Has Jinxed At First been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Adapted from the webtoon “The Jinx’s Lover”, Jinxed At First is a fantasy romantic drama with lots of style and panache.

If you’ve been following this one, you may be wondering if this has been renewed or cancelled.

What is Jinxed At First Season 1 about?

The story of Jinxed At First centers on Gong Soo-Gwang, a fishmonger at the market. He’s well-known for being unlucky in life and as such, everyone avoids him. But it didn’t used to be that way. Once upon a time, he had a bright future, which involved Seul-Bi. Ironically though, since she’s left 7 years back, every time he dreams of her, bad things happen.

Interestingly, Seul-Bi has a special ability. It turns out she can see someone’s near-future just by touching them, something she inherited from her mother. The pair have been kept in captivity by an evil CEO who uses their special ability. When they escape together, they head up to meet Soo-Gwang, where everything changes.

Has Jinxed At First been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, KBS2 have not renewed Jinxed At First for season 2. Given the ratings over the weeks, it’ll be interesting to see if they actually do renew this for a follow-up.

The ratings began with a 3.9% share nationwide but since then, the show has been hovering around a 3% share, although it has dropped to 2.7% recently.

This drop in ratings, alongside the fact that most k-dramas wrap up their stories in a single season, it’s very rare to find these sort of shows renewed. Given this is a simple fantastical romance story at its heart, we predict Jinxed At First will not be renewed.

We’ll be sure to update this section with more details as they become available.

What we know about season 2 so far:

Most Korean dramas are reserved to one season and with the rare exception of ongoing Netflix shows (Love ft. Marriage and Divorce, Hospital Playlist etc.) then it seems unlikely that this one will be renewed.

However, there is always the possibility that the actors return for a follow-up for a sequel or a spin-off featuring the same characters. But regardless, we don’t see this one as being renewed.

We generally aim to update this page when more information becomes available.

Would you like to see Jinxed At First return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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