Has Locke and Key been renewed for Season 4? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Locke and Key is Netflix’s long-running graphic novel adaptation, blending fantasy, drama and light bites of horror into an enjoyable adventure.

What is Locke and Key about?

The story itself revolves around three siblings, Bode, Kinsey and Tyler, who move back into their childhood home Key House. Aside from the haunting memories of their Father’s murder taking place inside, numerous magical keys also lie hidden around the house.

From here, the series settles down into a more consistent rhythm, swinging between teen drama and fantastical adventures as more of the past is uncovered (and as we later discover, comes back to haunt the family).

Across the three seasons the stakes raise as more keys are introduced to the main narrative.

We have ongoing coverage of Locke and Key across the site, including full season reviews and recaps for every episode. You can check that out HERE.

Has Locke and Key been renewed for season 4?

At the time of writing, Locke and Key has not been renewed for a fourth season. Given the ending though, that’s hardly surprising.

At the start of this year, Netflix and the creators came out to tell us that this would be the third and final series.

With some shows, cancellations or renewals happen quickly (ala. Squid Game, Bridgerton & Irregulars) Other times, it can take months before Netflix make a decision over a show’s future.

However, as mentioned above we already know that Netflix haven’t renewed this one so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to not see a fourth season.

That’s perhaps for the best given reception from both critics and audiences alike for season 3 has been mixed… to put it nicely!

What we know about season 4 so far:

Nothing is known about season 4 as the show is now finished and will not be returning. We could see another studio sweep in and try to buy the rights to continue the story but there’s more chance of us seeing Warner Bro’s cancelled Batgirl movie than we have of that occurring!

Were you happy with Locke and Key’s ending? Would you like to see this one return for a fourth season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Please make to about 8 or even 10 start making movies come on y’all can’t be tired after 3 seasons I want more so give us more please

  2. Definitely a 4th season. There are more keys and magic in Key House, just listen. The keys found and used are the ones that closed one of the portals. Well house magic is still there too, just because the building collapsed doesnt mean it doesn’t contain power. They are Locke’s they can create, make and remember magic.

  3. Omg really we need more I love this, why finish here you could do so many more, I hardly watch anything these days as it all c**p however this I was hooked from start to finish. Something good comes out that’s worth watching and you guys just kill it!!!!! Now I have nothing to look forward to 😖 ……….. Do more season’s 🤞🤞🤞🤞

  4. Definitely would love to see another season or 6 more? Cmon Netflix! This is by far THE BEST series you’ve got. I say start 4th season by the Locke’s making new keys themselves again. Maybe one key can do what single keys did but combined? Who know? The possibilities are endless!

  5. I am really not happy that there is no season 4 coming. We also heard some whisper at the ending so how come there is no season 4. Please let there be another season.

  6. This is the best show that’s came out in awhile it’s still good for young kids and adults and has a great story please keep it on

  7. Yes I loved this and with the last two minutes of the show I thought there would for sure be a season 4. Please come back with season 4!? This was good!!






  9. I would love to see a season 4 this series is amazing and so interesting. The way they ended it with the whispers they could add on to that.

  10. I just found this series and I love it! I’m binging on season 2 as we speak. I love the story line and it has the “magic touch” for different age groups. I’m so sorry and disappointed there won’t be a fourth season.

  11. This show is our bonding moment with my daughter and husband.Locke and key should have a season 4, season 3 ending left us hanging whispering should be answered.

  12. I feel they left it open with the whispers at the end. They only threw the keys in that were used to open the portal…. Which was only a portal, which didn’t end up merging the 2 worlds like he wanted to do and The original portal still exists and was broken open when Ellie came back .. She just pushed it closed… Which means the lock was broken…. They don’t need the omega key to open it. They totally could keep it going. Please?

  13. It would be so great if this series could continue. There were some story lines not concluded, but besides the whispering at the end, the show was wholesome and accepting of multiracial relationships/families, LGBTQ couples, acceptance. Our society really needs that now, too much hate out there. Awesome show and character development!

  14. Yes! We need another season! I love the fun, fantasy and creativity of this show. I have binge watched every season thus far and really hope the creators continues this great series.

  15. My daughter and I need more seasons.
    If season 3 wouldn’t of ended with whispering then ok. I get it. It’s over.
    But…. there was whispering.
    There needs to be an explanation of that and more seasons.
    Continuing a good series through more than 3 seasons doesn’t equal doom for a show, if it’s written well. I especially hate when creaters end seasons on a cliff hanger of any kind. If you’re going to end it then end it. Don’t leave anything up to interpretation because that makes the viewer want more..
    So give us more.

  16. I would like to see a 4th season instead of leaving us with the whispering sounds of another key. That being said there is more story to be told based on that.alone. That’s a huge house so there’s plenty more room for an interesting story with new Keys and news villains. I’ve enjoyed watching this mini series and and hope you writter, producers/directors etc.

  17. Please sæson 4…

    For den er slet ikke afsluttet, der blev hørt hvisken ved sæson 3.
    Jeg elsker den serien og HÅBER at sæson 4 kommer og måske også sæson 5, kommer jo an på afslutningen.

    PLEASE 🙏🙏🙏

  18. It seriously has to be a season 4, why disappoint everyone??? At the end of season 3 there was whispering in the doors entering into the key house, are you freakin kidding me there’s no season 4 coming soon???

  19. The chest was made of magic, and it wasn’t thrown into the pit! So I’m quite sure there are other magical items located in the house. All magic doesn’t have to come in a Key form.
    Would be such a waste if there wasn’t a few more seasons of this outstanding show

  20. Yes definitely have to be a season 4 and more wouldn’t be locke key without a season 4 and more.

  21. There has to be a season 4 because dodge the body was still there even this she vanished. They never explained what happened to the body and there was the whispers at the end maybe the house in itself is a key or maybe there was more keys after all and it only took those to shut the portal but wheat if other keys was made even further back or other objects that had the power of the keys. This show has so much potential.

  22. I have enjoyed all the seasons, and find myself sad at the thought of no season 4. Too bad it was a great show, a lot of imagination went into its creation, and it’s very different then anything else out there.

  23. Not happy there’s no season 4 and there’s been a lot of other good series that’s been cancelled that’s been a good watch. 😔

  24. Please I love the lock and key my mum and me watch it all the time it would make my day if you added a season 4 please add a season 4 please 😝

  25. Just finished Season 3 and it was great! I loved all the seasons, love the magical stories! Hope they come back for season 4.

  26. My favorite show of all time. I’m sad this ends with season three. Hopefully there will be more seasons in the future.


  27. I ❤️ Locke & Key as did everyone in my family and my friends that watched it! It was an excellent show and had my on the edge of my seat watching each episode. When each season finished it left me wanting more now. Wish it wasn’t over.

  28. How can you leave us hanging with the keys whispering at the end of season three! OMG we totally need a season four

  29. Season 4 is a MUST!! Love this show. It can’t end like this!! They obviously left the window open for another season. So bring it on!! Please!!

  30. Loved this show so much and didn’t want it to end! Would love for a season 4 to magically appear!

  31. Sorry but season 3 was a huge disappointment. I think a season 4 is needed just to give it a good send off. The ending was about a 1 out of 10. Just really weak writing

  32. I am really into Locke and Key. I really hope they can make a season 4! It’s actually quite hard finding a new show or even a movie that could relate to such, The graphics, the story, magic horror, adventure combined..etc.. please RENEW! ♡

  33. Loved this show, really hope they do another series as it’s left it open for so many more adventures, if they were not doing anymore they should of just ended it. Let’s hope there’s at least 1 more!!

  34. I want at least two more seasons it has to contoured please don’t end it there has to be a whole new set of keys to be discovered

  35. I hate to see the end of a series I have enjoyed. I do feel though it had come to a natural end

  36. I think there should be a season four as to how season three ended with a key whispering, it just didn’t end right.

  37. I have Really enjoyed Lock an Key, and was looking forward to season 4 There are so many shows on the air that don’t even belong in TV. Don’t understand why when something good comes along., it’s taken off There is so much of a story that needs to be told yet. A fan that’s very disappointed.

  38. I was a big fan of this show! I’ve watched it since it began and I would love to see another season of the Locke’s.

  39. I hope there is a season 4 of Locke & Key coming, I mean there were whispering at the end of season 33 I do hope season 4 is coming

  40. I like to see season 4. Please get it sorted. I I like to be in the next one if they do session 5 me in it. Should be not stop series keep going

  41. Awesome show kept me on the edge of my seat plus a good family series to watch. Hope there is another season it was very exciting and we heard the whispering as the door shut.

  42. So so creative & good! I love how the show was very inclusive of a broad range of culture.
    We want a Season 4 please.

  43. Locke and key is very well done and all the actors should continue in more episodes its a lovely show and we would like more please 🙏

  44. Joe Hill get wrighting again, Locke and Key was fantastic! I’d like to see another season 4 and 5. It’s a real bummer that this great show only was 3 seasons. I know fans would love to see more!

  45. I love this series!!!!!! Makes me sad to see it go. I wish they would continue the series. I loved the suspense when they found new keys and the fantasy. Netflix needs more series like this.

  46. I would really like to see season four of Locke & Key.
    What don’t care to see is Harry and Meghan back stabbing his family. She’s a horrible actress and he’s a spoilt brat. My point is spend money on entertainment that we all can enjoy.

  47. Yes i wouls like to see a season 4 as whispering was heard at the end of season 3 and i would like to see a video game created also

  48. I really enjoyed this show alot I was hoping for a 4th season. I’m very disappointed that it’s not the way it ended I kinda thought they wouldn’t but I held on to hope thinking anything possible in Sci fi shows.I still hope there will be a 4th season I will miss the show!!!!

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