and of course for their Prime viewership.
    It is seldom that I binge a whole season, but this one grabbed me a wouldn’t let me go.
    The only downfall of giving us a season is…I have to wait! But I will. Please continue on to season 2, 3 and 4.
    I am vestid now and need more. Thank you!!

  28. Finally! A series worth actually spending precious time watching! Spacek and Simmons gave stellar performances, and the supporting actors are equally engaging! PLEASE renew this series and give the public entertainment worth watching!!

  29. Please renew Night Sky. I’ve really enjoyed watching it. However, if it’s not renewed, I’ll be very hesitant to watch other Prime offerings .

  30. Please continue this series! Why even advertise it as Season 1 if there’s no others to come? It’s cruel! And, it makes me hesitate to start watching any more Amazon original series!

  31. PLEASE renew this fantastic series for many more seasons to come! These writers and actors are brilliant, dynamic and captivating!

  32. I just finished the first season of Night Sky. I was so drawn in by the story and there was always a new event or character. I binged watched in two days!! The actors were good! The story line is so interesting! What or who is in the city on the new planet? Would love to see a season 2!!! Please

  33. J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek: both Academy Award winners. How many streaming series can make such a claim for the lead roles? And Chai Hansen? This kid is going places…
    Not renewing the series for a second season would be a travesty. Amazon—you got me to look away from Disney and Netflix with this one—strike while the iron is hot

  34. Love the acting in Night Sky. The storyline is very well planned and thought out. Love how the ending left you with many questions and the deep desire to know what is to happen next. It keeps you coming back for more, and more seasons is what I’m praying for. Thank you Amazon Prime for Night Sky.

  35. YES, PLEASE RENEW! The first season seems to just end the story before it’s over, like when you’re reading a page turner book, and you really start to get hooked and the book suddenly disappears. There is plenty of story left to unfold for at least one more season! If you’re going to end it, end it with another season to answer all the questions that season 1 left viewers with.

  36. We need several more seasons of Night Sky. I started and finished season 1on the same day. Please Amazon keep it going.

  37. Excellent show! Great writing, story line, and character development with excellent actors. There’s a powerful and entertaining combination you don’t see frequently. Please bring this series back for a 2nd season.

  38. I binge-watched all 8 episodes over last weekend, and am hoping it is renewed for a 2nd series!! Fantastic scripts and actors! Awesome..

  39. My husband and I very much enjoyed Night Sky. Excellent acting and well developed characters. And the plot is very engaging and exciting. We do hope Amazon makes a 2nd, 3rd, 4th season!

  40. I absolutely loved season 1 and please bring it back for season 2. I want to know what happens next. Please, please!!!!

  41. We very much enjoyed this season of Night Sky!
    Please do renew them for a second season.

  42. Please renew this engaging and intriguing show. The actors are wonderful in a fabulous sci fi mystery. It’s grounded, warm, and heartfelt. Please don’t let this gem go away.

  43. Please renew! It’s a slow burn that gradually builds into a great sci-fi story. Need to know how all the pieces come together! Don’t leave us hanging like so many other good series that have been cancelled without closure.

  44. Please give us a second season! We loved this show! The acting is wonderful and the show itself has us anxious for more! Please renew!!!!!

  45. We LOVE this show❣️P L E A S E renew and have season 2….please don’t leave us hanging🙏🙏

  46. Please renew this series. The love story enhances the suspense. We loved it and need more….pleeeze!,,,

  47. Yes. We definitely want another season. The loose threads seem really interesting and we LOVE the characters. Acting is excellent. Love the smoothness of transitions to life on earth and life in different times and space. Love the God connections with Jude and possibly the thought that he is the second coming! If this is so, your audience will multiply in size. Very cool!

  48. I was hooked after viewing episode 1! Please don’t leave us hanging. There are too many unanswered questions like what’s next for Franklin and Irene. Please renew season 2!

  49. I would love a Season 2 of Night Sky! Love the characters and their stories and would like to see more!

  50. Night sky is probably the best mystery series I’ve watched in recent years. Definitely recommending this to my friends. To bad all the critics that are reviewing this are crackheads that can’t handle a slower paced show.

  51. I LOVED THIS SERIES! I was hooked from the very first episode. Please renew!!! You can’t just leave us hanging like this.

  52. Very much want to see the series resumed. It has so much potential to move in a variety of satisfying directions.

  53. Please give season 2 of Night Sky a green light. J K Simmons and Sissy Spacek are awesome! Plus, I need about a thousand loose ends tied up.

  54. I am so tired of watching a series 1 season and getting interested in seeing a second season but the series does not return. SO TIRED!!! If you can’t continue a series maybe you should stick to a 6 episode mini series which seem to be popping up now. Finish what you started!!!!!
    Night Sky is a great show. Finish what you started!!!!!

  55. Please renew for second season ….. you can’t leave us hanging so many loose ends.
    Very interesting story, great writing and acting was great.

  56. Yes!! Please please renew this wonderful new and fresh mystery series. The storyline is wonderful as are the relationships between an eclectic group of people. The characters Franklin and Irene are beautifully acted by Spacek and J. J. Simmons.
    We want to believe!!

  57. Fascinating story with outstanding acting. Definitely begging for a season 2. Must know how this ends.

  58. Really enjoy the series! I did not find it slow I found it very well done! Too many times people want to rush things! Please renew for season two there are many unanswered questions.

  59. Even is you compare to lost.. It too started slow… Give Night Sky a chance… The acting and story line are great.. It won’t be a mistake.

  60. The character development was fabulous. The casting crew should get an Emmy, wonderful choices. To me, one of the big intrigues was looking at the city at the end of Season One with so many questions: Is this where Jude came from, where is Byron, if Irene and Franklin enter this city, will they be able to leave, just how many of these Guardian and Resistance Groups are out there. That is just one area of questions I have about this show. We need AT LEAST one more season to close up all of the loose ends. Do your best to find a spot for Night Sky next season. Thanks!

  61. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give is season 2!!!
    This is a great show that has the potential to go MUCH further than such as “The Wilds”. This is interesting and keeps you wondering, and who doesn’t like a show with alien mystery!! Don’t make the mistake of not renewing this one!!

  62. Best series since game of thrones. Great acting, story line and great characters. Prime you have a huge hit on your hands, second season,Yes please

  63. That’s some cliffhanger! The last episode has me wanting more! Please…season 2 of Night Sky. Thank you.

  64. If there isn’t a season 2 then I’m finishing with Amazon. This has been a great captivating series that deserves to evolve to points of truth and explanation. The characters have been given some depth as events unfolded and we the paying viewers deserve to be treated accordingly with closure on matters.

  65. Excellent acting, keeps you guessing. Would love to know what’s in the city on the other side, and what happened to Byron, the neighbor?

  66. So what happened? Where did the kidnappers take the mother and daughter? What did the Yorks see. Where are Jude and the granddaughter? Please renew and put my questions to rest.

  67. I loved the first season. Great characters on the show. I hope there is more seasons! Don’t leave us hanging. Too many unanswered qyuestion??? I will be afraid to start watching another show ever again on Amazon.

  68. Loved season one! There just has to be at least another series. Well acted, well thought out. A really decent plot!

  69. I just finished watching Night Sky, and I loved every minute! I don’t sleep well, and I found this show at 4am! Just finished watching at noon so that explains how much I loved it! Please bring back another season! I love shows where I hold my breath awaiting the next scene! You could not have given this show a better cast! I could watch 10 more seasons! Thanks Amazon!

  70. I shall be furious if there isn’t a sequel or at least a movie (as in serenity) to tie things up. Even if the show doesn’t have the following or generate the revenue I think it is a moral duty which platforms often fail at to give closure. I am tempted not to begin watching many series for fear that they will just stop dead. BTW I did stop watching lost long before it ended. I could see that they were just throwing in mystery after mystery with no idea of how it would all come together, and it didn’t all come together. Creating mystery is easy enough, all you have to do is tie a watermelon to your head, put on a purple tuxedo with slippers and walk backwards into the Houses of Parliament. Everyone will wonder what the hell you are doing, but explaining the mystery, that Is where the genius is. Anybody knows that a good riddle isn’t in the setup, it is in the headscractching and then the final ‘oh, of course, it is so obvious once you know the answer’.

  71. Very interesting and directed by so many different people. Actors whispering lines n TV sound like mumbling. Renew or movie to tie everything together.

    The actors, set and directors are all in place, Illinois would love to have more production. I say it’s a go.

  72. Excellent writing and producing great cast of characters, please back, if you don’t want to make it a Long running series, make it a mini series with a ending. Just don’t leave us hanging

  73. Yes I really hope they renew it! Left us with major cliffhangers to a great story. And the cast is excellent! There’s nothing else like this. Please Amazon!

  74. Night Sky is a great show and ratings are so last 10 years ago. If Amazon likes it use your better judgment. It’s your money and you have to spend money to make money. Business is business and I know there are people at Amazon who know when they have a good thing going. They didn’t get where they are at today by not stepping up to the plate.

  75. Great show and actors! It should be renewed especially with such a great cliff hanger!

  76. Absolutely love this show and the actors!! Why would you leave people hanging? What Amazon needs to do is advertise their shows more so people can find this gem. We found it by accident.

  77. Please renew Night Sky. I binge watched the first year while isolating at home with Covid. Now I have to know what happens next. There’s not much Sci Fy on TV these days. Great acting and writing.

  78. Season 1 was awesome. I had to watch all of them in 2 evenings!!! Please so a Season 2!!!!!! This is a great show!

  79. I loved this, excellent story and acting. I love Cindy Spacek and J.K Simmons. There are so many directions this could go. Please renew this series. Great entertainment. It’s not too Sci-fi but just enough, combined with the human relationship elements it’s the perfect combination.

  80. Loved characters. Actors were excellent. So many terrible shows are still running, need to keep this one. Very relatable. Left dangling have to continue, please

  81. Please renew Night Sky for another season. We just found it and watched all the episodes in 2 days! Now we are left hanging with all the unanswered questions! We just loved the actors, the plot and mystery. So much better than some of the other stuff out there.

  82. I loved this first season and I do hope you bring it back for a second one. So many questions to be answered and great acting to be enjoyed.
    Please please please give us a second season!

  83. Please renew Night Sky for a second season at least. It is a great series and viewers need to have closure. I was very disappointed with the last episode because I expected so much more !

  84. I am fascinated with Night Sky. What drew me in were first of all, the main actors: Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons. Then the unraveling of the story, mysterious places, people and the portals. It’s just beginning and I’d like to see more of this. Please renew the show and make several seasons. I like Sci fi, mystery, love and life put altogether. Season 2 and 3 Please with 10 episodes each please.

  85. It’s more than a sci-fi film- it’s about the deeper complexities of relationships and the pain of real life. We all know this. Would love to see Night Sky continue. Excellent acting.

  86. Please please please renew this! It’s a fantastic show, wonderful actors and story.

  87. I could watch 10 more seasons of Night Sky!! Sissy is one of my most favorite actresses!! J k Simmons was perfect in his role and they made a very believable couple!! They are a perfect choice! I loved them!! The cast is well chosen! The story lines are awesome! There are so many portals that a lot of story lines could be written and many could be linked with their own little twists!! Oh, the places they can go and see!! And my hubby and I will watch all the episodes from all the many seasons!! The story can even continue after Frank and Irene pass away, their granddaughter and Jude could inherit the house!! Must be a good story on why Frank and Irene’s portal was buried? Why other portals were buried?
    But first let’s get this series renewed for several seasons!! Remember that only half the watchers wrote in to review so there will be many more than us watching this awesome series!! Please renew this series and don’t forget that cliffhanger!! We will be waiting for full seasons bec if we get a few closing episodes you will have ruined it. We’ve seen it happen on many series before. This is such a great series!!

  88. Hi,
    Great series! I love mysteries and good writing and wonderful acting. This show has it all! Please renew this for at least multiple seasons! My wife and I loved it! Thanks,
    Tim and Cathy


  89. Night Sky was terrific. The story line is intriguing and continued to build to the very end, of season 1.
    Season 2 is a must have!!
    Amazon must bring this back!!!

  90. The acting in this is wonderful! Especially Sissy Spasek. My wife and I loved it we really want to see it continue to season 2 Hope season two has a happy ending and ties everything together with no loose ends. Pleaae, please don’t leave us hanging!

  91. Great series and great actors. Definitely needs follow up seasons because it keeps you interested unlike Outer Range that was soooooo boring and disappointingly.

  92. I would love to see another Season of Night Sky. There are so many things yet to unravel. It’s simply not finished! The acting is superior and Sissy Spacek is always a charm in anything she is in.
    Please renew this one as it would not be fair to not expand on the dangeling possibilities.

  93. Agree with the countless others who found this series to be fascinating. Outer Range was very good with excellent acting. I feel both need to be taken further.

  94. A very good series. Would like to see another. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled in favour of Outer Range as I thought that was dull.

    I was literally drawn in to the story by Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons! The story was fresh and we deserve to know how so many of the storylines unfold! Crossing fingers for a season 2!!

  96. Yes, please! We must have a season 2! This is the best new series ever! Please renew!!!!

  97. We were looking for a great series to watch and found it. There are so many loose ends that need to he explained. So we hope Amazon will pick up season 2 and beyond.

  98. Please renew Night Sky. If I had known it ended on such a cliff-hanger I wouldn’t have invested so much time watching it. Jude is definitely under my skin now & I want to know more about him. Irene & Franklin are good for the soul and we want only the best for them!

  99. Loved it, I sure hope you continue on to season 2. I want to see more!!
    All the actors are great in this series.
    Looking forward to see more.

  100. Great series. It would be insane not to continue. The characterizations and acting are superb. Please listen to all the Amazon subscribers who love this story…continue the series.

  101. Oh I REALLY do hope they continue the series. It’s an interesting one of a kind. The writing and acting is fantastic and very engaging.
    Fingers crossed for a second season 🤞💜

  102. YES, please RENEW & do the next and yea, the next season. Until you have completeted the story line.
    It does get frustrating watching, enjoying, the. The rug gets pulled out. Kind of makes me NOT want to to watch Amazon series for fear of exactly this reason!

  103. Yes, Please renew! My husband and I really enjoyed and want to know what happens next!

  104. After a few of the early episodes which were boring and definitely dragged out it was a around the fourth episode I believe which began to capture my interest and engaged my curiosity. So we said “Let’s see what happens” BUT to tell you the truth we were 99% ready to completely stop watching it because of the language barrier (meaning when mom and daughter were speaking Spanish alot) because of that we missed and couldn’t understand many scenes because were trying to read the captions and watch what was going on for instance (I’m watching the daughter scrolling through her phone BUT I don’t know what she’s saying BECAUSE YOU EITHER WATCH HER SCROLLING OR READ THE CAPTIONS) extremely annoying who out there can do both??? Nobody!. So we miss a lot of what’s happening. For those two issues I give it 2 stars. ☆☆

  105. Night Sky is a brilliant and intriguing story. Yes, it went it is slow for my taste, but it is the most inventive concept on TV today. I am sorry that I may never find out what it was all about.


  106. Night Sky is a brilliant and intriguing story. Yes, it went it is slow for my taste, but it is the most inventive concept on TV today. I am sorry that I may never find out what it was all about.
    I am an avid sci-fi viewer, reader, and dreamer and Night Sky thoroughly captured my imagination.

  107. I really liked the first season, it has everything needed to keep you watching it.
    It would be almost a sin not to have a second season!

  108. This is a great series excellent acting an good story. Amazon need to renew this asap. There are few pieces dealing with so many topics as aging, people differences , race and a fun poke at the alien network which is just really people after all

  109. My wife and I have really enjoyed this show. We’re especially pleased that the show spotlights an elderly couple who love and care about each other. We think there are many of us out here who can relate. All of the actors do a splendid job. The story line is believable in many respects (maybe all, if one dares think about what’s possible). Keep a quality production going and s – l – o – w – l – y tie up all the loose ends. We feel there is very little out there that is worth watching. Thanks for bringing us this far along.

  110. I was stunned to hear they have to even ‘consider’ making a decision to renew this series. Wonderful actors, great story line. I binge-watched it in 3 evenings.Please continue !

  111. Please keep this series going!! It is amazing and has heartwarming characters, and exciting possibilities shooting in many directions. It is very seldom that my husband and I both will watch a series together. If he will spend his time watching a series you’d better know it has something very worthwhile going for it. I think Amazon has a winner here and they should capitalize on it.

  112. I have watched so many series on Amazon and no renewal for a second season. Do they even understand the feeling of not completing a task? It is the amount that is amazing and the wondering we the customers are left with zero closer….ptsd wt. shame on you and shame on me for believing in yet another series I waisted my time on. Including outer range. Are they just throwing money where ever. Just to keep everyone hanging. Change your evil ways Amazon!!!

  113. I would like to see night sky return. I am rather tired of enjoying a show and having it end. I would rather read a book …

  114. A couple of my favorite actors. Good actors all around. Good plot line. Hope there is a season 2 and 3.

  115. LOVE THIS! I’m in love with this balance of warm friendly drama with mystery & sci-fi! It’s so pleasant to watch! The cast is perfect. I’m SO intrigued by the last episode of season one as they finally descend into the unknown world of “the night sky” landscape to find a CITY! Ughhhh Amazon don’t fail me! I was never a sci-fi fan but sci-fi has taken an amazing turn. Total fan.

  116. PLEASE, please renew! It is a bit slow paced but that is a great asset to the show. Too many questions! I love that the questions are answered a little at a time. It creates intrigue, interest, and desire for the next episode. The actors are fantastic, too!

  117. Love the actors. It was nice to see Sissy Spacick again. Would love season 2 to tie everything up. PLEASE.

  118. Intriguing and exceptionally well acted series. Please renew even if the plan is to complete the drama in Season 2. Thanks!

  119. FANTASTIC!!! Despite thefirst couple of episodes being rather slow, it STILL managed to draw me in and capture my attention. It was SO intriguing and had me looking for every opportunity to get back to watching the next episode. You can’t leave us hanging. The characters were awesome. The acting was awesome. The plot is fantastic! Best show in a LONG time! Thank you. PLEASE RENEW!!!

  120. Oh my goodness, we absolutely love thia series! This is aone of the best acting I have seen I’m a really long time!!

    Please don’t leave us hanging – the story line is fantastic! There must be a season 2 then 3 and 4 at least! Love this!!

  121. This is an intriguing and captivating series from the start. Love the acting by everyone…. Stellar! No pun intended.
    Please renew this series.

  122. YES! Bring it back. There is so little worth watching these days and Night Sky is totally engaging. I’m actually going to watch the first year again from the begining. I think I missed a lot the first time around.

  123. Please bring back Night Sky! What an excellent production. Fantastic writing and acting. PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  124. Please renew Night Sky series!!! Was excited to have finally found another show I looked forward to watching. Extremely disappointed if there’s only 1 season and no ending to this story.

  125. Excellent script and acting was superb. I’m voting that additional seasons are in the near future!
    J K Simmons & Sissy Spacek were great as well as the rest of the cast.

  126. It would be a shame not to renew night sky. Great actors, great story and intrique. Please renew.

  127. Loved Night Sky! Please write and produce a second season! I am going to tell all my friends to binge watch season one! There will be such demand for a second season as word spreads about this fantastic series! Thank you!

  128. Please Renew!! You can’t just leave us seeing the city and not let us explore it!!! Too much isn’t answered!

  129. Yes, please renew. You can’t just leave us hanging not knowing what all this means and events of characters…RENEW, RENEW, RENEW…

  130. Most definitely do Season 2, Sissy Spacek is amazing. We all want to meet real aliens that look like us, talk like us, love like us, our perfect
    fantasy. J.K. Simmons was perfect and his relationship with Sissy so
    real. So much more story to tell Season 2 will be a winner for you.
    Wonderful to watch 2 Oscars winners work there Magic.

  131. Kelly
    Sorry for the typos from my previous comment. Talking into the phone is not always the best way to comment.
    Night is extremely well acted, and the story line is intriguing.
    Keep the story going. Please make another season.

  132. Night Sky is an Intelligent and very interesting shell. One that can be washed with a whole family. The acting is superb and the mystery is exciting. Please renew night sky.

  133. I really enjoyed the first season and hoping Amazon makes a positive decision to go forward with season 2. I appreciate good acting, clean script and suspense. This one delivered all for me.

  134. I would watch Season 2. Could be successful if carefully done. Quite a waste if abandoned now, makes Amazon look dumb.

  135. Great production, filled with mystery and suspense. Way better than others which only have inappropriate content. Such a great show. Please renew it and keep it going.

  136. Amazing show! I couldn’t get enough of this story and longed to get to the next episodes. The ending left you hanging in wonder and It would be very unfortunate to end the story here. With so many people pleading for more ..

    My vote is renewal please.

    Thank you 🙏🏽

  137. Finally a series worth watching. A very compelling storyline and fabulous acting by Sissy Spacek and J. K. Simmons and the rest of the crew. Please renew for at least a second season. If only to answer all the cliffhangers and end the series right.

  138. Need…. WANT, a Season two…. there are not enough science-fi series this amazing! (only Raised by Wolves) My husband and I binge watched the whole thing in one day!! Amazon please renew, renew, renew!

  139. You’ve picked our brains and we’re asking for more. Too many series have ended prematurely…we were watching “Six” which ended midterm during Season 2. How outrageous was that? If you know the life span of a series before you start, then don’t start. It really pisses us off.

  140. Please,Please bring it!! This needs more seasons. I find it one of the best I have seen!! Thank you!!

  141. Yes I loved it!!! Was a tab bit slow but all the last mins hooks got me wondering what’s gonna happen next

  142. PLEASE renew Night Sky for season 2! We love the characters, the story and especially the actors! We watch Outer Ranger too!

  143. Please continue this fine series!! Love the chemistry between the characters and how their lives intertwine. Must tie up all the plot lines no matter how many seasons it takes!!

  144. Love this show. Please green light a second season! Ditto Outer Range! They may be of the same genre but they’re both made so well and they’re engaging – not easy to find across myriad platforms. Thanks!

  145. I was hooked on this show. So well done, acted, and plotted. It is hard to imagine a series ending on a cliff-hanger like this, leaving all the questions that glued us to the series unanswered. When a show is this good, much consternation and annoyance will descend on A.P. if not renewed.

  146. Yes please let there be a second season! I really wants to see all the loose ends tied up.

  147. Night Sky looks at sci-fi inside out. Best is the unpredictable sequence of events. A good storyline like this deserves at least several seasons. Come up with more questions while answering others.

  148. Yes! Please renew. I love Franklin, Irene and Jude. It’s a great story. Season 2 please!

  149. YES! Please keep Night Sky going. I’d love to see many more seasons. Finally something the family can watch together that relies on good acting and not sex and violence.

  150. Pleeeease renew this show! I am so tired of watching and getting caught up in a series and then not renew it. I am starting to only watch series that have an ending. Do these movie makers and the powers that be really think that we don’t want endings to stories? Why bother watching any of these series?

  151. This is incomplete without a season two. How can you introduce another apostate at the end and leave it there????


  153. Please please renew this series! The cliffhangers are brilliant and the acting superb! I am so looking forward to what happens next!!
    It’s hard to believe you would draw us viewers in with so many plots having been developed and not had a plan for the rest of the story!
    Come on Amazon! Live up to your reputation!

  154. I loved it hope Amazon renews for season 2. I tried to watch outer range I didn’t like it, I finished night sky in 2 days!

  155. Drew us in on a hook ! Can’t stop, gotta see more. When will we get another dose ?

  156. What? A show that makes the viewer THINK? OLDER main characters? No gratuitous sex, violence or swearing? Amazon, you give your audience FINALLY some credit that we want BETTER quality shows! Continue well-written programs such as this and we will continue to watch!

  157. This was brilliant and it will be a travesty not to at least tie up the loose ends!!! I want to know what happened to Byron mostly too
    There as soooo many loose ends that to not do another series is going to be so very very annoying
    If not a whole series just an update lol
    Don’t keep us in suspense

  158. This show is so good! Keep it around. We can’t be left hanging! The story is fantastic and has opened up so many possibilities. Do us and yourselves a favor, renew.

  159. We would love to see another Season of “Night Sky.” It is nice to see an older couple in a show for a change. There are many mysteries in the plot to answer

  160. My wife and I are hooked!! You can’t leave all of these loose threads!!

  161. Please renew Night Sky. What a treasure do you have a series where the stars our older and such great actors like Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons. Also one thing I don’t recall hearing any bad words in the series although someone pointed that outAnd I’m not seeing any sex scenes just to get the ratings up. I love TV series like this that are a little slower paced and you rely more on good acting than car chases and explosions. Let us use our minds for a while and have fun with a series. Please don’t take away a good series with good actors especially Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons!

  162. Come on! You have piqued our interest thus far and left too many threads loose. It would be truly unprofessional and uncaring to leave it hanging like this….

  163. I’ve been recommending this show to everyone at work. My husband and I are both hooked. Thought provoking, well acted, actual drama with out blood gore or sex. I really appreciated that. It’s not necessary. This show deserves a second season. I enjoyed Outer Range, but enjoyed this more. Enough to look up a second season and request a second season.

  164. I loved this series and would definitely like to see a season 2. You could leave out the foul language and it would be even better.

  165. Please renew NIght Sky. It is rare to find a show with such a well written and unique story line. I really loved the slower pace and the slow reveals kept me hooked into watching each episode. Great acting by great actors! And it is refreshing to give sex and violence a break.
    I like many other series watchers get frustrated by watching shows that do not get renewed. We are left feeling we need resolution that will never come.

  166. It’s an unusual series in that it involves elderly people as the central players of this SyFy. Which is fantastic. It has a similarity with Stargate but in a simpler way and being able to travel throughout the world.
    I like the new perspective of normal people being the protagonists.
    I’d love future seasons very much.

  167. I loved the show and the acting. I think there needs to be more shows that are intriguing, yet fit for public consumption. It is crazy that i feel like my grandma when I say this, but TV doesn’t have to be all sexed up and full of lustful teenagers and younger adults to be an amazing show and have great viewer numbers! I am so glad to have more shows like this. Please renew!!!

  168. My wife and I loved this series! Great actors and we are not fans of actors for the most part. The show is different and holds one’s attention. Kind of refreshing not to have too much action and violence. With a lot of crap on Amazon our thoughts are that it would be a real shame to let this one go.

  169. The series is very intriguing. Please renew it. The show keeps me thinking about the limitless possibilities to what can happen. We need more shows like this.

  170. I am amazed that you have not yet commenced with season 2, Nightsky is possibly one of the best series you have ever produced and it would be outrageous if you did not put on a second series. I for one will be a permanent watcher until all issues in the script have been answered.

  171. Too many loose ends to cancel. So what it was slow moving, that allowed for the characters and story to be developed. There does not have to be an explosion or gun fire every few minutes for a story to be told. It was good for the imagination.

  172. You MUST renew for second season!!! This is a great show! And completely not fair to us paying customers to leave so much undone!!!

  173. Please renew Night Sky for at least one more season! So much revenge left unrealized. So many questions left unanswered. So many loose ends left dangling, or perhaps those are participles. So many unsatisfied needs, and leftover snacks and popcorn! Fix all of this with a Season 2!

  174. What a great series. Please bring Night Sky back for a second season! You’ve left us hanging with a suspenful ending. We have to know what’s being planned for the next season

  175. Loved Night Sky and Outer Range!! Please bring back a 2nd season for both of these shows!!

  176. Please renew. It is a beautiful show! I have binged all 8 episodes and I am fascinated.

  177. This is wonderful. Please give us more and more to keep us coming back. Night sky is brilliant and the acting so believable. Love this! Please don’t leave us hanging.

  178. I HAVE to know what has happened to Byron, where Jude and Denise are and why and so many other things! PLEASE don’t end this show with so many loose ends!

  179. My husband and I just finished season one of the Night Sky. We absolutely loved it and would be so disappointed if there was no season two. It would be an absolute shame to leave people hanging and not find out where this goes. Please renew this for a season two!

  180. Spell check got me again. I previously sent a comment on Night Sky not nice guy. Please bring it back, where is Byron??

  181. How on Earth could you possibly get a so interested in a show and then just leave us hanging like that. Please bring nice guy back for a season 2 and tie up all the loose ends. Jude must find his father. JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek are awesome in this. Don’t leave us hanging.

  182. Great show hope amazon doesn’t leave us hanging as they have with other shows. Tired of not seeing what happens next. Get it togrther amazon.

  183. This has got to be one of the best series’s I’ve seen in many year4s. Such a fantastic cast and an absolutely amazing storyline. With them finding a whole new city on the planet, they have got to go down to explore and find their friend.
    Amazon have GOT to bring on series 2. There will be a lot of disappointment amongst fans if you don’t.

  184. Night Sky was amazingly good. I watched it in one sitting. So please renew it for a second season, thanks

  185. Please renew Night Sky, the she was amazingly good.. I watched all eight episodes in one sitting.

  186. YES, do a season 2! It is a wonderful series!
    I would never have watched season 1 if I’d known you were just going to stop it mid thought. This is ridiculous!

  187. It would diminsh my liking for Amazon if they chose to renew a teenager show and not an intriguing show for adults. The Wilds is ok, but not better than Nightsky by a long shot.
    Sure hope they come to their senses and renew great acting and a plot over teenagers stories…

  188. It is ridiculous to end a series at a time we are just getting an idea, or not, what’s going on. Prime with this and Outa Range is turning me off from watching their series. It’s like watching a story that cuts out in the early middle of the show. Very disturbing. Don’t make a quarter of a series to test an audience. Both are fantastic and they are ruining it for their subscribers

  189. Please renew Night Sky! This show is wonderful and the characters are relatable! We look forward to a second season. Can’t believe you would hook such great actors in Sissy Spaces and J.K.Simmons and not renew!

  190. Night Sky is a great series. We really enjoyed trying to figure out what was what. We need more seasons to understand this show. We’re so intry! Come on Amazon…….renew it!

  191. I wholeheartedly agree with the other contributing reviewers. One of the best revelations this series has brought is the realization that good story writing truly has not left the building! For Amazon, this is a good time to review the first rule of business, “Don’t make your problems your Customer’s problems!” So, let’s get Season 2 moving right now!

  192. Yes, renew! I loved X-Files and this is my new love! I need a good series to watch!

  193. I love this series as well as being intrigued by Outer Range. I’d like to see them both renewed for a second season; but especially Night Sky. Maybe if enough of us make these requests, Amazon will try to make it work.

  194. I love both Night Sky and Outer Range and they should both be renewed! I watch a lot of the prime video shows and these are two of best I’ve seen.

  195. The best series I’ve seen in years, even better than “Stranger Things”. I’m also a Prime member and am pleading for Amazon to continue it.

  196. Omg renew! This is a great show! If you don’t, I sweat I won’t ever watch prime again! It blows to watch a show like this and be left hanging. Seriously! How could you NOT renew this show?

  197. My wife and I binge watched night sky .we loved it.we really hope that there is going to be a season 2. Please have season 2. Bobby

  198. Love this series! The writing is strong, the actors are fabulous, and the cliffhanger left us wanting to know more. I think it’s HORRIBLE of you to predict the cancellation of this show and I very much hope you’re wrong, wrong, wrong. Please Amazon, bring it back.

  199. Love this show and need a season 2 and even more. I hate it when you get really involved in a series and then it doesn’t get renewed. I’m starting to not start watching any Shows that show only one season because of that.. so please continue with this story.

  200. It is a wonderful series. As an older couple we can identify with a lot of the story. It is refreshing not to have to endure sex scenes, etc and be able to watch some pretty clean entertainment. The murder should have been eliminated.

  201. My husband and I were not going to watch after first episode but decided to give it a chance and could not stop watching after third episode. We have come to love the characters and want to continue to see what happens next. Please renew. We are 73 and 74 years old.

  202. I couldn’t stop watching Night Sky. So many unanswered questions. And so many ways this story could go. Would love to see how it plays out.

  203. It is a crippling fact that shows like Night Sky get canceled. Young Americans are not into shows which require the challenge of thinking, deduction or possibilities… what gets attention and ratings is no longer good entertainment of wholesome imagination but bombs, shooting, killing, destruction, the strong praying on the weak, hate, lots of vulgar language with senselessness…
    Simply put… what make money is what gets produced… it’s all about the buck$$$

  204. Please renew!!! I want to know much much more! Very good subject and keeps a person wondering!

  205. Joan Anderson. I don’t binge watch something unless I really really love it. You have to bring this back with some answers. It’s too good writing for the viewers to have to fill in the blanks. Excellent acting. I’ll be waiting for the next Episode. Please don’t disappoint us all.

  206. Loved everything about Night Sky. Great acting also. Such a captivating series. Please make a season 2 Definately. So much more of a storyline to add to series 1 would be brilliant to tie all the loose ends up even for one more series. I have so many storylines in my head to make a series 2. I would write it for you Amazon!!!! Give me a shout if you need me!!!! Well done Amazon. Such a great sci fi series here’s to season 2. !!!!!

  207. I add my vote along with everyone else’s, yes to a 2nd season of Night Sky! It is a wonderful series! I’m finding less and less I enjoy on Amazon and when I do it’s discouraging when there is only the one season and then it’s done. Not sure it’s worth keeping the service.

  208. Excellent first season! Good storyline with excellent acting. J K Simmons is great in everything I have seen him in.
    I really hope there is a second season for Night Sky. I really like the unique storyline in this seies.

  209. We have watched all 8 episodes and my wife and I would not be happy if the series ends now. You left too many things hanging to end it now. I am a prime member and we help pay for these shows. This series needs at least one more season and all area’s fiished

  210. Yes I love this show! And pray that Amazon comes to their senses and let another season come out! They should if they smart!!! So please please please go for season 2!

  211. Night Sky is one of the better series I’ve watched on Prime Video. Great acting, storyline and captivating! Please renew for a Season 2. I’m tired of having a really good season that isn’t followed up with when it is so good.

  212. Too compelling not to keep watching. This show and Outer Range have me hooked. Sci-Fi in our time period that is not too bizarre. I m getting tired of getting hooked on shows that do not get renewed when they purposefully leave it end with a cliffhanger. If that happens with these two shows, I may delete my Amazon membership, and I really don’t want to do that. I don’t think Amazon wants to be known as the streaming network that leads you along only to disappoint you in the end. I loved the entire LOST series but despised the end so much I stopped watching continuing sci-fi drama for several years. I love this genre a lot and do not want to do that again. Especially when there are such poignant moments that you can relate to and that touch your heart strings.

  213. Dear Amazon
    I think you are a service business. We pay you money for entertainment. You started something you finish it. If I paid a plumber to fix my sink and he walked off the job with the sink leaking would I use the plumber again? No! Finish what you started and don’t leave me hanging or I will be searching for a new plumber.

  214. Please renew, at least for a 2nd season. So interesting and thought provoking. The acting is excellent. Don’t let it end with so many questions! Please give us season 2!

  215. One of the best shows in years, major credit to Amazon. Definitely need another season

  216. We binged this show over two nights and that is because we really liked it. Funny thing is that I thought it was a movie and couldn’t understand why the first hour was moving along so slow and then it went to another episode and so I gave it a chance and then I was hooked. Please renew this show because it truly is a story worth expanding on, otherwise, what was the intention of leaving everything as a cliffhanger. I sent emails to my friends telling them what a good series it is.

  217. An intelligent, thought provoking series. The sci-fi angle is not one of gore and creepy beings motivated by pure evil. The series uses “otherworldliness” to explore the contradictions of life on earth and earthlings place in the cosmos. The large questions are a backdrop to the questions of our individual paths maneuvering the common vicissitudes of our fleeting life spans—connection, choice, love, loss, trust, fear, attractions of every variety, belief, faith, tenderness, jealousy, and self-righteous aggression and the taking of life. For cinema to explore details of emotion and subtleties, it is often called slow-paced as a pejorative. But this series never bored us, it hooks us by continually opening doors to the various plot threads that carry things forward, while periodically illuminating the present by portraying important backstory. Its revelatory web is brilliant and always kept us seeking answers along with the characters. Sissy and J.K. are great together. It would be a shame to not have a second season at least, in order to follow up on all the loose threads. We can certainly project assumptive conclusions, but we’re yearning to experience the solutions to the key questions raised at the close season 1. Otherwise, the audience will feel kind of ripped off and dissatisfied by so much lack of closure.


  219. The story was very interesting and the acting was awesome, but the series just moved too slow and it seemed to take forever to get to a non conclusion ending. If they do renew a second season I hope they pick up the pace in the storytelling.

  220. I’m loving the sci fi shows Amazon is coming out with. 1000 thumbs up for Night Sky and OUTER RANGE. More more and more please!

  221. Absolutely love this show! Please provide a second season. I sat down on Sunday evening to watch the first episode and ended up watching all eight episodes the same evening. I really enjoyed it. The storyline is captivating and the cast did a fantastic job. Loved everything about this series!

  222. Like the other people who commented on this, I watched the 8 episodes in less than a day.
    I was captivated from the first episode and drawn to each one, struggling with the idea of not watching till the end…………the characters are all brilliant in their roles and the story came together beautifully, again creating more intrigue. I have absolutely no doubt that all these comments will be repeated again and again and again.

    THIS CANNOT BE THE END AMAZON, this is a fantastic piece of work and truly deserves to run on……. I personally would like to see many more episodes there is so much in the storylines that remains unanswered.

  223. I am a hardcore sci fy lover. This is a good sci Fi drama with a twist of religion in there. The actors are good and the plot is good. There are a lot of garbage shows being thrown out there buy all you guys just to get a share of the market. But this one is good. Do not cancel it. I have recommended it to others who are starting to watch it. Bring it back.

  224. Come on Amazon, do the right thing. Either stick to making a limited series with an established number of episodes and a satisfying ending OR at the least, commit to finishing an unlimited series with a final season and an end to the story. It is so frustrating to invest ones time in a story and never know the outcome. Every series should have at least two seasons. If it has the viewers, build on it. If not, the writers can give the story an ending in next and final season.
    You found a gem in Night Sky, build on it!

  225. My wife and I loved this series. The writing, directing, and of course the acting were excellent.
    Here’s hoping they do a season two.

  226. I would love to see a season two of this. I’m tired of being left hanging all the time for these shows.

  227. Agree with all of the positive reviews: Writing, plot, character development, love, relationships, aging and even despair. An intriguing sci-fi story line that doesn’t overpower the most important element in this series…human beings ( some great actors have a lot to do with this, too!) that we get to know enough to actually care what is happens next. Please renew!!

  228. If Amazon has anyone intelligent on the board who decides what is renewed and what isn’t, you’ll keep the writers you have and bring back Night Sky and Outer Range. Millennials may not like the slow pace, but us Baby Boomers like to think of what could be. Bring back Night Sky and Outer Range for seasons 2 and wrap them up in the fourth season.

  229. Loved this show! Please Renew!! JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek are amazing. Great diverse cast too.

  230. Love love this series!! I’m a sci-fi geek and this has all the elements of a great show. Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons gives this movie life and the mystery emphasizes the fantasy the writer(s) are excelled in this series. A renewal is a MUST Amazon….great storytelling with meaning and excitement. This is one of your better series in a LONG time. Thank you!

  231. Just finished the eighth episode and I want more and more and more. The acting was amazing and much better than any of the other slow paced Amazon series. This needs to be brought back

  232. I agree with all the positive reviews here. This is one of the best shows I’ve seen, on Amazon, or anywhere. Much much higher quality writing than The Wilds, which is basically YA fodder. (I thought Outer Range, also mentioned in this review, was excellent, and I want more of that too.) But Night Sky is a real gem, excellent slow burn writing, rich characterization, fascinating premise, and so many directions for this show to take. This is quality science fiction, the kind of thing that should reach many, many people, not just people who prefer science fiction. And for God’s sake — Sissy Spacek! In every way, this is the kind of streaming television I am looking for. And apparently so are many many other people.

  233. I loved Night Sky. Please do renew it. Great acting and magnificent play. My kind of story. Please do renew it I need to know more of this new world.

  234. Intriguing and great acting! Cast is amazing.
    Binge watched this in two days.
    Reading these comments I see that I’m not alone in my option of this great series.
    I sure hope Amazon gives us a season 2z.

  235. Please renew!!! This show is amazing storyline and cast are great! Love Franklin and Irene!!

  236. Please renew Night Sky! One of the best shows I have ever seen. With so many loose ends and unanswered questions, Amazon must respect the audience and renew for at least one more season!

  237. Night Sky has an awesome story and a very special cast. The cinema-photography is awesomely beautiful. As if I was viewing a galaxy far, far away. Please bring on Season 2!!!

  238. Night Sky is 200times better than The Wilds or Outer Range! I can’t even try to watch season 2 of the Wilds and I’ve tried 2times. It’s just not interesting. Outer Range is ehh. But Night Sky—phenomenal!!

  239. Binged first 3 last night, last 5 tonight. Excellent 👍👍👍 👍👍👍

    Please renew!

  240. We agree with all of the above!!!
    My 9 Y.O. says – “This is the best show ever – it deserves AT LEAST 8 more seasons!
    RENEW THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!

  241. Definitely need to continue this series. Different than any other and would love to see more. Great actors and storyline. Please renew for Season 2 Amazon!!!

  242. I loved season one and really want there to be a season two. Story line kept me guessing and actors played off one another beautifully.

  243. Come on- reward the cast, the writers and everyone involved in this production for a great job. We loved having something thought provoking to watch that was free of bad language and raunchy sex.

  244. We absolutely love the story line and the cast. Binging this season left us excited but looking forward to many more episodes ease renew this show!

  245. Please don’t leave us hanging like this! There’s great actors, plot, and tge story line is captivating. Not really fair to leave your audience without an ending.

  246. Best series seen in a long time. Everything tight except calling a caregiver (who tends to needs if people) with a caretaker (who tends to the landscape). Please have a season 2, binge watched all 8 and think excellent cast and story line!!!!

  247. I must say that this is a very good show and I would very much like a renewal. There are so many posssibilities with this show. I very much like the acting in this show. All great actors. An incredible storyline. It most certain should be renewed for a season 2.

  248. Ok Amazon, read the above long list of comments. All positive, NONE, NONE, NOT ONE NEGATIVE,!! You get it? With all the extreme garbage normally shown on Amazon, or Hulu or even HBO, you really saying you won’t renew this show? This is THE BEST Sci fi show ever on your channel. Dynamic story, fabulous performances, nothing bad or confusing! Does that Bezos guy have anything to do with non renewing? Piss pot full of money, but an absolute ass if he doesn’t continue. Crap love stories and crap sports stories go on and on, but a magnificent tale of visiting strange planets, intergalactic chase, unknown agents of apparent evil…..all of this, but “Amazon doesn’t really know if they will renew!” I personally will go to war with Amazon if they cancel! Maybe Amazon will produce another “Gilligans Island series or “Beverly Hillbillies”! Much better. Wow, The USA is changing too much. Stupidity, Greed, Mentally Unstable Programing, what next? Just make more Seasons of this show!! OK?

  249. I absolutely loved this show. I watched Outer Range and The Wilds. I’d definitely trade both of those shows for Night Sky❗ And besides they can’t just leave us hangin like that.

  250. We could not take a break in watching this. It was spell binding. Friday night we watched the first 5 episodes until 2AM and the last 3 Saturday evening.

  251. I just binged watched Night Sky and I’m hooked! Please give us season 2! This series is not only a Sci-Fi but it’s underlying story is about family and love. Much like Lost which is why everyone was so addicted to that show. I’ve been waiting for years for a story line that is wrapped in mystery, love, intrigue and rich character development. You have a winner here don’t blow it by canceling this show!!

  252. Best series on any channel fantastic acting and great storyline please do series 2 3 4 and more

  253. Season 2 PLEASE, you can’t leave it like this!
    Just binge watched the whole series and loved it but so much needs to be explained!

  254. I would love to see a Season 2 of Night Sky! There is a lot of developed characters that people are in love with and would like to see what happens to them all. Not to mention, it was a well written and versed show.

  255. Please bring Season 2!!! This is an amazingly beautiful, intriguing and well acted show and we need all the questions answered!

  256. Binge watched this FABULOUS series with my husband who NEVER binge watches anything. Not only is it a great story but the cast is WONDERFUL. I’ll be on pins and needles waiting and hoping for a season 2 or more 😁😁.

  257. Loved it both for the plot and the actors.
    Bring it back and bring back some kind of Expanse spin off.
    There is a real lack of good sci/fi drama like this.

  258. Back up your investment. It s good writing, acting, directing. Come on…what else do you think will sell better…more violence? You need to keep this one. Listen to your viewers.

  259. I LOVED the series and binged watched in one day. The storyline, the acting, the unfolding mysteries…….please continue with this quality and thought-provoking program. There have to be at least 4 or 5 years to complete the story. It is nice to see multi-generational relationships and older people as having a central part in an interesting story.

  260. Yes, I would like to see it continue into a second season. I have enjoyed season 1 very much.

  261. We binged Night Sky and we LOVED it. Please give us a second season. We also watched Outer Range. Night Sky is a better series by far.

  262. I was mesmerized by this show! I just loved, loved, loved it!
    In the beginning I thought the pace was kind of slow but that actually lent to the more intimate look at the character development. The pace kind of quickened up as the story unfolded to be so interesting that I had to watch episode after episode and was so disappointed when it it was over.
    It was different from most types of other shows in this genre, it was so thought-provoking and captivating. Excellent acting, excellent writing. It was a delight!
    Please renew for a season 2!

  263. I binge watched the show. I love the actors. Sissy and J.K Simmons have a really good interaction in the show. Love all the actors! If you don’t like this show go back to the Avengers or other crap like that. Go watch a one man army saving the universe. This show is for mature audience! That listen and love good acting! 10/10 from Quebec!

  264. Love this series! I could not stop watching and after reaching episode 8 wanted more. Quality series with great actors.

  265. Absolutely want this Absolutely fantastic show to return. I will definitely stop watching 1 series shows if not.

  266. This could go for as many seasons as they want.
    Anyone who watches a few of the episodes will be
    hooked. There is so much that can be done with
    this property. So many moving parts. Why do
    networks and companies cater to the lowest
    common denominator? I mean would you
    really rather watch Dancing with the Stars
    or Wrestling or another dang cop show?

  267. What?? Of course we want more…. hello??
    I dispise leaving a series hanging w/o finishing, lijebthe Dion kid one, for example! Frick!

    Besides, they’re family!! The Yorks anyway…😉

    Finish it!! PLEASE

    PS Barbara, that wasn’t Byron that was stabbed it was the guy that was chasing Jude, that he stabbed..

    Blessings 🌿

  268. Night Sky is an incredible show! The acting is fantastic, but how could it be anything less with the people they have. Even the actors and actresses whom I’ve never seen before were outstanding! The story, the writing are all so perfect. This is a show that HAS to be given a second season and then some. Theres to many unfinished answers here. We all want to know the WHY, HOW, WHEN, WHO and WHERE of this needed escape of a show. This show MUST continue on.

  269. We loved it! We binge-watched all the episodes in one evening, we were hooked and couldn’t wait to see what happened next. We also have watched The Wilds and Outer Range, but Night Sky tops them both. So, if you have to choose one choose Night Sky…it has so much potential and an excellent cast. Not to mention being Argentinian, I loved listening to my native tongue, Castellano, being spoken correctly. There must be a Season 2, please don’t leave us hanging there are too many loose ends…please make Season 2 happen!

  270. This hits home as good versus evil in a very real mystery and way.. it’s almost borderline to real. That’s a good thing because it makes peopke think and question. And has a wonder with a great edge that is palpable.
    The storyline and characters will more than keep people engaged as they learn and discover more as it evolves.
    This should be made into a saga not just a few seasons… it’s more than entertaining.

  271. Loved this series. Great acting and I can’t even imagine all the why’s that are going through each viewers mind. I know I personally want a Season 2 and maybe beyond! Love love 💕 loved it! Thanks for season one, a winner in my book.

  272. I would love to continue watching Night Sky. Its been a great show. It would be a shame to be a single season release. Great acting. Intriguing premise. Love outer range also. Two great shows so far.

  273. I can’t even put into words how much I want there to be a season 2.

    That being said, it’s hard to put too much trust into a source that tries to use big words and fails. Come on, Greg Wheeler you said “…living out their lives while trying to succumb the crippling effects of old age.” Succumb means to give in, not to strive to overcome. Most of the other issues were small, but this one was a doozy.

  274. Please have a season 2. This is gripping and engaging for any age group. In my opinion totally appropriate for family watching which is becoming a rarity.
    Please, please, please! Renew!!!

  275. My husband and I loved Night Sky. We want more!!
    We want to see what happens with Jude and Denise, Franklin and Irene, Toni and her mom, Nick and the rest of the characters at the Bed & Breakfast. Oh, who stabbed Byron, and more.
    I could go on and on, but it would be easier if you give us a Season 2, of Night Sky

  276. Please give us a second series.
    I’d like to what happens next…..what the planet actually is.

    I’d like to ask that the audience investment in time and enjoyment of Night Sky is respected.

    If they don’t want do another series then please, at least, give us a movie length episode to tie up all the loose ends and complete the stories of all the characters…..and of course the full meaning of the planet and the portals.

    So…..a big please.

  277. I loved every episode & was so bummed there aren’t more to watch right now. Best show since Manifest! Please bring on many more seasons!

  278. Wow just reading all those comments tells you you must have season two. Everything they said I ditto I think this season can go on for many more. It would be insane if you do not continue Might Sky!

  279. This needs a season 2 and beyond! My favorite series in many years! Well written, great acting, and thought provoking ❤️

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  281. We thought it was a great series, too many questions left unanswered. We would definitely love to see a series 2

  282. My husband and I love it and want it to be renewed. Awesome acting…especially Simmomd and Space. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  283. Loved it! Good mystery! Must renew for season 2. We just binged the entire season in two days! Please!

  284. Make Season 2 and I will help write! Have the neighbor become the mayor of that new city! Have Jude find his dad and the list goes on!

  285. YES!!!!! RENEW IT PLEASE…..awesome acting and alot of loose ends that need to be tied up with all the charactors.

  286. Please renew! I love this show and need better closure. 😃Seriously, please bring on season 2 and beyond.

  287. The more episodes I watched, the more invested I became. J.K. Simmons stole the entire show, but the storyline is a close second. I want to know how it develops. Who are the guardians? What are they guarding? The mysterious city on the mysterious planet? Who are the good guys? The apostates or the guardians? Or neither? Give me season two already!

  288. I binged this in one day. Couldn’t stop. I really want to see the next season. I know Byron is in that little town but what kind of town is it. I really need to know.

  289. More More More!!! Just binge watched and rewound several times to try and catch every nuance. LOVE the various relationships. Thank you for restraint in language, sex and over-the-top violence. Love the Observation Deck. Love to loathe Byron but want him to be safe and geeky in this new world. Denise and Jude: friends? sparks? Toni and Stella: what will become of the at the hands of hard-hearted Hanna

  290. Yes!! You must renew!! Couldnt stop watching!! So much more to see!! Please Bring Season2!!!

  291. Wonderful acting, great story but needs to continue. Amazon! Listen! Give us another season, don”t waste this excellent premise with so much to work with going forward.

  292. So fascinating, so many different angles to appreciate from aging, technology, family, love, intelligence, adventure – so much imagination. Renew

  293. Throw my name in the hat for renewal too. Having watched both Outer Range and this if I was given a choice of only one for renew I’d most definitely choose Night Sky…renewing both would be better though.

  294. Season 2 is a must. If Amazon doesn’t renew it, I’ll avoid future Amazon mysteries altogether.

  295. I’m also curious to know why the author of this article thinks this show will not be renewed other than what was mentioned about there already being other mystery shows like Outer Range and The Wilds. I haven’t seen The Wilds but I like Night Sky much better than Outer Range. It wasn’t bad but there was just some really odd scenes that I didn’t like in it. So if it’s between Night Sky and Outer Range I think they should definitely keep Night Sky. Other than the Sci Fi stuff Outer Range it’s very similar to Yellowstone and Longmire in my opinion.

  296. I really enjoyed this show. Please renew it for a second season and then a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth season. I thought it was great and I love all the actors. They did a great job.

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  299. This is a great show. Very compelling, I liked it better than Outer Range I was
    drawn into it, immediately. Sissy Spacek and her husband in the series are outstanding, an excellent cast all the way around. Our family hopes it will have a second season, we cast our vote for more

  300. Loved it! I definitely would watch a season 2. It is so refreshing to see a scifi that is not entirely proposed up by fast pacing, special effects and too much gory violence.

  301. Yes, please let there be season two of night sky left us with so many unanswered questions

  302. They would be insane not to carry this on, slow burner! but the ending has definitely captivated me.

  303. Loving the show. I like how the season slowly unfolds and keep me engaged. This is excellent writing and the actors are one with the character they play. Please reconsider and renew for a second season.

  304. My husband and I absolutely LOVE Night Sky…everything about it. Please, please, please RENEW it. It’s a breath of fresh air. Great cast, well written, intrigue and thought provoking.

  305. We loved this series. So captivating, with great actors and acting. LookimNg onward to season two and beyond.

  306. Absolutely need season 2, 3, 4 however many it takes to put a bow around it. DO NOT leave us hanging pleeeeaaassseee!

  307. Loved this – wonderful acting – great love story. I’m really hoping for another season.

  308. I DEFINITELY want to see a SEASON 2 please!!! I binge-watched it in 2 days. I was fascinated by how they depicted a portal to another planet. The actors were soul touching good. The elderly couple were EVERYTHING. It was interesting because mostly older people aren’t given many parts in movies or TV. Here, it won’t be better without them. We want to know what’s happened to Jude! What happened to Byron? Franklin’s love for his wife made me cry. We want to see the elderly couple and what happened to them in that ‘other place’!!!

  309. Please don’t leave us hanging! This has been a great sci-fi flick and I would love to see what they could do with the season two or even three! Sissy Spacek is great in this and so is her husband in this.

  310. the show is fascinating. Sissy Spacek draws me in to know her more. Chai is charismatic and makes you root for him. I want to see what the city is all about. I want to know if Chai is from the 1700″s. I don’t even like sci-fi, but I love this. Please please renew!

  311. I’m going to be so disappointed in Amazon if this show isn’t renewed. This is my first time ever leaving a comment on a show, but I believe this show is deserving of one. Please bring a season 2 and don’t leave us hanging.

  312. I thought this show was great hopefully there will be another season to wrap it up

  313. Yes please, loved the show. I want to know what’s on that planet?
    Also more about the mystery Apostate with all the backup.

  314. It’s hard to believe there WON’T be a second season what with all the questions still to be answered. I loved the first season and each episode left me hungering for the next. We watched the entire series in two days!

  315. PLEASE do not leave us hanging. Even just a few episodes to wrap it up. This is an exceptional story. The script is compelling and the acting is superb. A stellar cast. J. K. Simmons is one of the best actors on THIS planet–let us see what he does on the next one. Thanks.

  316. Fantastic series I LOVED it and I can see this series has endless possibilities to continue on! Please please please renew it and keep it going.

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