Renewed or cancelled? Will there be a Happiness Season 2?

Renewed Or Cancelled?

Happiness is a well written and intriguing deep dive into the post-apocalyptic Korea, depicting a new viral outbreak. This time it’s zombies – and there appears to be no hope.

This 12 episode drama has been consistently decent over the weeks, releasing with the usual two episodes on Fridays and Saturdays.

What is Happiness Season 1 about?

Happiness is a post-apocalyptic zombie thriller, taking place in post-COVID times. A trial drug called Next has caused a mutation to occur, turning Korean residents into zombies. At an apartment complex, Sae-Bom and Yi-Hyun find themselves surrounded by other residents. But is the real evil lurking within their own walls?

We have extensive coverage on Happiness across the site, including ongoing recaps for all 12 episodes. Feel free to check them out HERE!

Has Happiness been renewed for season 2?

At the time of writing, tvN have confirmed that Happiness will not be renewed. Given the strong ratings over the weeks, it’ll be interesting to see if any other networks choose to pick this one up for a follow-up.

The ratings have been pretty steady over the weeks, hovering around 3.5% nationwide. Most k-dramas wrap up their stories in a single season, so perhaps this news of a cancellation is unsurprising.

What we know about season 2 so far:

tvN have announced that there definitely won’t be a second season (unfortunately!) With that in mind, these 12 episodes will serve as a self-contained story. Of course, it could well be that another network pick this up or a streaming platform like Netflix come along and rescue this one.

For now though, it appears that this is the end of the road for Happiness.

Would you like to have seen Happiness return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Renewed or cancelled? Will there be a Happiness Season 2?”

  1. As a Canadian non Korean who picked this up randomly I’m impressed by the show and want to see a season 2 even if it isn’t likely. The show was much more entertaining than the JJ Abrams (mystery box) style show we get from US productions. it is refreshing to see good writing. All the people involved deserve credit. The show was great!

  2. This is a series that should continue. Ot was throughly plan from beginning to the end pleased brings a season 2 back

  3. There should be second season that was an amazing drama !!! It is the kind of drama on which tons of seasons can be made and public will absolutely love it !!!!! This drama has already been so famous there should be season 2 ( as it is public demand ) !!! It is difficult now a days to search as amazing dramas as happiness !!! We want season 2

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