Has God’s Favorite Idiot been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:

Renewed or Cancelled?

God’s Favorite Idiot premiered on Netflix this past week. The new Netflix series created by and starring Ben Falcone and his wife Melissa McCarthy in lead roles has eight episodes in total. Season one has left people disappointed and even the acting, which can be the saving grace for poorly written content, fails to inspire here.

For those who did love the series, you may be wondering if it has been renewed for a season two. We have got exciting news for you. Read on to get your answer!

What is God’s Favorite Idiot Season 1 about?

Clark is a techie working at a support center. He is a docile and kind person, living alone with his two cats. In an unusual event, he gets struck by lightning. He survives but comes out a changed man. The change? He glows.

Colleagues at the office include the outspoken and loud Amily, the discourteous and naive Tom, and the reasonable, polite couple of Mohsin and Wendy. But what happened to Clark that he glows? God has chosen him to be the messenger on earth.

It – God’s gender has not been revealed but to communicate with Clark, God has assumed the form of Clark’s former nurse, a woman – believes that Lucifer will win the war in Heaven if people do not start being kind, loving, and respectful to one another.

But Clark’s task gets tougher as Satan lands on earth to take care of the situation. He does get help from God’s angels Frisbee and Chamuel but the odds are stacked against him. The question then remains whether or not they can successfully stave off the demons and help God in winning the war.

Has God’s Favorite Idiot been renewed for Season 2?

The answer is yes and no. No, because there is not going to be a season two. Yes, because the series was originally planned to be released as a single season of sixteen episodes. Now, it will be released as part two of the same season.

It does seem logical though given season one doesn’t really conclude. This also allows for more adventures of Clark and Amily together.

What we know about Season 2 so far:

Barely anything is known about the second part for now. All we know is that the cast has already been paid and the writing is done. It is yet to start filming, slated to begin production by the end of this year. So as far as the release date goes, it will most probably be early next year, if shooting can be wrapped up by this year’s end.

Many outlets highlighted that the shooting was halted because of certain reasons and Netflix decided to commission it as a two-part series of the same season as a result. We will keep you updated with any changes as they happen.


Would you like to see God’s Favorite Idiot return for a second season? Or do you think the story has run its course? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

298 thoughts on “Has God’s Favorite Idiot been renewed for Season 2? Here’s what we know:”

  1. To whom it may concern,
    Please Don’t STOP making God’s Favorite Idiot..I would LOVE to see SEASON 2,3,4,5 &Etc. I Love this series and want to see lots more of it ! Thanks
    Best Wishes,

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed, laughed, cried, Smiled sang along with cheered, booed, and now I have anxiety. This series made me happy and giggle. I’ve had a theory about Netflix and I really hope they prove me wrong bring on season 2, part 2, chapters 9-16 the second coming… I don’t care what you call it just bring it!!

  3. I’m a bit ambivalent about the show, but it’d be nice for once if Netflix actually finished a project rather than it’s usual MO of dropping things halfway through even with a huge fan base…

  4. Encore une fois, les critiques se sont royalement plantées; l’écriture et les acteurs sont parfaits dans cette série. Vraiment hâte de voir comment ça finit!

    One again, the critics royally screwed up; the writing and the actors are perfect in this show. Can’t wait to see how it ends!

  5. This series is excellent. Such great talent and writing – it’s refreshing with a good message, but not preachy! I’d love to see 8 seasons not just another 8 episodes. Netflix there is do much ugly violence on TV you are on a winner with this – we want MORE !!!!!!

  6. Yes! Definitely! I want 5+ more seasons!!! This show makes me laugh! I want more! Please bring it back! Melissa is such a great actress & is hilarious. I love her! She & Ben together are fun to watch too.

  7. Good show. I want to see the second season. Looks like it would be super cheap to shoot it. Netflix make it so!

  8. This is the reason that I’m leery about taking a chance on new shows. Once I start watching some thing, if enough people aren’t watching it, it doesn’t make it🤷🏽‍♀️ I really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing the rest of it play out.

  9. LOVE anything with both Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone… their true chemistry and loving quirky interactions are a standout in any form of media.

    I found this show very watchable/binge-able, and looking forward to however many more episodes they get to make.

  10. What !!!?! I just finished watching first part of season 1 and now reading there may be no more! Loved this comedy with a heart and look forward to more. So much negative in the world it’s refreshing to watch a funny show with a positive vibe. I sat down to watch one and ended up watching 7! Binge worthy shows are a sign you need to make more seasons. Please:) 🙏🏻

  11. All the pieces are there for this to be a great comedy. I watched most of it alone after my family gave up on it. It delivered one authentic laugh every two or three episodes, which has me ashamed to be admitting that I wasted this much time on it. The writers constentently delivered lowest common denominator storytelling which the cast was helpless to improve.

  12. I love God’s Favorite Idiot ! It is refreshingly different and creative series -concept. The music in it is great as well! I asked my husband to watch it with me, and he is very picky about what he watches—he loves it too!! We can’t wait till there are new episodes! Thanks to all who contributed on this series and to whoever gave the thumbs up to air it ! We appreciate all !!

  13. I loved God’s Favorite Idiot and can’t wait for the second part of the series ~ I’ve watch the first series twice through already. The whole cast is wonderful and it is so inclusive of all types of people, ideas, cultures and the messages are so meaningful! Thank you for this wonderful show Ben, Melissa and everyone involved!

  14. Loved the show. Please make multiple seasons. The show is hilarious. I think its kinda Fucked up to just stop where they did and then think about if they’re going to make more. This show could most likely run numerous seasons. I’ll be waiting for more episodes. Please hurry.

  15. I love the show! Wanna watch at least 3 seasons.. Netflix!!! Move yout ass! Greetings from Germany everybody.

  16. I also love this show, fun and funny. We need more comedies to counteract the superficial, tragedy, murder, deceit etc. shows that too many people fixate on (and we wonder why so many are anxious and depressed). Keep giving people a reason to think and smile! And thank you!

  17. I love this show it’s funny it’s great The characters are amazing I love the fact that they’re talking about God good versus evil please keep this going do not cancel

  18. Love the show. Choice of cast is spot on. The topic is amazing. In today’s culture, to make a series involving God, religion, societal views where the “heros” are kind, warm, funny and care about others is refreshing… new, entertaining and has an audience crying out for more.

  19. What a show!! Seriously, it sucks you in and you just have to keep watching. You get to the end of episode 8 and NOOOOOOOO, that can’t be it?!?!?! Bring on the next 8 episodes. Shame on you Netflix, thos is a really bad habit you are getting into. Hook and drop act has gotten, SO old!! Stop it. I stream other channels for thos purpose alone! Most of the shows are nasty, violent, grotesque, or o er serialized. It was refreshing to finally have something light, funny, interesting, sucks you in without making you feel dirty or grossed out.

  20. Why do netflix drop a series so quickly it is so annoying only focus on the successful ones need to persevere some take a little longer but this was a good one

  21. Netflix, you give up on shows too easily!!!
    What makes you think this is a show that is not going to make it?? It’s funny with a story. If you keep doing this I will just stop watching your series. You did the same thing with “The Good Cop” you hook us in and then drop the series. You better test the shows on a better panel. Or you are going to lose more viewers.

  22. I also binged on the lot ! Loved it and was surprised at the very relevant content. Was very impressed by this find but gutted no dates for series 2, 3 or 4 which am certain they could explore.


  24. I binged the whole 8 episodes because it was so much fun! I thought it was light-heartedly covered some serious topics while still getting the point across. I’m personally glad that there are still 8 more episodes coming. Can’t wait and will keep an eye out for its release.

  25. I started watching this show cos of Melissa & Ben, but the other actors (& their characters) are comic gold to me! The subject is gold too! They’ve woven it together so U can be a very religious, somewhat religious & not religious at all & ALL LOVE THIS SHOW! They didn’t leave anyone out! Extremely hard 2 do without SOMEONE being OFFENDED! It really IS A GREAT SHOW for these times! Plus it’s VERY FUNNY TOO!! This could be a MANY SEASONS HIT!

  26. I Definately want to see more episodes and more seasons. This is a great show. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Come on Netflix, pay attention to your audience and give us what we would like to see. It is so refreshing to finally have a positive good hearted show on TV that the viewers are not having sex shoved down their throats at every episode. I have lost faith that anyone out in Hollywood is creative enough to make a show without it. There’s a great challenge for you.

  27. I really hope the show returns I enjoyed it so very much please let there be more to it especially the way they ended episode eight with the locust chasing the car I would love to see what happens and if they succeed

  28. I totally enjoyed this silly show! It’s not Game of Thrones, but that isn’t what I was expecting. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I hope they finish out the original planned episodes.

  29. I loved the show, found it funny, moving, and spiritual. It’s cancellation says more about our anti-religious culture than anything about the show. Have some courage, Netflix.

  30. I binge-watched this and loved it all! McCarthy is hilarious as always, the idiot is too. I can’t wait for the second installment.

  31. Please hurry up already and bring on more episodes and seasons. We need more shows like this. We need God back in everything !! 🙏

  32. Please, bring it on! Don’t cut another good enjoyable show! We NEED this to bring some sanity to this crazy world.

  33. Yes definitely would love a second season! What a fun, quirky cast. We need fun light hearted shoes to watch.

  34. Bring it on! These characters and actors are perfect. This could definitely be a gem that goes on for years.

  35. It took me 3 episodes before I fell in love with it, but the candle part almost made me pee myself. Haven’t laughed so hard in a while. Don’t ever be less than who you are Melissa! She was the reason I gave it a chance but the rest of the cast really worked their way into my heart. Leslie Bibb was a phenom!

  36. loved it! Stop screwing around and get the next part out people. It’s different than most of the shows on TV which makes it interesting.

  37. Absolutely LOVED this, the writing was excellent, the characters were interesting and lovely and I want you guys to finish what you started, please

  38. I believe Netflix explained that show has no commitment to continue production. No matter how many people post, a show is rarely saved unless the company can make money.

  39. Absolutely a dream to watch! If we all took a minute to laugh ourselves and all the serious dribble in the world today,the world would be a better place!
    Can’t wait for the second half!
    The writing is clever,the acting is stellar and i love the chemisrty between Melissa and her hubby!
    3 thumbs up!!!

  40. I found this show to be hilarious! I would love to see more. Reviewers suck and need to pull their heads out! Really great content and amazing characters!

  41. Yes! I loved the first 8 episodes and can’t wait to see the rest! Very fun, enjoyable and entertaining to watch!

  42. Yes I loved it, I desperately want to see this show continued, I loved the whole story line and the Characters were great!

  43. Oh my goodness… I absolutely love this show. I am not religious, but more spiritual, and I love it. Melissa & Ben do such a good job together. I have no idea why critics didn’t like it. Don’t listen to them Melissa! We love you! And all your movies, shows, etc. You and Ben honestly write and act wonderfully. This is truly an original show, which is NOT easy to do these days. Thank you for bringing us so much funny and awesome content!

  44. I binged this today on a day off work, I was hooked from esp 1. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, the humour, the banter between the actors. This is a light hearted feel good comedy and isn’t that what we need at this moment in time.

  45. I have seen God’s Favorite Idiot several times. I love the humor and the message. It is a wonderful show done by a couple of my favorites! The other actors add so much too. I am really pleased that different religions are represented to explain that we all love the same God. If people would learn this lesson, it would end so much hatred and war. Love it! Enjoy it so much!!

  46. adorable, light, entertaining. No gay/lesbian spit swapping or other mind control scenes. Simple fun. Who cares about plot holes like Hard Pass complains about?

  47. Many people are praying for the angels to win. This series is a hoot with an opportunity lurking down the line to tackle some tough problems (police?) (inequality of opportunity/education). Yes to 8 seasons…

  48. I really truly enjoyed the show. I want the rest of the story please. Say what you like about the dialog, jokes and such, I enjoyed them. I think this show has a great message to send and the cast are doing a great job giving it a great performance. I would watch shows like this all day long. I love it. Please continue.

  49. The entire cast is amazingly funny with great comedic talent and timing. The show itself is heart-warming, funny..all the characters are likeable. It’s just a feel-good, enjoyable experience to watch it; I’ve watched it 8 times so far! Please keep it coming!!!! I find it hard to believe that it wouldn’t have quite the following (no pun intended) for many more seasons. Quite frankly, I’d lose my faith(again, no pun intended)in Netflix and America if the series doesn’t continue!!!!

  50. Yes! Please let it continue!!! I want God’s team to win! I was intrigued by how it follows a lot of people turning away from Gos nowadays, but was quirky to see it play out! LET GOD’S TEAM SHINE!!! The world needs that right now!

  51. Just take a look at these comments. Only one negative among them. We loved the first eight episodes and would love to see more. Really special writing, funny, moving, different.

  52. This show is biblical, hilarious, adorable and binge worthy. I truly hope we receive more than what we’ve been given with “God’s Favorite Idiot”. I would love to see more from Clark and Amily.

  53. Yes!! Please finish “God’s favorite idiot”! No more leaving us on cliffhangers! It’s not good for our mental health 🙂
    Can’t wait to see how it ends.

  54. They need to finish the series. There was absolutely no conclusion. Of course I wouldn’t be surprised of there isn’t since it’s not the first time they ended a series on a cliffhanger – the show “I am not okay with this” for example. But this is Netflix, it’s the ADHD of streaming services – they start a bunch of stuff that they never properly finish. Even tho Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy are writing it that gives me some hope of it continuing. But ultimately it’s up to Flakeflix.

  55. My husband and I watched the movie and we enjoyed it. Please bring a second season. I watched it twice. Love it.

  56. Loved the creativity, thoughtful writing and the message of not complicating God and the message being the same LOVE! Please listen to us viewers, not the critics and bring this series back for the scheduled 8 more episodes and 8 more and 8 more! LOVE IT!!!

  57. You can’t leave us hanging with how the last episode ended ! YOU HAVE TO DO MORE EPISODES!! Plzzzzzzz

  58. This one of the best shows that I have seen in a very long time.
    The Characters are portrayed perfectly. I hope the do film the next 8 episodes.

  59. Please, we need more of this thoughtful comedy! Refreshingly different. Not slick on purpose! Just talented writing delivered by an excellent cast with a pure heartfelt message. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Is the recipe available?

  60. I look forward to more episodes. This series fills the void left behind after the Good Place

  61. For the LOVE OF GOD will they please give us more shows like this and finish this one in particular?? It has all the fantastic elements if The Good Place but without the underlying atheism so that’s a bonus !! I was shocked it didn’t get better reviews— that was only due to religious bias/agendas. It’s a riot dude. Bring it ON!!

  62. Finally! A series that addresses faith and faithfulness, that I can watch and not feel like I am being told NOT to believe in God. This is the best binge watching series yet. I think the actors do a terrific job and the content has you hanging on the edge of your seat at times. The entire cast is interesting, intriguing and compelling to watch. I ran through the first 8 episodes in one evening and was disappointed to see that was all of it. The writers, actors and all the people involved in the sets etc… do a fantastic job. I look forward to this series receiving awards for acting and writing, despite the fact that the topic probably doesn’t fit Hollywoods agenda. Keep fighting the good fight guys, it is worth it. You are an inspiration at a time when the world really needs it. For some it may really remind them that their faith is something they can count on when the rest of the world is ugly and poisoning to the soul. Love it!

  63. Would like to see an ending where the devil gets her ass kicked and God is in charge

  64. Melissa McCarthy is so good in this show but Chris Sandiford playing tom. tom is so funny maybe just to me but he’s Dyslexic and the way he makes jokes about not knowing the years it is and other. It gives me joy to know that I’m not the only one to making jokes because I feel so alone and stupid if I cant read something properly or writing it right. so plz continue the show. I have Dyslexia dysgraphia speech impediment and other.
    sincerely Lord Jake!

  65. I absolutely love this show! It’s faith renewing in a world where religion is so multi faceted. Thank you for writing this script.

  66. Super funny, super smart! Great messaging. It’s a feel good comedy. It will be difficult to effectively conclude, but I’m betting the writers are creative enough to get it done.
    I don’t believe in God but that is soooo beyond the point!
    Love this show !!

  67. Wonderfully funny, yet allegorical series. Excellent cast and dialogue. Just the right mix of kindness and snippiness. This may sound silly, but I especially appreciated the lighting. Too many shows these days, to my old tired eyes, take place on dark sets that really have no artistic or symbolical value and make it hard to see what’s going on. We need a definitive ending, though. So, more please!

  68. Yes, please continue this quirky show! Melissa and Ben are amazing together. There back and forth about silly stuff is hilarious. The premise of the show is refreshingly different and, yes quirky. Please don’t leave us hanging.
    Mary Jane

  69. While a bit corny, I enjoyed the first 8 episodes. There’s always room for light hearted comedy in my house. And I was just as happy with Melissa McCarthy in this as in her past roles.
    Ps I might be slightly biased. I grew up without religion. I think that’s why I have a modern day messiah/prophet fantasy. Priests, too 😉

  70. I loved it because of the spiritual sense it had. At least finish the 16 episodes. Love Melissa McCarthy and I want to see why she was chosen.

  71. There is more to this than meets the eye!!!
    Binge watched, you bet, but not for just the humor!!!
    I am also living this life!!!
    What does that mean?…The shine is a real thing, it just is, what does it mean?….I have no clue!!!
    Enjoyed everything about this series…

  72. Please at least finish Season 1 with 16 episodes. without knowing where the story ends after the 16th episode, I can’t say whether or not it should continue past that. But my household Really Enjoys it. Funny. Poignant. Light. explains itself. Much needed in these times of hate and separation. Love it. have watched the first 8 episodes twice already. sure i’ll watch them again. Please keep it coming!!!

  73. Really shocked to see Melissa McCarthy do this material. While yes the early episodes are clunky with a bit of overacting, that is intentional with the kind of show it is meant to be. The series takes the shlock and turns it into a sweet and even deep look at how Melissa and her husband see God as inclusive for all of us amidst the hypocrisy of organized religion and general apathy. I am now invested in the outcome and look forward to part 2 of the first season!

  74. FINALLY!SOMETHING LIGHT AND FUNNY! I reallly have enjoyed it immensely and was so disappointed when it stopped! I will anxiously await the next episodes. I love all the characters! I started watching because i absolutely LOVE Melissa.

  75. Absolutely loved the first 8 episodes. Very creative and hilarious. I hope there is a season 2 and more.

  76. I can’t believe how many negative comments this show has! Loooove this show… it’s light, funny, entertaining, and Melissa and Ben – BEST DUO (not surprising, them being married and all). I wish there was season 2, but part two from the first one will do for now. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  77. Like many shows, you have to get through the first, and sometimes the second or 3rd episode before the show starts to gel. – the we start to see the subtle messages and references to Biblical stories. Although there are many differences among the various religions and among the extremists in all of the religions, the core of each religion and/or belief set is Love God – however you perceive a good & constructive God; show that love by loving one another in a caring & constructive way.
    I am very much looking forward to seeing the second half of this season; and if it ends without a finale -what better way to model the ongoing creation and opportunities for humankind to “get it right” and work wit God rather than challenge God.

  78. Love it! There’s much deeper meaning behind things that happen than most people probably realize. Nice.. good messages.. funny, cute. Ready for 8 more!

  79. Aside from the language, which doesn’t offend me in the least, It is a fun and mostly wholesome show. The one dude that completely dumped on this show has been ratio’d in a major way. It’s just fun….

  80. I wasn’t sold on it after the first episode, but I kept watching it like a train wreck and it finally grew on me. I think I will be happy watching the last eight episodes, but if they give it a satisfying ending that will be enough. They shouldn’t run it into the ground because I think they will run out of material and then it will die a sad slow death.

  81. Terrible, god-awful show. The jokes are very unfunny and mostly infantile and a lot of the dialogue is barely watchable.
    Much of the plot only makes sense on a very basic level, but everything quickly unravels when you start to think more deeply about the storyline. Also, certain things clearly happen for no other reason than to progress the plot.
    Why was Tom suddenly and randomly crying so much over his coworker’s injured father? Seemingly, only so that he could cry his tear and wake him up like Sleeping Beauty. The Four Horsepeople storyline has plot holes. They supposedly can only usher in the Apocalypse AFTER they bring in Clark, yet Death has no qualms over blatantly and very conspicuously killing a human in broad daylight. If they can do that, I don’t see any reason why they can’t kill more people and cause famine, war, pestilence, etc. RIGHT NOW.

    And the “Harry Potter” recurring motif was evidently created by a writer that has never read Harry Potter. In HP, the Fidelius Charm prevents others from entering the dwelling by making it invisible, unplottable on a map, intangible, and soundproof. What they showed in God’s Favorite Idiot was AT BEST a basic protective shield of some sort. There are countless other fictitious stories about the supernatural to pull from besides Harry Potter, which has no place even being referenced.

    There are religions in real life that directly contradict each other about everything. To say that everyone is correct and nobody is really wrong is childish thinking and is similar to giving everyone a participation award because, you know, “Everyone is a winner!” If anything, everyone is equally wrong, and there is no God. When you are looking for reasons for people to stop fighting about religion, that reason makes a lot more sense.

    It’s a REALLY bad show guys, I recommend a hard pass for those that haven’t watched yet.

  82. I love it!!!! Please keep it going. The actors are great and the writing is funny! The storyline is a fresh angle on an old idea.. keep it going please!

  83. Please release the next 8 episodes. I think this is a funny, heart warming, and brilliant series. I’m surprised people gave it such a bad rating. But then again, they gave family Guy very bad ratings and that was almost canceled. And look where family Guy is today! I think more people will start to love this series in time. To be honest I didn’t see any advertisement or heard anything about this series. I was just scanning along and found it.

  84. Such a necessary message in a messed up world. Heartwarming and funny. Great story, great actors. I can’t wait for the next eight episodes and hopefully by that time the critics will come to their senses… but then every show I have ever enjoyed has had a critic completely missing the point. Thanks so much for making my heart happy. Keep up the good work!

  85. Such a brilliant series with fab actors ! Critics are never right I never trust them when it comes to series or films !

    Can’t wait for part two ! 💜

  86. We loved this show. It was so great to laugh. The characters are fabulous with great chemistry between them.

  87. Of course we must see the rest of the Episodes so we can see God’s triumph,we all need to look forward to that

  88. I really like this show. It’s quirky and sweet and thought provoking. Better than a lot of other mindless crap out there.

  89. I really like this series and I can’t wait to see more. Also, I love that it’s different from all the other s**t that’s streaming and on live TV right now. Please bring it back🙂

  90. Love this show. Can hardly wait for the next 8 and please , please convince them to go on with i

  91. La serie es excelente muy divertida y profunda también . Los actores de
    Primera !!!
    Por favor , necesito
    Una segunda temporada !!!

  92. Es muy divertida , tiene enseñanzas sin ser moralina , necesitamos
    Una segunda temporada !!!!!!

  93. Greetings from Indonesia…

    Not really sure about the series in the beginning but it is just hard to put down.
    The characters are lovely.
    Most important bring it moreeeeeeeeee

  94. I absolutely love the show, I’ve seen it more than once and I am anxiously waiting for the release of the next part or season. WOULD LOVE FOR THE SHOW TO CONTINUE ❤❤❤

  95. I adored this show!!! Campy in all the right ways, and a well worth it binge – I can’t believe I need to wait to see what happens next??!! Unfair!

  96. I definitely want to see the second half of the season! This is a beautiful and heart warming series. The critics are completely off on this one. Is it too preachy for them? Is it too loving? Is it too funny in a non-offensive way? We need more shows like this; not the self-indulgent, reality tv and spin offs that fill Netflix.

  97. I loved this show. Even my 15 year old daughter did but refuses to admit it even though she sat in there and watched it with me. She has even asked me if there was going to be more episodes. I hope there’s going to be several more seasons!

  98. Please don’t leave us hanging! LOVED LOVED LOVED the first 8 episodes! So hilarious and fun! Love the characters’ antics and evolution so far.

  99. Absolutely loved it. Crisp writing, great cast – this show could run 3 or 4 seasons and I would still be watching!

  100. Forget the critics, they always like shows that nobody else likes or watches (for proof, look at the ratings for award shows). This is the first show that I have ever binge watched in one day and I loved it. Even happy cried a couple times.

  101. Love it!! More more. Ben and Melissa have a spark together. Supporting office mates wonderful. Keep it going for sure.

  102. We are hooked! Funny and entertaining. The cast is excellent! This is the kind of humor we need right now. Keep making new episodes and we will keep watching. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!

  103. Love it 🙂
    Absolutely must continue! This is fun and light hearted. It’s one of the few series I’ve watched that all the characters are perfectly cast, I love everything about it.

  104. My 11 year old granddaughter and I clash at everything,. With her being a preteen and going through many changes. It’s been hard. We started watching this show and one night we stayed up until 5 am, just laughing hysterically!! The scripts and acting has us carrying on conversation on different subjects. We hope the show comes back. It’s great to see both actors together working and knowing they are married!! We love it, bring it back so my Leneya and I can have more laughter in our life. With the way the last three years had been, this is a new beginning. Bless you.

  105. I loved this show!! It was fun, light and didn’t take itself seriously. It is exactly the kind of entertainment I need these days. I agree with another poster on here about critics. Unless it is a movie with a lot of hype, most critics love to hate. I usually ignore professional and wannabe professional reviews and listen to fan comments.

  106. I just started watching and I love it! It’s typical MMcC snark and Ben sweetness whichI and the world need. Please continue!!

  107. I loved this show. But when something is funny and positive it gets canceled. Yet, reality shows continue (even though their acting is terrible). And we know that reality shows aren’t real. Please keep this show going.

  108. Please find a way to continue this. I really loved this show. It has a cast that I adore. It is light hearted, fun and provides just an overall good message for everyone to follow regardless of religion (or lack there of). The idea here is great and I’m certain with enough effort the views can and will increase.

  109. I love the Show, made me laugh and as the saying goes, laughter is good for the soul. I hope there is a season 2 and 3. It has a good story line. I love all the actors. Please have a season 2

  110. Can’t wait to watch more of this show. It definitely needs to have a better ending than episode 8 of season 1.

  111. Instantly a desirable show to run back to. Light intensity with a captivating storyline – not “brilliant”, but relatable, especially for those of us who need a break from the massive explosions and gun fire.

  112. My husband and I LOVE this show. Please please please keep it going. Unlike any other series and we are throughly enjoying it. It’s going to be tough waiting for pt . 2!

  113. Clever, lol funny!! Thought provoking….. but most of all entertaining. Come on…. This kinda funny is what we need these days.
    For what it’s worth, I loved it and would watch more. Thanks to those involved……

  114. Absolutely! Melissa and Ben destined for each other in more ways than the one and the casting is perfect. Great writing, Ben!

  115. More please!!!! There’s gotta be more seasons! Not just a season 2! Try 3, 4, 5 and so on! This show is so good! Melissa and Ben are fabulous together as well as the other cast! I’m hooked!!!! It’s is so funny 🤣! I had to rewatch many of the episodes! 👏🏼 they were that good and funny 😁!

  116. Yes, I likes the show. And I’d like to see it finished. And, I’m an atheist, fiction is fiction and fun is fun. I do like all the characters.

  117. I binged watched the entire season in one day! This was a fun show to watch. I absolutely luv the relationship between Melissa and Ben. Tomithy is hilarious and so is Frisbee!! I would definitely watch another season!!

  118. I loved it, I never “binge watch” anything but I was drawn in. The writing is sublime as it touches on some important questions / issues. The greatest gift is love. Funny how every actor has a higher power. I would love to see more of this, but I know that is very selfish

  119. Yes please.
    We would like more of this light hearted, comedy as soon as possible.
    Really enjoyed the 1st season.
    Need to know the next adventure & ending.

  120. ABSOLUTELY YESSSSSS!!!! These two are pure gold together and the show is awesome!!!! I don’t know who thinks the script writing wasn’t up to par but they are so wrong! It’s funny around every turn and yet still has a great way of making you feel for the characters. I can only imagine how awesome season two/part two is going to be!!! So excited for it to come out!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  121. Please keep making more of these it is hilariously good interpretation of the end of times I was up till 2:30 in the morning watching this as soon as I found it I couldn’t stop watching

  122. Ditto to all the comments written on here!! I watched it all in one day and laughed and cried! Netflix, please give us as many seasons as needed! This is such a different show than I’ve ever seen and I loved it!!! The negative critics are so wrong! We want more of Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone and the other actors that did an amazing job!

  123. Its great! Would love to see more of it and even season two or three! Beautiful message delivered in the most funny way. Great reminder on Gods message during such a challenging time for the World. Keep believing !

  124. Definitely! Loved it! Funny and entertaining. Beautiful message and great cast. . Can’t wait for part 2!

  125. Absolutely! Was a funny and captivating storyline! My husband kept coming in the house asking me what happened next!😂 I thought it was great! Yet Satan swears way too much!🤬😂

  126. I have really enjoyed this show! I don’t want to wait till next summer to see what happens, but I’d rather wait that not have it at all. What is bad about the acting? I love these characters!

  127. Should there be a 2nd season?
    There are not many -if any- “good” comedy movies that are not full of graphic sexual scenes and language.
    This is such a welcomed change❗️
    ….the plus is that both the writing and the acting is very good‼️
    Please…help to start a trend.
    It may be to late for regular TV, but maybe Netflic can set a new trend.

  128. This show was great! It took on a serious and often-times cringy subject, and managed a good message while being light-hearted and sweet between moments of very funny inappropriateness. I truthfully don’t understand the negative opinions in this article and elsewhere. I understand all the overly religious 0eo0le might be clicking their tongues at it, but that could be said for almost EVERYTHING on TV.
    If you want a show that takes you out of all the negativity of life today and gives you some laughter and a brief escape – here ya go.

  129. Without doubt, I absolutely loved the enjoyment I experienced in this season 1, and am looking forward to (a very hopeful) season 2!”
    Melissa McCarthy and her husband work incredibly well together, and with their evident on-screen chemistry, it indeed qualifies as most remarkable and unforgettable. YES! I eagerly wish to view more of their amazing talents (together) to be much sooner versus later; in this particular series.
    I sincerely cannot imagine anyone not in great appreciation of this unique series…or of the especially good talented actor’s; each and everyone of them portrayed so perfectly.
    I’ve honestly enjoyed EVERYTHING I’ve viewed starring Melissa McCarthy, and even more especially, including this as well; my expectations have been met with the good intentions of all involved in its making.
    🎉CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved in the wonderful, successful manner of your creativities… y’all generously outdid yourself at your craft where you undoubtedly applied yourselves!
    I unapologetically needed this uncontrollable heartfelt laughter this series caused myself to express from beginning to end…but, not yet the end~NOT YET🤞🏼

    Sincerely Yours, Brandy ❤️🌟🎫🎥🍿

  130. Please let us see the second part. It is funny, sobering and timely! Just a brilliant and entertaining show! Thank you!!!

  131. Loved it please give us more! For anyone to say this was a low point for Melissa McCarthy must be siding with Satan (lol). I think she and everyone else is awesome.

  132. Yes! Please make season two! I just finished binge watching and it was hilarious. Perfectly casted! Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone are always hilarious! Love seeing so much of them together too!

  133. I absolutely loved this and at the end of watching immediately started searching for the next season! Can not wait for the next part!!!! I enjoy all the characters!

  134. My son and I binge watched the entire season in two sittings, and after a cliff hanger finale like that, immediately went in search of season two. Only problem was, there is no season two. Please consider continuing this funny and unique program to its completion, if at all possible

  135. Yes please! I loved the series, Melissa McCarthy never disappoints, and her and her husband Ben worked so well together. I can not wait to see more.
    My only disappointment was I made it thru the 8 episodes not realizing there was not a 9th.

  136. Absolutely love it!!! And I’ve actually learned quite a bit from the show also! Kind of disappointed they only planned on it being a 12 episode show. I really hope they change their minds and make 10 more seasons!!!

  137. When I seen Melissa McCarthy was in it I had to watch it, I have loved watching her since Mike and Molly and watch everything I’ve seen her in. This show is great it’s funny and at times brought tears to my eyes, YES! I want to watch the next 8 episodes and more season there after. I’ve watched it a couple of times and wish the next 8 was ready to watch. I’m not sure who said they didn’t like it because everyone I read on here loved it. For some reason they always cut the shows that are funny and fun to watch and keep the ones that should be cut after the first season. Please keep making them.

  138. I really had fun watching these 8 episodes and I want more!!! Funny, great characters, and a refreshing change from all the other stuff I wouldn’t waste my time watching. Please bring it back for more seasons & definitely the extra episodes for part 2! I can’t wait! Thank you!

  139. My husband and I love the show. We enjoy the characters banter over minusha while the world literally ‘going to hell’.

  140. We need another season of God’s Favorite Idiot. It’s the kindest mean show ever. Even the “FU”s are nice.

  141. We (my husband and I) enjoyed the show! We don’t enjoy Netflix starting things and then just ending them with no real ending! So disappointing and unsatisfying! It really is worse than cable TV! Let the people speak up for what they want to watch! Please and thank you!

  142. This show is wonderful. I would love to see it continue. I do not see the point in these so called reality shows!!!!!! I want to be entertained when I watch tv!!!!

  143. My wife and love this show. It had us laughing out loud. Not only that but is is a uniquely different show. McCartthy could be the funniest woman on the planet
    We would truly love to see more of this hilarious show

  144. Love God’s Favorite Idiot!! I watched all 8 episodes in one day. Bring it back and keep it coming. Please and thank you! 🙏👍

  145. Omg this show is hilarious!! I want more than just a second season. I LOVE this show. So bummed to read this but I am looking forward to the second half.

  146. I absolutely loved this show. Love the message, love the writing, love the actors! A refreshing and positive change from majority of television programs and movies.

  147. I was captured at first just because I saw Melissa McCarthy was in it and therefore cannot be bad! I binge watched it not once but twice. This comedy is meant to keep your interest while it is teaching the entire time. I love the diversity of the characters as it teaches us that no matter what faith you identify with, we are all. Human trying to make it through this world….. I’m glad they set it up for a season two by splitting up the first season but there needs to be more!!! Funny, contagious, and a design as to how people should treat others!!! Please Netflix do not cancel this show… it would be a mistake in these days to do that

  148. Yes, reviewers don’t know what the general population like. Please make more seasons. This is a great show.

  149. Yes please………at LEAST8 more episodes! With our world racing towards what seems to be the end of days, its nice to think that good people are not overlooked. That honesty and integrity are what true heros are made of. Ben and Melissa have such great chemistry I could watch them every day. Please keep this show until it comes to its natural end.

  150. I saw the.critics reviews, and wondered if we watched the same show. Thought it was quirky, funny, and spiritual. Absolutely loved the premise, and originality.

  151. Yes I want more!!
    It was cute and had such a good chemistry of characters.
    I will be watching for it!!

  152. I would love to see more episodes! It was a cute ensemble of characters and Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone are always so much fun to watch together. Their real life love & chemistry just shine!

  153. I binge watched the show in 2 days. Loved the characters. Thought the concept was intriguing and a nice way to try and bring the world together. The idea that god is ok with all religions as long as there is truth and purpose and desire to do good is one I have always believed in. As a recovering Baptist I learned as a little girl that there was something wrong with organized religion which placed power and politics over love and care for our fellow humans.

  154. I loved this show! It’s such a feel good comedy! I love the message about spreading kindness. It is much needed today! Also Ben Falcone has always had smaller roles, but main character here… And boy am I a Ben Falcone fan now! He’s such a good actor! Job well done! I hope there’s a season 2!!

  155. First time I’ve ever binge-watched a series and loved the show and its message. Thank you Ben and Melissa 👏👏

  156. We binge watched in one night and we want more! It’s a comedy but yet hits you in the heart with the message it sends, especially with the turmoils in today’s world. Bring on the rest of Season 1!!!

  157. Not sure who is disappointed, clearly by the name of the show it is meant to be a comedy not some serious drama where acting is key. It is so funny and made my husband and I laugh so much! We both really enjoyed the first 8 episodes and were left wanting more!

  158. Binge watched in 2 evenings…it was way better than I expected! Totally looking forward to more hearty laughs with the positive message. Season 2…yes pleaseeeeee

  159. My husband and I really enjoyed “God’s Favorite Idiot.” We laughed a lot and loved watching McCarthy and Falcone together. The series has a good message for our world right now! I hope the show continues so we can see what happens!

  160. Please make season two. This is timely and well-written series. You cannot judge a series on the first episode. We just watched the full season and hope there will be a second available very soon!

  161. Absolutely! We binged it in an afternoon and was bummed when it was over. Looking forward to the 2nd half.

  162. Definitely more! A brilliant light hearted tale of good and evil. Fell in love with all the characters. We loved it😇👍

  163. My husband and I are hooked on Falcone & McCarthy together and thought this show was entertaining, comical & a great escape from the darkness of world and local affairs, while still inviting conversation on meaningful topics. The perfect way to blend comedy with substance. Yes yes to airing all 16 episodes and renewing future seasons!

  164. I’m pretty sure Amily is going to turn out to be the big boss Bealsabub. If you watch carefully l, they show Satan and Lucifer, but it’s mentioned that there’s a big boss of them both. It has to be Amily. Look at how there’s red and orange accents constantly in her clothing and she always has some sort of tie on. She constantly refers to drug use and look how hesitant she was when he first said I love you to her. She’s always doing things like drawing on her work desk, and making comments of bad things she’s done. The good news is, the world will be saved because she really fell in love with him. He’s so wonderful that the boss of all demons will change her evil ways! Lol!

  165. YES YES! Please renew it for a second season! I enjoyed watching it so much!. I thought the actors were great! It is a hilarious “take” on something that is really seriously happening now! I don’t watch much tv but was glad I found this series.
    Second season…YES!

  166. The episodes I’ve watched with my husband were very uplifting, funny, and entertaining. In the world today we need good clean entertainment. Netflix’s need renew God’s Favorite Idiot. The cast Melissa McCarthy, Ben Falcone and the others are great. Netflix please show Part 2 the next eight episodes. And continue this show with more seasons. Don’t Listen To The Critic’s they have no idea what the public likes to watch.

  167. I sat down and watched the entire 8 episodes in one day. So nice to see something besides a reality show or dark drama. We definitely need a season 2

  168. I loved it! It will be very disappointing if there’s no season 2!!! Anxiously awaiting the next 8 episodes!!!!!

  169. This was cheesy, but really funny for such a serious topic.

    Lighthearted entertainment among all the dark dramas.

    Netflix, bring it back for more than just part 2.

  170. YES, more please! I’m so happy to see so many positive comments after finding out that critics panned the show. It just more firmly cements my belief that critics are the LEAST qualified people to provide opinions on anything and why I never read a review until after I have seen and critiqued it for myself!
    Do they not understand that we love seeing this real life couple together onscreen? Is the story the best most profound thing ever? Probably not, but it’s different. It’s not the same as a million other shows already on.

    I can’t wait for anymore that are made!

  171. I LOVED IT!! it was so funny and kept me intrigued to know what was happening. Can’t wait for the other 8 episodes. But it should renew for a second season as well!

  172. Such a good message and love how Ben and Melissa sell it. Great cast. My dad always said to ignore the reviewers. I’m taking his advice in favor of the positive message delivered here.

  173. Loved loved loved it !!! So quirky and funny and sweet at times .. Can’t wait for second half !!

  174. Yes I loved it ..
    I couldn’t wait to binge watch this..
    Now it’s over I want more!

  175. It really pisses me off that these so called “reviewers” seemingly always get it so wrong! They are next to NEVER on the same page as the actual viewing audience and for some reason these folks are allowed to malign really great shows and movies with their technical jargon and flat out BS. A reviewer from Variety mag said that this was “A low for McCarthy”?? Melissa and Ben work fantastic together and their natural chemistry comes across in the scenes so fantastically it makes the show that much more enjoyable. And what the Hollywood machine is either knowingly or unknowingly leaving out is there are many people that want to see content like this showing that God is good, and we can chose good over evil, light over dark and it doesn’t come across as preachy or judgmental but that God is good, God is love, God fights the unseen fight for our good. Right now there are so many shows that glorify the other side like the show lucifer and others that I won’t mention, but ask yourselves this, how much of that garbage do you think people really want to see and all the while you, meaning Hollywood are leaving out a wide segment of the viewing public that DO NOT want to see those other kinds of shows and want more programing that is positive and has uplifting messages about God and life and our role in the divine. If you don’t believe me, the comment in this very thread tell the story, the real story of the viewer and not the narrative of the reviewers. More positive God-full comedy please!

  176. Critics can suck it ! This mindless funny weird “Office meets the end of the world” is fun to watch ….not every thing needs to be poignant , sometimes it can just be funny and weird and take you away from your everyday life . That’s why we call it entertainment and not life .

  177. Way fun! Great message, so needed these days. Love seeing Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone’s sweet chemistry. Absolutely want the next 8 episodes; and maybe they can be creative enough to imagine what happens after the war on Heaven is concluded. Would love to see more!

  178. I read all the negative reviews before watching but I really enjoyed it! I thought the office characters were really funny & acted well together. I also enjoyed the underlying message in light of all that’s going on in todays world. I would like another season.

  179. I definitely want to see MORE!!!! I LOVE BEN AND MELISSA!!! They are so talented, creative, funny, and so cute on screen (and I image of screen) PLEASE DO NOT LET ME OR MY FAMILY DIEN!!! We really want to see more of these two amazing people!!! The cast is fun and I love the content. Love and kindness we need a lot of!! God is real!!! God is Love !!!

  180. Yes!!!! Absolutely yes!!! I believe they act well together ( as do all the other actors/actress’) and off if each other!!! The plot is good as well; so is the soundtrack!!!! Ummmm yes more please!!!!

  181. Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone are a creative team that thinks outside the box and can execute on their ideas. Their comedy in this case is unusual, even unique, but their talent for nuance and nonverbal communication more than makes up for any plot weakness. There is so much more for Clark and Amily to accomplish. Let’s go with 8 more episodes!

  182. Hi, I agree with all of you who wish to see the rest. I did enjoyed the 8 first episodes and I want the rest… an more. It deviates a bit from my believes (The war did end long ago and the rebel entities are now under good care; and the idea of God proposed is a bit too puerile). However the message is wise, the script is hilarious at some moments and endearing some others.
    The image of God that they propose is puerile, yes, but what does it matter? It is a comedy, a show that I enjoyed, with a very valid message about faith and love over organized religions, and we will surely enjoy new valid messages about concepts (mercy, redemption, eternity, infinity,…) forgotten by today’s exacerbately materialistic citizens.
    Let no one forget that it is a comedy, and I fully agree with those who miss more content of this style. Humor is also a divine gift!
    It only remains to say that now I look forward to seeing the second part.
    Blessings from a Urantian

  183. I laughed 😅 alot and enjoyed it more than lots of things I’ve watched these days. Please keep it coming.

  184. My husband and I have laughed ourselves silly watching this series! We loved it!!! Please bring back the rest of of the series! We would love to see more of this crazy show! It brings home an interesting theological philosophy, and I believe God has a sense of humor!

  185. Love love LOVE this show. I am not a fan of organized religion but the REAL message of this show is that all you need is kindness and the good intentions of your heart. The world needs all it can get right now. It’s funny, sweet, cheesy and heart warming. I can’t wait until part 2 drops.

  186. I’m happy to see so many positive comments from folks who enjoyed the series as much as I did. I’m looking forward to part two. The show is smart, funny, and lighthearted – exactly what we all need right now. I REALLY like it!

  187. OMG this show was awesome. I loved every episode. The message is perfect and I totally agree with. The world needs to see how important it is to love one another . season 2 3 and 4 have to happen.

  188. I loved God’s Favorite Idiot! For most of my life, I was a militant atheist. Because of this, I may not have been as interested in this series earlier in my life. I have a feeling, though, that I may have liked it just as much. It is incredibly openminded, so because of that, it makes it easy for people of any faith or view to accept (or at least for those in my circle of different faiths).
    I agree with many of the previous comments that the script is smart and the cast does a great job.
    I may be biased as I love Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. To see Ben Falcone in a leading role is great fun!
    I know I would keep watching (or at least can’t think of anything that would turn me off enough not to watch subsequent seasons). Keep ’em coming!

  189. NETFLIX SHOULD RENEW! It is smart, funny and hopeful! A mix of The Office, good improv, Touched By An Angel, The Golden Rule &The Screwtape Letters.

  190. I love it!! It was funny and uplifting. Why a great message. Critics are so wrong about the series. I love Melissa character and Clark. Melissa never fails to make us laugh The message is inspiring in today’s world. It gives hope. Hope it lasts for seasons. So much fun to watch I recommend it to everyone

  191. This was a fabulously well acted and written show! The comedy is spot on, and just when you think it’s a bit cheesy, they slam it home with values (what are those anymore in tv?) and deeply honest, real conversations between humans if no one was afraid to just be honest, supportive and kind to one another. If you can’t see this value in a wildly entertaining and heart to heart show, you’re missing IT.

  192. I loved God’s favorite Idiot. I can not wait for the 2nd part to come out. Wish there would be more than a one season series though. After a hard day, it is great to have a laugh out loud sort of show like this to lift you back up.

  193. I just started watching it, I like it. Love Makarthy, I’m excited to watch the rest.

  194. My husband and I really enjoyed it. The episodes were so light and fun. You cannot help but love the characters. Sometimes in life we just have to sit back and enjoy entertainment.

  195. I love this show! I watched the whole season over a few days because I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. The story line and casting were very appealing. And the main idea is pretty timely. I so hope the series continues!

  196. I loved it. It may have been a bit simple but the message is good God is real, God is good. Be kind and do no harm. Our world needs more of this type of message. More kindness and more love. If we can get a few laughs along the way, too, even better. I have a lot of respect for Ben and Melissa for their work on this series!

  197. Loved it . Light , funny , mindless . Great actors . Characters were funny and entertaining. Keep it coming please!

  198. I liked it; it’s not Neil Gaiman’s edgier fare, but it’s fun fare nonetheless. I always enjoy the interaction between Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone, & Leslie Bibb is having a great time as Satalinda. I’ll watch part 2.

  199. God’s Favorite Idiot was wonderful funny! With an extremely serious dilemma. I NEVER binge watch anything bit I saw all episodes in one day! 👍🏻👍🏻

  200. I particularly enjoyed the series and would like to watch part two or the second series. Call it wat you want but it was enjoyable

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