Has God’s Favorite Idiot been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed or Cancelled?

God’s Favorite Idiot premiered on Netflix this past week. The new Netflix series created by and starring Ben Falcone and his wife Melissa McCarthy in lead roles has eight episodes in total. Season one has left people disappointed and even the acting, which can be the saving grace for poorly written content, fails to inspire here.

For those who did love the series, you may be wondering if it has been renewed for a season two. We have got exciting news for you. Read on to get your answer!

What is God’s Favorite Idiot Season 1 about?

Clark is a techie working at a support center. He is a docile and kind person, living alone with his two cats. In an unusual event, he gets struck by lightning. He survives but comes out a changed man. The change? He glows.

Colleagues at the office include the outspoken and loud Amily, the discourteous and naive Tom, and the reasonable, polite couple of Mohsin and Wendy. But what happened to Clark that he glows? God has chosen him to be the messenger on earth.

It – God’s gender has not been revealed but to communicate with Clark, God has assumed the form of Clark’s former nurse, a woman – believes that Lucifer will win the war in Heaven if people do not start being kind, loving, and respectful to one another.

But Clark’s task gets tougher as Satan lands on earth to take care of the situation. He does get help from God’s angels Frisbee and Chamuel but the odds are stacked against him. The question then remains whether or not they can successfully stave off the demons and help God in winning the war.

Has God’s Favorite Idiot been renewed for Season 2?

The answer is yes and no. No, because there is not going to be a season two. Yes, because the series was originally planned to be released as a single season of sixteen episodes. Now, it will be released as part two of the same season.

It does seem logical though given season one doesn’t really conclude. This also allows for more adventures of Clark and Amily together.

What we know about Season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about the second part for now. All we know is that the cast has already been paid and the writing is done. It is yet to start filming, slated to begin production by the end of this year. So as far as the release date goes, it will most probably be early next year, if shooting can be wrapped up by this year’s end.

Many outlets highlighted that the shooting was halted because of certain reasons and Netflix decided to commission it as a two-part series of the same season as a result. We will keep you updated with any changes as they happen.


Would you like to see God’s Favorite Idiot return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

81 thoughts on “Has God’s Favorite Idiot been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. Yes please………at LEAST8 more episodes! With our world racing towards what seems to be the end of days, its nice to think that good people are not overlooked. That honesty and integrity are what true heros are made of. Ben and Melissa have such great chemistry I could watch them every day. Please keep this show until it comes to its natural end.

  2. I saw the.critics reviews, and wondered if we watched the same show. Thought it was quirky, funny, and spiritual. Absolutely loved the premise, and originality.

  3. Yes I want more!!
    It was cute and had such a good chemistry of characters.
    I will be watching for it!!

  4. I would love to see more episodes! It was a cute ensemble of characters and Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone are always so much fun to watch together. Their real life love & chemistry just shine!

  5. I binge watched the show in 2 days. Loved the characters. Thought the concept was intriguing and a nice way to try and bring the world together. The idea that god is ok with all religions as long as there is truth and purpose and desire to do good is one I have always believed in. As a recovering Baptist I learned as a little girl that there was something wrong with organized religion which placed power and politics over love and care for our fellow humans.

  6. I loved this show! It’s such a feel good comedy! I love the message about spreading kindness. It is much needed today! Also Ben Falcone has always had smaller roles, but main character here… And boy am I a Ben Falcone fan now! He’s such a good actor! Job well done! I hope there’s a season 2!!

  7. First time I’ve ever binge-watched a series and loved the show and its message. Thank you Ben and Melissa 👏👏

  8. We binge watched in one night and we want more! It’s a comedy but yet hits you in the heart with the message it sends, especially with the turmoils in today’s world. Bring on the rest of Season 1!!!

  9. Not sure who is disappointed, clearly by the name of the show it is meant to be a comedy not some serious drama where acting is key. It is so funny and made my husband and I laugh so much! We both really enjoyed the first 8 episodes and were left wanting more!

  10. Binge watched in 2 evenings…it was way better than I expected! Totally looking forward to more hearty laughs with the positive message. Season 2…yes pleaseeeeee

  11. My husband and I really enjoyed “God’s Favorite Idiot.” We laughed a lot and loved watching McCarthy and Falcone together. The series has a good message for our world right now! I hope the show continues so we can see what happens!

  12. Please make season two. This is timely and well-written series. You cannot judge a series on the first episode. We just watched the full season and hope there will be a second available very soon!

  13. Absolutely! We binged it in an afternoon and was bummed when it was over. Looking forward to the 2nd half.

  14. Definitely more! A brilliant light hearted tale of good and evil. Fell in love with all the characters. We loved it😇👍

  15. My husband and I are hooked on Falcone & McCarthy together and thought this show was entertaining, comical & a great escape from the darkness of world and local affairs, while still inviting conversation on meaningful topics. The perfect way to blend comedy with substance. Yes yes to airing all 16 episodes and renewing future seasons!

  16. I’m pretty sure Amily is going to turn out to be the big boss Bealsabub. If you watch carefully l, they show Satan and Lucifer, but it’s mentioned that there’s a big boss of them both. It has to be Amily. Look at how there’s red and orange accents constantly in her clothing and she always has some sort of tie on. She constantly refers to drug use and look how hesitant she was when he first said I love you to her. She’s always doing things like drawing on her work desk, and making comments of bad things she’s done. The good news is, the world will be saved because she really fell in love with him. He’s so wonderful that the boss of all demons will change her evil ways! Lol!

  17. YES YES! Please renew it for a second season! I enjoyed watching it so much!. I thought the actors were great! It is a hilarious “take” on something that is really seriously happening now! I don’t watch much tv but was glad I found this series.
    Second season…YES!

  18. The episodes I’ve watched with my husband were very uplifting, funny, and entertaining. In the world today we need good clean entertainment. Netflix’s need renew God’s Favorite Idiot. The cast Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone and the others are great. Netflix please show Part 2 the next eight episodes. And continue this show with more seasons. Don’t Listen To The Critic’s they have no idea what the public likes to watch.

  19. I sat down and watched the entire 8 episodes in one day. So nice to see something besides a reality show or dark drama. We definitely need a season 2

  20. I loved it! It will be very disappointing if there’s no season 2!!! Anxiously awaiting the next 8 episodes!!!!!

  21. This was cheesy, but really funny for such a serious topic.

    Lighthearted entertainment among all the dark dramas.

    Netflix, bring it back for more than just part 2.

  22. YES, more please! I’m so happy to see so many positive comments after finding out that critics panned the show. It just more firmly cements my belief that critics are the LEAST qualified people to provide opinions on anything and why I never read a review until after I have seen and critiqued it for myself!
    Do they not understand that we love seeing this real life couple together onscreen? Is the story the best most profound thing ever? Probably not, but it’s different. It’s not the same as a million other shows already on.

    I can’t wait for anymore that are made!

  23. I LOVED IT!! it was so funny and kept me intrigued to know what was happening. Can’t wait for the other 8 episodes. But it should renew for a second season as well!

  24. Such a good message and love how Ben and Melissa sell it. Great cast. My dad always said to ignore the reviewers. I’m taking his advice in favor of the positive message delivered here.

  25. Loved loved loved it !!! So quirky and funny and sweet at times .. Can’t wait for second half !!

  26. Yes I loved it ..
    I couldn’t wait to binge watch this..
    Now it’s over I want more!

  27. It really pisses me off that these so called “reviewers” seemingly always get it so wrong! They are next to NEVER on the same page as the actual viewing audience and for some reason these folks are allowed to malign really great shows and movies with their technical jargon and flat out BS. A reviewer from Variety mag said that this was “A low for McCarthy”?? Melissa and Ben work fantastic together and their natural chemistry comes across in the scenes so fantastically it makes the show that much more enjoyable. And what the Hollywood machine is either knowingly or unknowingly leaving out is there are many people that want to see content like this showing that God is good, and we can chose good over evil, light over dark and it doesn’t come across as preachy or judgmental but that God is good, God is love, God fights the unseen fight for our good. Right now there are so many shows that glorify the other side like the show lucifer and others that I won’t mention, but ask yourselves this, how much of that garbage do you think people really want to see and all the while you, meaning Hollywood are leaving out a wide segment of the viewing public that DO NOT want to see those other kinds of shows and want more programing that is positive and has uplifting messages about God and life and our role in the divine. If you don’t believe me, the comment in this very thread tell the story, the real story of the viewer and not the narrative of the reviewers. More positive God-full comedy please!

  28. Omg yes! There has to be more. This is a great show. We need to see what happens. Love it!!!

  29. Critics can suck it ! This mindless funny weird “Office meets the end of the world” is fun to watch ….not every thing needs to be poignant , sometimes it can just be funny and weird and take you away from your everyday life . That’s why we call it entertainment and not life .

  30. Way fun! Great message, so needed these days. Love seeing Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone’s sweet chemistry. Absolutely want the next 8 episodes; and maybe they can be creative enough to imagine what happens after the war on Heaven is concluded. Would love to see more!

  31. I read all the negative reviews before watching but I really enjoyed it! I thought the office characters were really funny & acted well together. I also enjoyed the underlying message in light of all that’s going on in todays world. I would like another season.

  32. I definitely want to see MORE!!!! I LOVE BEN AND MELISSA!!! They are so talented, creative, funny, and so cute on screen (and I image of screen) PLEASE DO NOT LET ME OR MY FAMILY DIEN!!! We really want to see more of these two amazing people!!! The cast is fun and I love the content. Love and kindness we need a lot of!! God is real!!! God is Love !!!

  33. Yes!!!! Absolutely yes!!! I believe they act well together ( as do all the other actors/actress’) and off if each other!!! The plot is good as well; so is the soundtrack!!!! Ummmm yes more please!!!!

  34. I really liked it a lot and need more of it I thought it was well written and I love the cast

  35. Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone are a creative team that thinks outside the box and can execute on their ideas. Their comedy in this case is unusual, even unique, but their talent for nuance and nonverbal communication more than makes up for any plot weakness. There is so much more for Clark and Amily to accomplish. Let’s go with 8 more episodes!

  36. Hi, I agree with all of you who wish to see the rest. I did enjoyed the 8 first episodes and I want the rest… an more. It deviates a bit from my believes (The war did end long ago and the rebel entities are now under good care; and the idea of God proposed is a bit too puerile). However the message is wise, the script is hilarious at some moments and endearing some others.
    The image of God that they propose is puerile, yes, but what does it matter? It is a comedy, a show that I enjoyed, with a very valid message about faith and love over organized religions, and we will surely enjoy new valid messages about concepts (mercy, redemption, eternity, infinity,…) forgotten by today’s exacerbately materialistic citizens.
    Let no one forget that it is a comedy, and I fully agree with those who miss more content of this style. Humor is also a divine gift!
    It only remains to say that now I look forward to seeing the second part.
    Blessings from a Urantian

  37. I laughed 😅 alot and enjoyed it more than lots of things I’ve watched these days. Please keep it coming.

  38. My husband and I have laughed ourselves silly watching this series! We loved it!!! Please bring back the rest of of the series! We would love to see more of this crazy show! It brings home an interesting theological philosophy, and I believe God has a sense of humor!

  39. Love love LOVE this show. I am not a fan of organized religion but the REAL message of this show is that all you need is kindness and the good intentions of your heart. The world needs all it can get right now. It’s funny, sweet, cheesy and heart warming. I can’t wait until part 2 drops.

  40. I’m happy to see so many positive comments from folks who enjoyed the series as much as I did. I’m looking forward to part two. The show is smart, funny, and lighthearted – exactly what we all need right now. I REALLY like it!

  41. OMG this show was awesome. I loved every episode. The message is perfect and I totally agree with. The world needs to see how important it is to love one another . season 2 3 and 4 have to happen.

  42. I loved God’s Favorite Idiot! For most of my life, I was a militant atheist. Because of this, I may not have been as interested in this series earlier in my life. I have a feeling, though, that I may have liked it just as much. It is incredibly openminded, so because of that, it makes it easy for people of any faith or view to accept (or at least for those in my circle of different faiths).
    I agree with many of the previous comments that the script is smart and the cast does a great job.
    I may be biased as I love Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. To see Ben Falcone in a leading role is great fun!
    I know I would keep watching (or at least can’t think of anything that would turn me off enough not to watch subsequent seasons). Keep ’em coming!

  43. NETFLIX SHOULD RENEW! It is smart, funny and hopeful! A mix of The Office, good improv, Touched By An Angel, The Golden Rule &The Screwtape Letters.

  44. I love it!! It was funny and uplifting. Why a great message. Critics are so wrong about the series. I love Melissa character and Clark. Melissa never fails to make us laugh The message is inspiring in today’s world. It gives hope. Hope it lasts for seasons. So much fun to watch I recommend it to everyone

  45. This was a fabulously well acted and written show! The comedy is spot on, and just when you think it’s a bit cheesy, they slam it home with values (what are those anymore in tv?) and deeply honest, real conversations between humans if no one was afraid to just be honest, supportive and kind to one another. If you can’t see this value in a wildly entertaining and heart to heart show, you’re missing IT.

  46. I loved God’s favorite Idiot. I can not wait for the 2nd part to come out. Wish there would be more than a one season series though. After a hard day, it is great to have a laugh out loud sort of show like this to lift you back up.

  47. I just started watching it, I like it. Love Makarthy, I’m excited to watch the rest.

  48. My husband and I really enjoyed it. The episodes were so light and fun. You cannot help but love the characters. Sometimes in life we just have to sit back and enjoy entertainment.

  49. I love this show! I watched the whole season over a few days because I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. The story line and casting were very appealing. And the main idea is pretty timely. I so hope the series continues!

  50. I loved this show and just watched it all in 1 sitting! I would LOVE to see more of it!!

  51. I loved it. It may have been a bit simple but the message is good God is real, God is good. Be kind and do no harm. Our world needs more of this type of message. More kindness and more love. If we can get a few laughs along the way, too, even better. I have a lot of respect for Ben and Melissa for their work on this series!

  52. Loved it . Light , funny , mindless . Great actors . Characters were funny and entertaining. Keep it coming please!

  53. I liked it; it’s not Neil Gaiman’s edgier fare, but it’s fun fare nonetheless. I always enjoy the interaction between Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone, & Leslie Bibb is having a great time as Satalinda. I’ll watch part 2.

  54. God’s Favorite Idiot was wonderful funny! With an extremely serious dilemma. I NEVER binge watch anything bit I saw all episodes in one day! 👍🏻👍🏻

  55. I particularly enjoyed the series and would like to watch part two or the second series. Call it wat you want but it was enjoyable

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